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    Hai deer friends,

    Ai hazza borked heart and needs sum beeeeeeemz. Lili am fine, it nawt dat. It am mai bestest fwend, who habs leeded mii awn dat wii mite bee maor den frends for awhilol nao. Den last nite, sumbunny just cazyooally dropped inna conversation dat him am seeing sumwun else. Him nawt eben tolded mii.

    Ai gnoe did kinda fing happens awl de time. Ai iz nawt speshull. But rite nao it am happening to mii and ai hazza hurt.

    Sowwy to whine.



    {{{{{{{{{{{{[Shepmom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} oh taht hurtz a lot aiknowsew, ai sew sorrie yu got lyed tew an hurted hart. me an mai krew sennin beems uf lite fore heeling uf hart. Glad yu let peeps help wif payn peeps always dere fore yu.
    an mememburr taht waht goze arawnd komes arawnd……sooner oar latter.
    be well and LiLi will consoal yu tew.



    Sorree for yur sads, Shepmom. Izzit possiblol that yur source of teh new information may nawt be reliablol? Haz yu asked teh best fwend himself abowt it? (None ov mai bizness, ov course, but Ai would hate tu see yur frendship hurt bai some mistaken or spiteful third party.)



    It hazza troo. Ai dids tawk to him. Hii says ai wills always habs a speshull plais in hims heart and hope wii cans stay close. Ai just habs to lets did rest awhile. It hurtifies too muchly.

    Fankees both for de kind wordwordwords.



    I can only offer hugs. {{{{{{{Shepmom}}}}}}}}



    Wish I had ennyfing to offur but loves an hugs frum teh house of prysma. Heart-hurts from openin yourself up and then gettin hurt right at that vulnerable spot am teh awful multi-tangled pleh. Hopeso yours can heel wif a kwikness. You can has lotsa loves, here an Lili an I know there am other peeps in your life… does not make it hurt less, but you nawt be alone. {{{{{{{{{{Shepmom}}}}}}}}}}



    dat am nawt nice. ai wishes peeps wood simplee be honest an speek truth. it am sew much easier den lernin da situachun frum sumbody else. yeesh. luv u lots shepmom.






    hao am u duin shepmom? finkin ov u lotz.



    Oh fankees, deer Noodle! Ai hazza okay, nawt grate. Awl ennybunny cans do in dese sichuashuns is moob forward. Ai habs nawt seen or talked to him lately — him am beri buzy wif concerting rite nao. Sew ai iz concentratifying on udder fings. Ai hazza a bit ob trabble planned, and soonsoonsoon ai wills be attending an Aminal Law Conference — so ai is trying nawt to wallow in greef. Izza hard, though, ai hazza sad for him dat he treets de peeplol who lubs him in did way.



    yu hand in dere babie! yu bee awl okai sumdai an dat twerp wonnawt eber bee. whut goze arawnd, ai haz scene dat a few thymes yes yes.



    I glad you be stayin busy. You can has a hyooooj heart, bein sad fur him – I gotta admit, I’d be too busy bein angry to get that far anytime soon! (Actually, I are kinda angry even from here, I nawt like it when peeps hurt my frenz!) You be teh wunnermus an loving an lovable purrson, an too awsum to deserve this pleh stuff. {{{{{{{{Shepmom}}}}}}}



    O Shepmom! Ai haz had tu walk down dat rode befour anna it reely stenks. Anna it hurts berryberry bad. All ai kan sai iz putz wun foot inna front ob de udder ebbery dai anna kornsintrate onna odder mor emportant fings inna yur lyfe. Alla ob de lubs! {{{{Shepmom}}}}



    Fankees ebbrywun. Yoo am awl beri kindkindkind. Ai habs addified a retreat at mai monastery after teh aminal law conference, so ai wills be gone awai a whole week. Ai is reelly looking forwards to getting awai. Rite nao him am heer in town for sum gigs, and is beri weerd nawt to be part ob ennyfing. Him used to stay wif mii. Ai misses him beri muchly, eben tho ai is learning to protectify maiself. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Deer Cheezfrends}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}



    Shepmom, you really have to sit back and see how terribly insensitive and how much of a user he is. You offered everything you gave him with a good heart and loving intentions. He took those pure things and just used them. Now he has someone new to use, and he will. Keep your loving and generous heart active because you did absolutely nothing wrong. Live a loving, generous and positive life and all will be returned to you. Yeah, sometimes a con artist may slip into our lives without us recognising it, but loving other people and being generous with our hearts is never a fault in us!



    O mai gooniss
    Wee haz beeems fur beet rayed harts.
    BTDT *hurt*!!
    But heelz. It duz. Took awhile, iz troo, butt (tee hee) duzznt hertify mee gno mohr – wurs… Ai wunderz whatever did Ai seee…?
    Ai musta groed Aifinkso



    So today ai plays mai hugely concert, and him am playing in it.

    Guess who him am bringing?



    Oh noes… oh, that am just nasty. :-( How a bad person can seem so good makes life and love risky. Furgives, I duz nawt, until (unless) someone figures out they did bad fings.

    Okay, I know it are Sunday, but lesse how many Cheezpeeps we can has climb into your pockets for YOU to bring!!!! *scramblols in, still holdin a clingy Cory-Bear, and brings Jackie along*



    *Climbs intu pockit retroactively, having missed teh morning rekwest*
    Wun hopes that events proved less painful than had been feared, but sends along bruise-healing beems for whatever grief happened at today’s concert. Non illegitimati carborundum, there, Shepmom.



    OH ratz, ai wood haev hadda pokitfull fore yu tew bring deer frend.

    ai hoep all wend awl okai fore yu.+



    oh mai. knot gud. hao am u tudai mai frend?



    Hi deer fwends,

    Well, ai survived. De concert itselb wented beri well. Wii am bof professional enuff to werkwerkwerk togedder

    But de rest ob it were beri hard. Ai knot gnoe why he hads to flaunt hims happiness in de face ob mai pain.

    Well. It am done. Nao ai cans try to focus on otter fings. Onward, forward.



    onwards indeed. gud four u, evin doh iz diffikult. dey am better mens awt dere. u deserbs da bestest.

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