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Friday's long outage

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    Ohai peeps!

    I hopeso no one got too freaked out by Cheezland disappearing for over 3 hours! Technical issues happened, and the hosting company apologized profusely around telling us that it was an issue not under their direct control. But they fixed it and got us back up and running, so yay! TMD Hosting rox!

    It still isn’t entirely clear exactly what happened. It may have been related to the fact that ICANN, which in simple terms is a massive routing hub for thre whole Interwebs, is doing updates, but it doesn’t seem to have hit all of our host’s sites, or at least not for nearly as long as us, so… oh well.

    Several peeps who were in my email notifications of recent posts got emails from me (using my gmail account), hope no one minds – was trying to spread the word as far as possible that we were aware of the situation and working on it and it was just a technical glitch. Maybe I should set up a mailing list peeps can sign up for that I can use to contact peeps if the site’s down? At the very least, I recommend making note of my gmail address (prysmakitty at gmail dot com) which you can use to reach me even if there’s a hosting problem.

    Anyway, loves and headbonks!

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    At least it meant that I got some knitting done – if it had been much longer, I might have been forced to do some housework!

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    O hai, prysma

    I did nawt notice, but then it happened during teh time i are at teh pleh work and it was fixified by teh time i escaped.

    Just a thawt, rather than getting in to layers of e-meows on the odd occasion this sort of thing happens, how about setting up a cheezland account on teh tweeter, then you can just put one post on there if there is tehniclol problems.

    Peoples does not need to has a tweeter account to view what you posts (so long as you set it up so it’s nawt private) – they would needs to bookmark / favourite it though.

    For examplol, means i can see how kitty bus are doing.

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    Alternately, there is this website:
    That is my first port of call when the site won’t load. You either get a message saying Cheezland is down, or it says it is up for everyone ekse.

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