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    Mr C canser free! toob awt of tummie 30ith, got subskripshin fore annie bionic kaws drops inn eer nawt killing teh innerfecktshin
    Toona is comeing fore a visit an piknik inn bowt free ours!!!!!!!!

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    Glad 2 heer teh pleh canser haz departid!

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    thngyew anni
    luvlee visit wif mai fren toona an hur brot hole big boks uf tois fore teh kittehs wif manee manee treets tew. uf koarse thay awl came awt affer hur leff tew joyn teh wuns already awt tew check fings owt. thanks again {{{{{{toona}}}}}}}

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    Mai plezhurr! Adn a gud thyme wuz had by awl :)
    Adn thnx for teh wundermuss al fresco dinner!

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    Yay Yay Yay for Mr C!!!!

    Musta been teh beems Freya sended frum her eyes in teh lol yesserday. LOL

    Srsly, I can has a hyooj happey fur yu!!!!

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    what a gud noose u hab giben uz. thank you. da bigg sighz ov relief frumz da noodle an pj an jessica. an a mini cheez meat. watt larks pip.

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    Oh Yay!!!! So glads to heer dat de cansur am gonegonegone!!!

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    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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    Sush gudgudgud gnus furr awor deer Mr.C! Anna ai kan haz a enbious ob da mush wunnermuss Cheezmeet? Ai kan haz! Mai b wun dai. Le Grande sighhhhhhh…… :wink:

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    sumdai ai beez taht wai icha yu juss wayt!

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    Sew happy to heer yor gudgud gnus, mqos!!

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    Yay for happy healthy news! Woot!

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    Sew happy for Mr C and you both. :)

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    thangyew ebrybunnie!

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    Sew fore mai affernoon napper, ai haz wif me awn bedd:
    Tess-no serpryse
    Timmy-no serpryse
    Susie-no serpryse
    DIXIE!!!!!!!!!! SERPRYSE!!!!!!!!!!!! that littlol gurl haz come sew farr, ai am sew prowd uf hurr.

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    Well Mr C hadd teh emm are eye an it sez noe pleh canser bak. (hoo eee) teh scrushiatin payn he’z bin inn fore weaks is “sugjesteve uf mastoyditis” wif edemas uf softe tisshues awn that syde uf fayse an nek. Sew bak tew Dr. Tiny Eee an Tee fore teh treet mints tomorraw. Den taht halve uf mouf an ai maibee stawp drewping an pleh payn goez awai!

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    :grin: Sew happitailol tu heerink sum gudgudgud gnus abaowt Mr.C! Ai cindink ====>>>>beeeeeeems<<<<==== furr kwikk recubbery fwum da Dr.Tiny Eee anna Tee tweetmint tummorraw!1!!! :grin:

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    wowzer, gud gnuz indeedy. nao payne get awt an leaf mr c alone.

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    Rosie an Timmy ar bak an awl is well, frens kaem ovur fore teh Uker card gaems. Timmy maed us laff wen he sit inn middlol uf tablol an did sillie fings.
    Teh nefhew Tim taht fownded Timmy awn teh bak rode awl alone an injuried kawled tew sea hao wee wer dewing wif teh pleh naybers. (Himm’s State Poleese). He sed tew keap him postid. He’s an awfully nyse young man.

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    Gud. Soundz betterer den eerliear tudai. Relaxify an enjoi.

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    bedder yes, cannawt let krazy drama reck a dai, ai noe lykes teh dramas. alsew got offerded sum halp frum uneggspektid sorse. teh gyint goggie (TTI setter) wee goggie sits-her mama is mai fren hoo usded tew werk wiff me-hur husbink an lawyer an he sez kawl him an he will halp us! (ai din’t noe he kuld maek peepel disapeers)

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    Yoo shudda sed sumthing. We just hadda famlee lunchin in Brooklyn. Brighton Beach. Verrry Rrrushin. Az in teh Rushin judges. Az in, ahem, Mahfeeya. Ai think Ai cuuda fownd yoo sum halp.

