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    Hi deer fwends,

    My father died this morning (not unexpectedly). Pleeze to sendify beemz to speed him on his wai to where he can play basketball, go fishing, practice archery, and ride his bike again, awl well and helfy. He wanted to get to 90, which he accomplished last April. He was a good and gentle man, and ai wills miss him, but at de same tiem, ai hazza glad dat him am free nao.

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    Ohai beems activated an gentlest lite an luv surrounds ur dadcat. And much luv two u too dear shepmom.

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    Beemz fur him, tho I’m sure he’ll get there wifakwkness eazily wif a path bright n clear. Sounds like a wonderful and active life – and he has an amazing daughter I bet he’s proud of.

    And beemz fur you. Duzzint matter if it was expected or not, death still leaves a hole that has to heal. We be here if you need virtual shoulders, with lotsa shamwows and bottomless loves.

    And hugs. Don’t forget the hugs.

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    Mary Tomcsanyi

    Ai am sew bery sorry. Yew haz awl mai lubs and simpafy.


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    The gentleist of beeeeeemz fur u adn yur fambly. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

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    Huge hugs Shepmum for you and all your family ((((Shepmom & Fams))))

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    Beems for you, and all who knew and loved your father.

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    Many beemz and hugs being sent. Had my mom crossed the bridge at 92, today would have been her 94th birthday. Maybe your dadcat can join her for some caek! {{{{Shepmom}}}}

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    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Shepmom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} So sorry for your loss. Godspeed Shepmom’s dad.

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    beems for you and your Dad

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    awl beems on ohi, bof fur himz an fur ewe. pleez taek caer ob urself, tu. hugs>>>>>>shepmom an fambly<<<<<<<

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    Fank yew awl sew beri beri muchly!! Ai hazza shure dat he stopped by for sum yummy caek inna brake room and den wuz awn hims wai to be happy and at peece.

    Yoo am de mostest wundermus of fwends {{{{{{{{Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}

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    Aifinkso lubz an hugz.
    My Mumcat left when she wuz 92 an ai wuz still talkin tu her an had tonnz moer kwestchinz.
    So nao yur Dadcat left to wait for you on deh Rainbow Bridj so we all kumz tu hug yu, weez a big parade ob hugginz

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    No matter the expectation of someone, or a fur beebeh, crossing the bridge, it’s still hard to bear.
    Fare well Shepmom’s dad.
    *My dad made it to 75, and his crossing had been expected for a year. The last time I saw him in person was to celebrate his and my step-mom’s anniversary (45 years). I kept asking CC to not let him cross the bridge on Father’s Day. Six weeks later he was gone and was just 3 days short, and all us “kids” left him Father’s Day cards under his hands. I included a big yellow rose. The night he passed, I was woken out of a sound sleep at 1:30 am, sat straight up in bed, heard him say “It’s okay, I’m alright”. Fifteen minutes later the phone rang and it was my step-mom letting me know he was “gone”. Left me with shivers.*

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    O mai gudgudgudness! Wuz a littlol similar wif mai dad. Dey called me around 9:40 dis morning and said him wanted to heer mai voice. So I talked to him (he couldn’t respond) and told him he was loved and we’d be okay and he could rest now. About 10 minutes after we hung up, they called back and said he wuz gone. Shivers indeed!

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    O beeg beeg huggins fur Shepmom. Sumtymes de unly solace wi kan haz iz noeing dat awor lubbed wuns r nawt suffering dis hoomin lyfe ennymore an r free tu fly awai! Ai kan feelz mi mumcat anna dadcat anna sisturcats wiffy mi alla da tyme naow. {{{{Shepmom anna famblie}}}}

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    {{{{{ shepmom }}}}}

    *beems from teh bark-shire*

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    My condolences Shepmom. It sounds like he’s been released from whatever he was experiencing, now to enjoy cake and bike riding (sounds like my kind of guy!) without consequence! Hugs and beams to you and your family.

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    More condolences from down here in NM… sorry to be delayed, but I didn’t see your news until now. Keeping you and yours in our thoughts…
    {{{{{{{{{{Shepmom adn family}}}}}}}}}}

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    {{{{{{{{Shepmom and fambly}}}}}}} May his memory remain a blessing!

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    Fankees deer friends! It meens a lawt!

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