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Am ennywun else habbings troublol wif de Cheezland site?

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    Hi fwends,

    Mai Cheezland won’t update. Am ennywun else habbings dis problem? I tried clearing de browser cache, and restarting — awl de yoozhual stuffs.

    Ai misses yoo awl!

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    Ai habs noticed dat if ai clicks on anny comment dat duz show up, den awl de gnu stuff shows up in de side menus.

    Weird, huh!

    Don’t gnoe if ennywun wills eben see dis — tells Lili ai lubs her!

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    I see you!

    I’ve been having problems for months, since the last update, I think. It’s become a habit that every time I visit, I hit the “refresh” button. When I click on a LOL, I hit ‘refresh”. When I go into comments, yup, refresh again. It’s just become a 2-step process.

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    Me two. Refreshin iz a habit nao. Commintz a peer an dis a peer seminhlee ax random. Butt dey sjo up e bentually. Lil seyz stop wiv da drama an feeds me. :roll:

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    Ain’t it de troof! Lili, right now, is being cared for by her sitter, so I imagine she is lying on her back on his lap, being fed treats while having her tummy rubbed. My poor, poor doggie!

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    No problems for me on my PC with W10 even after the latest massive update that took 35 minutes to configure!

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    sometimes refresh butt noe prob don’t noeai wazzin aloenn!!!

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    < >

    First off … if ANYONE has any issues, please write Prysma *lol … one person wrote us a day or so ago, then we find a whole group are having issues.

    PK did go through backend settings, a program called JetPack – it had an option to “speed up people’s viewing” by using a caching tech on another site … blahblahblahblah … something that was probably auto-selected and not something that would have been useful for CL
    PK is also a little behind on updates for the website … but that should not effect how people use it, just tools Prysma deals wif, and of course the fear that an “amazing update” borks CL *lol (gotta love the latest and greatest tech *LOL)

    TL;DR – we are still looking, but please let us know if that helped :)


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    Jackie, I have no idea what you just said :)

    This was mentioned ages ago when it first started (no complaints, just a “hmmm”), and quite frankly, I just got so used to it that I don’t think about it any more. Until Shepmom brought it up. Thanks for looking into it.

    Wow – do you know how hard it is to use regular English when you’ve been using LOLspeak for so long?

    Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure my iPad works normally. I only have to go through the refresh routine on my desktop (which will probably be replaced in a few weeks)

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    I don’t know if this will get through, but I couldn’t see any of the most recent posts on this thread until I tried to post this comment, and when I tried to do that, I got an error message “Are you sure you wanted to do that?”

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    The only problem I have since the “big update” is when I make a comment, then come back to the picture/post, no comments show up after mine. In order to see other comments after mine I have to either use IE instead of Firefox, or close Firefox and reopen it. Weird. But I “make do”.

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    I thought it was work messin with the pooters.

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    i generally have to refresh pages on cheezland to get latest lol / comments to show.

    using latest firefocks on windoze 7 at home, firefocks on some sort of android on smartish phone.

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    Overdue uppitydates didn’t happen, thanks to a mix of Interweb connection issues and minor health stuff. I actually have no idea whether that will make any difference. We’re kinda puzzled since some have issues, some don’t, and they aren’t all the same issue, and we have no idea what we can do from this end if the updates don’t help. :?

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    We’re kinda puzzled since some have issues, some don’t, and they aren’t all the same issue, and we have no idea what we can do from this end if the updates don’t help. :?

    has you tried ctrl-alt-batbatbat?

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    Since we use a variety of devices and operating systems, I think the problems are not due to anything in the Cheezland site, but each user’s own particular set-up.

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    Ai yooses chrome awn mai pc an hab android fone an tablits. Gotta refreshes two getz up too d8 butt am yoost two dat nao. .

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    Latest fing…nao the site won’t remember me and ai habs to put in mai name and emeow ebrry singlol time ai postifies sumfing. Is nawt a major ishyoo, but izza change…

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    duz taht tew me at werk butt nawt at hoem sew prolly sumfing inn innerwebs aksess oar sumfing.

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    Bin duin dat two me fore ova a munth. Sumthymes ok, mostly thymrs gotta enter name an email.

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    No prollemz fur me – Ai stai loggd in awl teh tiem awn PC an tablit. Ownlee hab 2 log in agane affer Ai run CCleaner

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    I recently re-installed my operating system, and I’ve noticed a few things happening that didn’t happen before. The page needs an actual F5 to give me the most recent version – unless I’m actually logged in, in which case I’m having no trouble. (I do have to do one further F5 after logging in… that’s it.) I haven’t been able to reproduce the bit about blank fields, but I suspect that’s something to do with browser security settings or something like that.

    The best advice I can give anyone having trouble is: log into the site with the link at the bottom of the sidebar, and use your WordPress account. (If you have a gravatar, you should have one.) If you have a Cheezland acccount from before, you can use that too, but it’s a lot simpler to just use the WP one. That seems to stop the empty-field problem and the no-refresh problem both, for some reason. I have no idea why, but so far, it seeems to be the solution.

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    If you donut wanna log in, you could check that your Auto-Fill is turned on. Info for various browsers here:

    Since that OS reinstall, I’ve had Chrome constantly asking me if I want it to suggest a super-high-security password for me on a regular basis, altho it does do Auto-fill around that, so… maybe some default security changed? CC knows, privacy and security have been in the news enough.

    When I set up Cheezland, it didn’t particularly matter whether it was an https:// site (secure) or http:// (not secure) and secure was more work so CL is technically not encrypted and stuff, so possibly some browsers might get antsy? Which seems stupid since lots of sites aren’t secure and also you aren’t putting in credit card info or anything… but who knows?

    One of these days I’ll rebuild the site and make it https:// but don’t expect it right away!

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