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    mai fren hadda goe inna hoem uf nursing (well, thass sad butt reelie hur kuldn’t taek kare uf hurrself noe moer) an ai sed ai wood fynd hoems fore her too schnoodlols. ai had promised tew taek Sadie if aneefing happined tew hurr an den hurr got nudder goggie-Cricket. aneewais mirakel uf mirakels-kame hoem frum geddin tehm an dere waz messije taht womin wantid goggie fore hur handeekapped brudder. tehn hur fownd owt dere was too, hur brudder wantid too! wantid older goggies (thay are 8 an 10) an din’t kare taht Cricket poops awn flore wen komes intew noo hawse (!) (hur sez “oh tahts a poodlol fing, ai gots a poodlol). Hur is siskat uf a fren frum werk sew nawt a straynjer. Hur has fore goggies uf hurr own, hurr maed bigg fuss ovur teh goggies, ai fink bedder tahy goe tewgedder. ai noe mai fren will unnerstand-ai kannawt deel wif Sadie-hur kannawt goe awt aloen lyke mai goggies awnakkawnta hur runnz offt. Ai luv Sadie lyke mai owne sew nawt eezie deshishin an Mr. C pist at me. He’z nawt thinkin strate rite nao aifinksew.

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    Gudgud and yay fur goggies to has home where they can has sumwun’s attenshuns wifout competition! And can stay wif each uvver, goggies duz teh pack fing an separating packmates be hard on them.

    You alreddy can has an insane number uv aminlols in that house – I unnerstand why, nawt so much options, but ventually it hits a point where it be bad fur teh aminlols themselfs coz uv teh social stress an coz uv gettin no hyoomin thyme. And it be best tu nawt add moar if is any way to avoid it. Sounds like a purrfect home fur teh goggies, and it nawt add tu yur responsibilities. You can has moar than enuff wif teh aminlols an Mr C himself!

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    Sownds liek it wuz mentid to be. Yoo are taking caer uv Sadie, adn dooing wut’s best for teh gogs. Teh handicapped brudder can taek caer uv tehm, Ai guess?

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    Yes gud fing fore goggies, Sadie kneads lawts uf tension! Yes wee are at MAX kapasity!!! oh pore Timmy wen he manajed tew get tew mai bed las nite he nursded an nursded till teh fuzzie blankie waz awl wet!
    Moer gud nooze-wee can haz! evrie yeer teh hospitle departmints eech maek a baskit uf guudies fore raffloling an employees get tickits for $$$ ore guuds thay bring in an kan use fore teh rafflol an teh department that gets teh moss tikits placed in their baskit gets a prize. sew ebrei yeer teh baskits get moeer elaborate an verrie much gud fore teh charidies.(ai forgot tew sai it is fore charidie). ebrey yeer diffrint charidie, this yeer thay asked for sujjestion an ai sed hao abawt an aminnel shelder oar aminnel sumfing an they annawnced tew day wun uf the too charidies is for an aminnel shelder!!!! yay fore teh aminnels!!!!

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    I hadda shaer tihs wif yu gais, it will briten yur dai!

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    :lol: sumfing tells mi dat dis rammy gui haz ridden inna kar b4! Ai wud lyke tu noe da ress ob dat storey! :lol:

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    mee tew!

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    Hehe! Ai iz shur dere am a sheep pun fur dis butt (!) mai brane am nawt werkin tudai.

    Alsotuaswell Sully inna tawp hat! :D

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    happie danse happie happie!
    ai waz askded tew halp wif find hoem fore kitteh ai duzzin evin noe. kitteh’s fambly bork up an noe wun kan taek. ai mensioned tihs tewday an supper viser uf teh nursis sez “ai’ll taek it, wee wer juss saing wee knead tew gett a kitteh.”
    OMCC am ai gotten a happie fore tihs dai!

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    Whee!! Dat am gud nooz! :D

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    Happee Gnu Hoem dansdansdans!!!!

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    O wow! I have always fantasized about this happening to me when I have had a critter dumped on me – so far, never happened. :( Gudgudgud gnus eendeeed!

