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    Sully got very sick suddenly & passed away. Thanks for your kind words, it has not been a very good day.

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    So sorry for your loss. My condolences.

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    I’m so sorry mq.

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    Although he didn’t know it, he gave lots of joy to many people, both in person and across the wild wild web.

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    oh mai, nooooo. sully wuz gud fore u an u wuz gud fore himz. best frends even iv himz gone nao. him iz foreeva in mai hart two.

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    So sorry to hear this dear MQoS. Sully was a great ambassador for his species and touched us all. Thinking of you x

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    I am so very very sorry. Too soon. All lubs and hugs and comforts to you — izza such a sad time, but we are with you. Sully didn’t have long in this world, but you made sure all his time was very good. He will always love you and be your boy.

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    Is pix of Sully comin up at noon today, for appreciating him. :cry:

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    Once again, our condolences to all Sully’s caregivers and friends.
    {{{{{{{{{{Maryqos and extended familee}}}}}}}}}}

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    Go well, Sully. We’ll all miss you. Watching your videos was such great fun.

    MQ: It’s hard to lose a furry/needley friend. He offered so much to so many people. He won’t be forgotten.

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    Again, dear cheezfriends, you help lighten the load by your caring and support. Thank you for all the kind thoughts. What a special creature he was. I’ll miss him when I go to help at the sanctuary but look at the new world he opened for me.

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    Cher posted this on her webpage today: While sadness comes with the passing of every animal, there are those extra special souls who leave no space in your heart untouched. Their passing brings overwhelming sorrow. πŸ’”Sully was that extra special soul who touched not only my heart, but the hearts of all who got to know him. Sully made everyone smile with his comical and jovial personality…and that silly face. 😊
    A week ago today Sully was not acting like himself so I brought him inside. To my surprise he did not perk up. With so many things my mischievous, inquisitive Sully could have gotten into, he chose to just lay around and sleep. First thing on Friday we headed to the Wildlife Health Clinic, where blood was drawn, fluids given, radiographs taken and medications prescribed. There seemed to be no improvement on Saturday, but by Sunday Sully was walking all around. He still didn’t want to eat, but I truly thought he was starting to improve. An hour later, he collapsed. As I held him, his sweet soul passed on to Heaven. There are no words to describe the sadness and loss his passing has brought. πŸ’” Sully, who was always smiling and happy go lucky, could brighten even the toughest days. Sully, the heart and soul of the sanctuary, loved to greet people when they visited. Climbing down from his tree, he couldn’t wait to see what treats someone had brought for him. πŸ₯•πŸŽπŸ“πŸπŸ‘πŸ’
    I was so blessed to have the privilege of raising Sully from the time he was 10 hours old. Sully knew nothing but love from everyone around him. He was always happy…and somewhat spoiled. 😊 The moment I laid eyes on that tiny precious porcupine, I knew in my heart he was a gift from God. What I didn’t realize at the time was that he was not just a gift for me. God used Sully to brighten so many lives!
    During Sully’s short, but most significant life, he was an amazing ambassador for porcupines everywhere. He taught the appreciation, and even the love, of his species just by being his wonderful, outgoing, communicative self…and lest I forget ‘adorable’. 😊
    To say Sully will be missed is an understatement. His passing has left us heart broken, but his life brought us such immeasurable and unforgettable joy! ❀️ We are so very grateful that God chose us to care for His delightful little porcupine during his short time on earth.
    I know Sully had a lot of friends on fb. I think it would be such a beautiful tribute to him if you would share what you learned from him or how knowing him brightened your day.
    * I’d like to ask all those visitors to the sanctuary who took photos of him, would you please share them with me? I will treasure them forever! If you are willing to share them, please email the photos to or text to 585-808-3231. Thank you so much!!!

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    *hands owt shamwows to ebbrywun*

    Byootimuss tribyoot, adn Ai’ll try to send sum pikkchurrs.

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    The diagnosis is toxoplasmosis.

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    Those little blighters get everywhere. :(

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    The V-E-T said he ate cat poop. My friend is freaked out by that. No way would he do that. Vet crazy. Friend not. But with lots of cats there (not loose though) easy to see how it could have happened.
    Germ Theory aifinksew.

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    Today is the day my beloved goggie, Teddy Bear, went to the meadow ten years ago. He was the best goggie ever. I used to tell him “I didn’t even know I needed a dog.” I was very lucky to have him as long as I did. Just wanted to remark on the day-I remember all the fun we had together.

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    August 13 and October 6 for me. I know exactly what you mean.

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