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A bookish irony…

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    Well — ai haz gnus! (LOL!)

    In 1997, a well-known midwest unibersity press published mai dissertation as a book. Da weigh dis werks, once dey habs payed for de publishing costs thru sales, yoo gets royalties.

    Todai, ai receebed mai furstest ebber akshual royalty check!


    Dat averages OBER $1.00 A YEAR! Nebber let dem say academic publishing am nawt profitable!


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    And just to establishes hao significant dis am in mai life, I forgottid dat it akshually gotted publishified in 2007, not 1997, which am when i graduateded.

    So, mai mafs were wrong — it habs earned me just ober $2 per yeer!

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    Congrats! We hazza nuther writer amungst us.
    Az mai Dadcat wood say: Doan’t spend it awl in wun playce! (teh $2, nawt teh $26)

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    Dat is gud nooz – liek mai Grate granfer sed, doan’t spend it awl at wunse!
    Ai gottis a raize in mai Stayt penshun wen Ai gottis 2 80 yeerz. 25 pense (44cents) a week!

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    Oh mai, pleeze waht is tittle uf buuk? (wach owt Mr. Steepin Kink)

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    Anni, aifinkso wii shoulds go awn a wild spending spree togevver! Kittehs for ebbrywun!

    MQ, de Title am “Tango: Creation of a Cultural Icon” Fankees — wuz for mai degree in myoosicolology.

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    8O peeps yu kan get diss at “Thrift Books” via Googlol search fore teh meer pryse uf $943.44……shepmom…ai think yu got tooked!

    ??maybe not unnerstan teh defantishin uf “Thrift”??

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    dat is ironie

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    Dat am bizarre…at wun time it were selling for abowt $1.60 used awn Amazon. Dere am an Amazon copy now for $1,100.

    Dat am reelly bizarre…

    If a couplol ob dose sell, ai cans retire to sunny…souf Skedaddle…

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    shepmom: The title of your dissertation reminds me of one of my favorite lines from “Scent of a Woman”: If you get all tangled up, just tango on”. :)

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    Ai nebber dids see dat moobie! Dat am a gud line!

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