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    Oh! We hadda fun dai!

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    TJP an maryqos are havin an cheezmeet an Fried Egg was sew fun. TJP meted Sully an awl teh kritters. Sully was kwite teh fun guy! An Cher sell e braided mai noo status as Wyldlive Rehabeletaters bai having me give baby beever his (?) boddle. It was a luvlee thyme an tewdai wee at going tew teh state park taht is mai bak yard. ai gave TJP teh structures fore geddin hear visa teh skeenik route. TJP-if’in yu reed did afore yu start…….watch awt fore teh BUMP!!!-yule sea wad ai meen….. :D :D :D

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    Luvlee day wiff mai deer TJP, such fun waz had. Wee walked teh gorje trayl at Stony Brook State Park wich is mai bak yard (ai am verrie luckie). My assent waz nawt pritty butt (!!!) with TJP’s pashinse ai completed teh trek wich bai teh wai ai hadda finnish wunse ai started. dere waz elebenty stairs along wif teh walk. ai tried tew dew a linkie sew yu could sea teh pitchers awn teh webside butt (!!!) site sez it is downe sew yu will haveta Googlol it yurselve. super grate thyme, thangyew again TJP fore visiting!

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    A wunnermuss thyme wuz had bye awl! It wuz mai plezhurr to meet Sully adn teh beevurrs adn to vizit with MrC adn joyne yoo forra walk in teh park. Haow neet to tern owt uv a state park adn into yore driveway in teh saem tern, nevvurr havving to strayten teh wheel!

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    hear’s an linky tew teh park:

    alsewtewaswell inn addishin tew teh too wunnerful funn dais wif TJP, on Nawt Mondai owr nyse nayber kaem ovur wif a GYANT baskit hur won at an rafflol an hur onlee wanted teh gyant baskit…..nawt teh elebenty eleben kitteh treets, tois, fuds, gushy an drie, kitteh lidder smell gud stuff an lyners an kitteh theemed stuffs. verrie nyse lady, hur taeks Sadie ebry dai fore a walk wen hur walks hur schanawasrur inn teh wuds uf teh park.

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    Mary – I got your email but I can’t send a reply on my iPad (settings are wrong) Yes, I’m in Canada and I’ll send the photos, but not until I get home next weekend.

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    ohai tjp, grate an enjoi yur tripe tew VLC! Ai feeded Sully 2nite an den he wanted tew hug mai legs! ai had awn shorts sew Cher holded hymn instead. He is a darling. An affer wee went awt uf thee inkloshure Quillan came owt an hur an Sully shaered a kiss awn thee mouf!

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    TJP-arctickle inn lokil papurr ansers teh wai noe inn wader above pool at Stony Brook kwestchin: The designated swimming area in the Stony Brook must pass water quality and clarity (turbidity) tests to ensure safety to the swimmers. When people disturb the water upstream they loosen sediment and bacteria that flow down to the swim area.

    “We are forced to, at that point, close the supervised swim area. In some cases that’s been at two o’clock in the afternoon, in the middle of a very busy day with hundreds of bathers in there, because of people upstream,” said Fred Bonn, regional director of state parks in the Finger Lakes.

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    Ack TJP trying to asneer your email butt puter wont let me send rite now! ai’ll keep treieing!

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    oh ho! minimeet inn plannnin staje fore Seredaexcuse!

    godda werk travil sew less haev sum funz alsewtewaswell!

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    Ai sowwy — ai hazza stoopid…ai nawt unnerstand where de upcoming Cheezmeet am going to be…

    Where am Seredaexcuse? Is near Seattle? *…hazza hopeful…*

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    Nawt neer Seattlol, sorry. Uthur coste. Mebbee neggst thyme!

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    Plains flie dere dough!
    an tjp goes ebrryware sew yu neber knough!

    Pee Ess ai waz sayin’ “Syracuse” Noo Jork

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    Shepmom an Mrrphh can haz cheezmeet in Seattlol? Frye Art Museum am free an onna buss o wee bee see sumfink ozzer?

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    O yesh!!! Let’s definitely! Ai gnoes eggzactly where de Frye am.

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    Hee hee hee heee
    Faeriebote best tu be dehr 12:30 pm oar later, annen 1:30, 2:15, 3:15
    Ai taeks #12 oar #43 fum fairiebote



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    whooo hooo coast tew coast meets, ai lub it!!!

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    Wii taeks faeriebote koastakoastakoast
    Da-a-a-ah di dit
    Da faeriebote song singin “ho-o-o-o-ome, Aiz heer!” “ho-o-o-o-o-ome, Aiz heer!”
    Dey duznut singify noffink wen dey bii leevin cos das sad

    When Ai wuzza skwitten dey singged baot leevin tuu, lyk
    di da-a-a-a-ah di dit
    “Aiz go-o-o-o-o-in a wae”
    But dat wuz tuu tuu sad so wii kwit

    Nohvaskoshah, Norwaggle, Sweedhed, Scottbrrrr awll iz hazzin menny menny menny faeriebotes. Duz dey sing sawngs ob comin an goin?

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    Ohai Mrrphh,

    Wii cans meet in November? Ai am goings owt ob town inna week or sew, and trying to prepares for a big concert early in November. Ai bees (bees? Where?) a muchly more relaxified purrson after de furst weekweekweek in November!

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    November iz ideal cheezmeetin monf.
    Borrow sumbuddy’s fumz an text/call mii
    206-794-7958 izza dumfoam

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    Okay, soundifies gudgudgud — ai wills gib yoo a call after de craziness!

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    whoo-hoo leevin tomorrie fore cheezmeat an Steraexcuse wif TJP!

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    oh mai, ai wishes ai cud go two. hab ufn…

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    ai had luvlee thyme. an gud gud Shinese fuds yumyummie.
    ai got tew sea mai fren Mara hoo is very beautimus wif hur brilliant vivid colers an verrie kool obnp an blak eers. NooKitteh waz nawt inn teh mood tew meat a stranje ladie tawkin babie tawk tew hur. Hur sed maibe negst thyme hur wood meat me-speshillie if ai brot sum treets oar sumfin.
    TJP tuk me awn a luvlee walk inna park an it waz a bootiful sunnie dai sew funn awl arawnd. ai hielie rekommend cheezmeets thay ar a welkome fun thyme! Thanks TJP fore yur hopspbitalitees!

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    wundorfilled. enyboddy upz four a cheezmeetz inn southorn californya?

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