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A stoopy incident…

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    Ai habs maded gnoe secret ob de fact dat ai hazza hyooj … ai iz werkwerkwerking on it for de sake ob being ablol to ride de horse ai werks wif. Yesterday…

    …well, lets me set de stage: on Caturday, ai is attending a meeting dat habs a potluck lunch wif it. De womens in dis groop am always interested in recipes, cooking techniques, etc. Ai habs a recipe for a two ingredient bread — self rising flour and ice cream. (Awl de ingredients in bread am contained wiffin dese two items, iffn yoo finks abowt it…).

    So, ai iz standing in de grocery store looking at de display ob Hagen Daz seeing if ennyfing looked appealing for de ice cream flavor, and dis skinny ***** in spandex walks behind me and says “Don’t do it!” Ai turnded mai head, and she am looking back at me wif dis ebil smile…

    How rood! Can we not practice adult behaviors of common decency and civility in public annymore? Iz ai wrong in finking dat wii habs become so judgmental as a society dat peoplol feel free to criticize and judge ebbrywun dey meet?


    Ai iz fine, nawt gonna let wun stoopy rood person spoil mai days. But izza a disappointing trend in owr world, and yesterday it landed on me. {{{{{{{{ }}}}}}} to awl who habs had dis kind ob eggsperience.

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    Haow berree rood uv her – haow did her noe u was nawt byin te iiskreem fur sum childerz – oar 2 maek bredd!

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    oh yes, bin thare, never think uf a gud comeback till ladder.

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    Oh mai. Dat am da ultimatt rood stupee. Y inda werld duz sum peeps fink iz okai two judge othorz. An two maek da stoopy commint. Yeesh. Afta werkin awn sundaze ai awlwaze treet myself two izecreem. Diz weak ai had a earl grey cold tee an banilla izecreem float. Ai recommendz. Iz da yum… cheezpeeps furreva. Ai luvs u juz az u iz shepmom.

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    Ai donut noe what is rong with pipple. Aisle bet if sumwun maed a comment about her spandex attire, she wud taek a fence. Hoo goez shopping in spandex anyways? Dat said, I wud be interested in teh recipe for teh bread. Sounds tastee.

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    Ohai shepmom. Unfortunately this is what it has become. I am a cashier at one of my jobs and I’m always polite and respectful….well….usually – it’s not that I don’t try. Even when I have an argumentative customer I am still “yes sir, no sir”. I couldn’t give some guy (who also happened to be drunk) a complete cash refund because he had originally used some store credits, he would have ended up with some credits again. After me trying to politely explain (don’t want to rile up a drunk), he called his wife and I could hear her yelling over the phone and “b**ch at the register*” many times.I did get my manager at the register and I clammed up, she was also polite. After more yelling from him, he was leaving the store he called us a “f***ing c**ts”. YES! I’m a CASHIER and some drunk just called me the c word. There are a lot of good people but lately it seems I’m getting a good portion of the bad and there’s a lot of bad :( . People have no respect for anyone or anything. It’s all “I’m going to take what I can”. Theft and scams are running rampant also and we can’t do anything about it, there are no consequences for their actions and these people know it.

    Our country, our world and just humanity in general makes me sad and sometimes it’s so frustrating I just have to cry a little. I just try to let things roll off my back, it doesn’t help to get angry and yell or act like an animal and lower yourself to their level. Think about how miserable that person must be in life to have to be like that.

    Sorry about the life story.

    Off to job now where I’m not a cashier :)

    Hugs and love to all cheezpeeps. (makes me sound like a hippie-LOL) xoxoxo

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    Cheezis twice. stoopie sorry a$$ exkewsis fore hoomin beans. bedder bee nyse tew mai cheezfrens bekawse wen ai bekome sooper shero, ai’m koming fore YU!

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    Hugs to awl! Ai lubs yoo awl just as yoo am too!

    2kittenkenniff — basically you softens a pint ob icee creems, and den mixes in abowt 1 1/3 cups ob self-rising flour. Pour into a greesed pan and bake at 350F for about 30-35 minutes.

    Nao, a coupple ob caveats — dis duz nawt bake terribly successfully into a loaf for me. For me, werkwerkwerks bedder in a 9 inch square pan azza snack cake, or as muffinks. Lets me gnoe iffn yoo figures owt de secret to an akshuall loaf!

    De otter caveat am dat whatebber flavor ob icee creems yoo choose, de flavor will be beri subtle — nawt as strawng as if just de ice creems. And dey say be careful ob fings like chocolate chips, which may sink to de bottoms and burn.

    I finded, looking for subtle flavor, dat a gud banilla been works well, as duz de green tea ice cream. Ai bet iffn yoo coulds find earl grey ice cream it woulds be de yum! Chocolate am beri light, like cocoa.

    Lets mii gnoe wut works for yoo!

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    Kwikk kweschun becuz we hazza sum thundurboomurrs:
    Duz it hasta be full fat yummy ice cream, oar duz lower fat werk okay too? Sumthymes thayre are sum fun flavo(u)rs to try in all varieties. Ai haz sum cardamom ice creem that wood be nyce to try (except Ai just finished it ;))

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    Oooo…dat woulds be yummy — ai bets you could eben adds a bit of eggstraw cardamoms…

    I’ve read that it does have to be full fat ice cream, as that’s where you’re getting what would be oil or melted butter in a bread recipe. But I’ve never tried it without — might be worth a try, you never know.

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    ohai, Shepmahm!

    I know I’m a liddlol layt to this discussion, but after reading what you and Short1fry have said, I had to throw in mai too scents werth.

    Not sekkond, teh spandex skank…I’d have looked at her and smiloled in my kindliest old ladee way and said, “tsk, tsk, poor dear, are there no mirrors in your home?” since she had the eminently bad taste to leave the house to go to market in what would normally be construed as either workout wear or lingerie.

    Short1fry, I work for the Court. I get to put people in JAIL for a living. I’ve been called cwerd and then some by some of the most brain-dead losers on the planet. Again, I just smile the old lady smile and remind them that I’ve got every bit of personal information on them that exists, and why on Urth do they think I’m the person they need to be f-ing with? Besides, I have a history of being armed given my occupation; some peeps with anger management issues would do well to remember that there’s a lot of folks out here in the whirld that carry and not all of them have as even a temperament as I!

    Just remember, if you’re having a bad day, the person who is contributing to your dismay is having a worser wun!
    Much lubs
    teh owld turtlol hoo nose fings…..

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    Hi Turtlol! TeeHee — “no mirrors in your home?” O wai ai cannawt finkso ob sumfing clebber like dat to say in de moment!!??? Dat’s purrfekt!

    Yeah, too mush spandex awn dat wun, especially since she wuz….ummmm… past retirement age… She nawt gnoe, ai hazza shur, hao much fings were “sagging” as she walked away… O dat nawt nice…stop dat Shepmawm….

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    Nawt second….blow the “female dog” off. Neva let the stuupy peeps take any uv yurr energy. Teh ar juss nawt worth it.

    Moar importantly…I haz a recipe for easy Earl Grey ice cream!

    In 1 cup hot water, steep about 4 Earl Grey teabags. Let cool

    Mix with 2 pints of heavy cream, let infuse and cool

    Mix with 14 oz. condensed milk and freeze.

    It’s a soft freeze, but now I haz to try it as one of dez cake thingies.

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    O yum!! Ai gonna try dat! Fanks bunches, Badger!

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