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    Wowzer dowzer…. sumfing wundorful.

    Ai hadd bin pheelin doan cuppel ov weaks ago. Butt den ai went wiv frends too c da king an I. Wuz alive sho ax da olde hollywoodz theatre the Pantages. Ai bin singin songz an danzin round eva cince. Sew… shall whe danze …… yes.

    An grate gnu hoam four kittie. Yahooo.

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    hoo-ray hoo-ray!!
    ai have inn teh foster room wun uf thoes cylinderikel cat things covered in rug wif round hoels fore kitteh tew get in. well ai haev wun in living room-ware ai live-an behind chayrs rite nao. Sadie teh Schnoodle got awl jumping arawnd at teh bak uf chayr, gray kitten in dere. ai tried tew taek tew foster rum but her paniked an ended up in puter room butt long storie long, I bloked rest of hause an kiteen ran into foster room an bak wiff verrie skared sister.
    if yu was sending praiers tew CC or wishing ai wood catch her, ai thangyew!!!xxxooo

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    Eggsalad gnus! Gudgudgud for yoo, MQ! Well done!

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    Did ai menshin afore taht ai fownd a hoem fore Lucy an Ricky? their noo mama kalled me today tew sai thay ar verrie verrie luved and luv their noo hoem. A WIN!
    April & May (last 2 in foster ruum) are finally thawing a littlol bit. thay espeshillie like it wen ai brybe tehm wiff treets.

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    Woot woot. Gud gnus indeedy.

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    I can has a big happy for Lucy and Ricky and for you, and for April and May. :-)

    This be of use to you? Probably you has seen other versions around, but I thunk of you when I saw this (is Cole n Marmalade’s dad, who used tu work wif Big Cat Rescue, an tehy can has two rescued girlkittins living there now too :-D ). Is easy way to build a really good feral shelter.

    Just FYI, if anyone needs a splort… introduction of the new sisters.

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    Oh! Much easier to make than the one I saw. Thanks!

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    Moer guud nooz: noo purrson at horsespittle goeing tew taek April an May-the last tew ferals that won’t tame fore hur barn wif cool stuff lyke minitcher donkies!

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    That’s very good news!

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    Ooo, can we go vizzit teh donquees?

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    ai’ll werk awn taht!

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    Little Sammy went to Dr. Tiny EyeVet today courtesy of Ashley at Hearthside Cats and even though the scar tissue is all over the eye now, no surgery is warranted and he can see out of the eye (not well though). Ashley said when I handed him over he went under the rug in the carrier and never came out. She wanted to take his picture and I was pleased to note that it wasn’t easy for her to get him to hold still either!

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    Well….the last two ferals, April and May, have found the most fabulous place to live. These people must have won a lottery! The house and GIANT barn are way out in the boonies and way long away from the road. Beautiful house. Hobby farm with miniature donkeys, all kinds of fowl, They are acclimating in the tool room of the barn with two kittens their same age-those two are tame.
    April and May will never be tame. the catching of them-It was horrid. I was so grateful I bought a pair of gauntlets. After I got them I thought “How silly” but there’s no other way I could have survived picking up April. It was harder to catch May, finally she hid in one of those whale beds and I just picked the whole thing up and stuffed it in the carrier! So at long last the “foster room” is empty. I guess Little Sammy makes 14 but if someone interested in two crazy loving boys came along that would give them a good home, I’d let L.S. and JoJo go together. Or if someone wanted to see if giant shiny coated beautiful Rosie would fare better and stop peeing if she was the only cat. She’s not doing it at the moment but oh, I hate to even write that.

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    Wow, wow, wow…..
    Eggselint gnus.

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    cannawt beeleeve ai fortot tew sai yesturddai……………Zorro aka Cedrick aka Benjamin went too his forever hoem!
    Hur is a kitteh luver ai have nown fore yeers. She losted a 18 y/o kitteh an hur remaining kitteh was lonely an wanted sum kitteh tew plai wiff. Purr fekt!
    An….hur thinks his troo naem is Oliver aka Ollie…it fits him!

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