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Freya had an adventure!

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    Just to start: she be safe n sound n nawt has teh traumas at all.

    Tabbygirl has teh crazy-scary-good camo skillz. Purrkids get tu spend teh day onna balkonee, which am screened in, but has to come in obernite so we can close teh door. (Is low enuff that someone onna ground can be eye lebel wif a kitty onna floor.) Usually by teh time I closing fings up, usually round midnite-ish, Trick izza only one out there and he be pretty eezy tu spot. Still, usually I check that I can see all 3 kids after I close teh door.

    I oopseded last nite. :oops: I did nawt check. And stelth-tabby had gone back outside.

    Downstairs neighbour who calls herself their gramma (she adores tehm and kittysits when we need) was outside. I herd her fru my window, “What are you doing out there? Does your mom know you’re out?” and was waking up enough to yell out window and ask if ebreefing okay, when I heer Jackie duz mad scramblol out of bed. (Jackie duz nawt scramblol well, but wow, her moved fast!) Neighbour sended her text, “Freya’s on the balcony.” Jackie managed, “Is the door still open?” Maria sez, “No.” And Jackie runned. Which made me scramblol out of bed tuu. Was about haff a nowr before my alarm usually goes off.

    Freya comed in, used litter box (poor girl! fink she was refusing to go out there!), had a drink, had treats and more treats and them more treats, had brushings and lovings and more water and crunchies and gushifuds. Then sat inna living room window, which are nearly closed becos teh ebil skwirrl has further decimated the screen. I pushed it farther open for her.

    She used teh skwirrl-hole and went back outside! And then came back in that way. She cud nawt have gotten outside that way last night. but she using it now! We opened teh door too. Last I looked, she were reclining on a balcony chair looking around. Escaping the fussing, pawsibly. :lol:

    At least it were her. Trick wudda found a way to go visit upstairs neighbours agen. :roll: Cory wudda cried and cried all night, altho I wudda noticed him missing. Freya are so independent she sumthymes just falls asleep inna living room and stays there thru the nite, so her nawt bein underfoot does nawt trigger as “sumfin wrong here!”

    She obviously be just fine. She be my smart girl who survived on her own, pregnant and still a babycat herself, until wonderful lady bringed her in. But I are still feelin sooooooooooooo guilty and appalled she had a rough nite. Jackie sez she probly tellin teh boys stories about coons n skunks n fings.

    Bear, btw, were very put out. After all, HE are spost tu be teh centaur of attention, and insted, his morning meds n brushings were a few minnits late, he were inna baffroom kittin-crying wifaforlorn all alone and no one came fur at leest five minnits!

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    Ai so glad ebbrywun am fine! Yup, Freya probably telling da boys dat outside on de balcony shii hads to walk 10 miles uphill both ways in the snow….

    Cory Bear hads to wait five whole minutes???? O de huge manatee! (Him thinkin’ “o ai gets to yank mom’s chain a bit…!”)

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    Oh Freya! yu sneekie kitteh, yu hadda kampowt! Ai’m glad yu haz teh fairly goodmutter dawnstayrs. An Cory, oh deer, haw awful fore yu! :)

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    CC, please let Freya stop having adventures! Although actually, she slept through this one, and it was all the humans who love her who got the adventure. She’s fine. But this is what I put on Facebork, no lolspeak. Donut think I can retype.

    Well, THAT was 90 minutes or so of sheer terror. Looked around, realized I hadn’t seen Freya in a bit. Jackie thought she was in my room with me, like usually in the early part of the day, but I hadn’t seen her in ages. Wasn’t in any of her usual spots, even the out-of-the-way, wanna-be-alone ones. Ripped the apartment apart, shaking a bag of treats and calling her. No sign.

    Maybe she got out? Jackie was out earlier for an appointment, but Freya has zero interest in the hallway or anything outside her own territory, and an attempt would be so unusual we’d have seen it. Maybe she followed that damned squirrel out through the hole he chewed in the screen on our balcony? Must be, right? If she can’t be found anywhere…

    So I spent an hour walking the neighbourhood, talking to anyone I saw and looking in people’s back yards and calling for her in hopes she’d at least move a little in response and I’d get a hint. All with my anxiety screaming at me about how bad the odds are of a lost cat being found.

    Then Jackie calls me and tells me… she’s in the apartment. Shelving unit in a corner of Jackie’s room, with cardboard boxes and stuff piled against the lower part, and dirty laundry piled in front of that (my bad, I’m behind). And somehow, SOMEHOW, she got herself into the space on the bottom shelf, and slept through all the yelling and treat-rattling, and even through Jackie shifting things enough to shine a flashlight in one side (you have never seen a cat do camo/invisikitty better than Freya, I promise).

    Apparently, while Jackie was yet again ripping things apart, Freya just calmly emerged, like a semi-liquid squeezing through a small gap, and did an enormous stretch and looked around like, “Oh, hi, did something happen?”

    She’s safe. And I’m shaking. Helping my babies cross the Bridge is bad enough. Never knowing what happened to one, I’m not sure I could handle it, I’m just not that strong.

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    Oh mai Freya. Don b skarin ur mummies. :roll:

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    {{{{{{{{{{{{{PK & Jackie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    NUFFINK worse dan de anxietees abowt owr aminals. Oh mai, Freya — yoo owes dem eech abowt a hunnert snuggles!

    Glad ebbryfing am fine. Ai duznawt fink ai coulds take anudder wun rite nao — de sweet goofy nawt-too-elderly Golden Retriever boi ob sum friends ob mine crossed de bridge on Sunday. Him were owt running in de park wif mawm and dad — him tripped and when he felled him’s head landed on concrete and him nebber moobed again. Dey am devastated. Sweet boi always came to church and woulds come up for blessing at communion time. Ai coulds nawt see him from where ai is playing de myoosics, but ai woulds always heer his tags.

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    OMCC, Shepmom, how awful! Just boom, outta the blue like that! That would be heartbreaking!

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    i’m convinced they can go invisible. Sammy somehow disappears right before my eyes. you are right Prysma, as hard as the saying good bye is not knowing. it is horrid. And poor doggie, that is so sad.

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