Stoopy RL gets inna way sumthymes, of course. Happins tu us all.

If you been unablol tu be arownd fur a bit, but you wanna let your Cheezfrenz know you hazzint furgottid them an give them a kwik updaet, but nawt has thyme fur gettin intu teh current conversation? This be teh playce! Drop a note here!

Nawt seen a frend inna whylol? Check here fur enny gnus!


  1. What a grate ideer, prysma! Iz liek yoo red my mined. Ifn anybunny wants to gno ware teh CB has bin. . . we took a vacayshun ober teh lollydays, adn are nao up too owr necks in goin ober owr takses *small shudder* adn awlso has bin luukin after owr Mindy, hoo continues to amaze us adn her v-e-t wiv her catitude adn strenf. Adn hur appetite!!! Teh steer oids gibs hur a hayooj hongree. Hur wants attenshuns awl teh tiem, but rewards wiv lots ob purrs adn hedbonks adn contented little sighs. It habs bin hard for mii to brake away frum ebryfing adn chat, adn ai ‘pollygize for dat. Lubs to yoo adn ebrywun in Cheezland! Has awlso bin hard to fink ob ennyfing to say. *CB frows kisses adn hugs to ebrywun in site*

    1. Glad to see yoo CB! Rely, Ai wuz just thinking uv yoo teh uther day, donut rememburr iffn it wuzza specific LOL, or just a cazhooul thawt, butt(!) glad to see yoo, adn to heer abowt Mindy *waves*

    2. Wunderd war u wuz, CB – gud 2 noe iz juss a bizzee dat haz kept u awai!

    3. Fanks, TJP adn anni. :-) Iz hard after bean away to get bakk in teh groove, but ai has a determined.

  2. Inky had teh magure surguree to be fixin his baldder. It waz tooooo small an he waz gettin teh yourin infexions alot. He’s all beddur noa an iz bak to annoying his brudder. Ai haz a new job wiff Hospice.

    1. ohai ol! ai hoep Inky is dewing well.

  3. Some sad news … my Tabs has crossed the bridge (in a road accident, last Thursday). From what I can gather, I think (hope) it was quick and that he didn’t suffer. Here he is again, in one of my favourite pictures:

    1. O how sad! So sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet Tabs. {{{{Kate_M}}}}

    2. oh Kate sew verry sorrie fore yur loss {{{{{Kate_M}}}}}}

    3. Sorry to hear that, Kate.

    4. Fanku, ICHA an MQoS an Annipuss, fur yur support an simpaffees – it meens a lot tu me.

    5. I’m very sorry Kate. I’m sure he’ll be welcomed warmly by all the CheezPets in teh meadow.

      1. Mennee fanks, TJP – an mai bestest wishes tu teh gnu kitteh(s).

  4. Mr C saw the radiation oncologist today. She said the chances are nearly 100% that radiation treatments will cure the cancer. No chemo needed! He has to have 33 treatments, starts Aug 24. Wow! Not expecting that good news!

    1. Yays for gud nooz. Iz that teh daily radiation? Teh “this iz awl yule be doong for teh neggst 33 days” radiation?

      1. yep five days a week till 33 doses. starting the 24th.

    2. wowie… happi danse 4 shur tudai. phew, gud gnuz indeed.

    3. Yay! It’s nice to hear good news! I’ve been wondering about Mr C but haven’t seen an update anywhere since the June 12 and I wasn’t sure where to ask.

      Hugs and beems to you both.

  5. This is a really great idea prysma!! I just noticed it up top there.

  6. I just uploaded a bunch of new photos from DaraLynn and there are some just begging for captions!

    1. *checks messages*
      *goes to look*
      That would be the new gallery, btw, which mq is an absolute angel fur takin ober. I gotta remember how to change that link… we nawt be usin ipernity ennymoar on account of them being greedy an disonist. Reel gallery am heer:

      1. And OMCC, there be sum pix there that am full uv win an awsum!

  7. PLEASE to send beems uf helf fore our deer Prysma, hur inn horse spittle an sik maibee ball gladder.

  8. Steph in hospital, probable cholecystitis – pain an possibble surgery … no nrw posts tonight, will update u asap … been ongoung since 6 am
    All nurses being great

  9. Mr C update: He’s had the first 8 of 33 radiation treatments and although they said there would be a cumulative effect so he wouldn’t be sick at first, he’s really pretty miserable. Can’t hardly keep anything down and his throat is sore. The neighbor is going with him for the treatments because he can’t drive afterwards as he feels woozy. He’s lost more weight. Pain pills don’t help much. He sees his primary care doctor tomorrow maybe can get some help there.
    BUT…..Shhhhh…….it is a secret…….his kids are all coming over Sat for a surprise birthday picnic so I hope the kids and grandkids will perk him up.

    1. Sending best wishes for Mr C. Warn the kids that he will get tired very easily. {{{{{{MrC}}}}}}

      1. thanks anni, ai will! {{{{{anni}}}}}

    2. Oh, man… only a quarter of the way through. :-( Iz gonna feel lyk furever. Is nothing they can give him to help modeate the symptoms some? I mean, if the treatment am so bad that him can has other stuff like being unablol to eat, the end result am nawt gonna be much improvement on nawt duin it!

      Hugeness of beems and loves coming your way, from Jackie and the purrkids and I. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mr C and mqos and the horde}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      Hopeso the pickup of spirits can halp!

      1. ai’m goeing wif him to the PCP tomorrow so I’ll have a list of demands……er I mean questions……

        1. Best wishes to you all. It’s great that you have a neighbor to help out.

        2. PCP!? Oh, wait, you mean primary care physician – I thought pcp the drug. Sorry. I think it’s pot that helps that, I’m not sure.
          How did the appointment go? Did your doctor help any?
          I can only hope for the best for you and Mr C.
          Pleez tew tel Mr C tehr r minnee beemz going hiz wai.
          {{{{{{{mq and Mr C}}}}}}}

          1. awww thankyew again fore teh konsern.
            PCP lit fire unner nepholojist sew he’s goeing bak this Thurs fore another attempt tew get rid uf awl teh pleh kinney stone.
            last weak Canser MD sez “yu lost 10.3 lbs in a weak, if yu donut gayn waty bai Fried Egg yu will have tew get teh toob uf feading”. He onlee can eet pudding type stuff oar likwids. He hadda goe Thurdsdai tew PCP (teh Doker :) ) fore eye vee. Friedegg wayt up sew noe toob yet. Tehn Friedegg eve culdn’t walk sew ai tuk tew emerjency rum. he hadda UTI. I cannawt eben keap up wif uppydaytes!

            1. Sorry to hear that the misery continues. Time that the fates stopped picking on Mr C. I hope that the infection responds quickly to treatment.
              {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MrC an mqos}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

              1. thangyew anni!
                ai think he is better wif taht.

            2. Ohdeer. Sowree I so late chekin in on stuffs. It just keeps comin ober and ober!! Beems an lubs comin yur way that ebreefing resolves wifakwikness and yu can boff relax an recover!!!!

              1. And taht be comin frum bof uv us an probly teh Trick-a-monster an awl, tuu!

              2. thanx P&J&kittehs. wood have ans’d soonur butt hadda taek him tew ER again, he’s gedding iv an payn meds, :(

              3. Ohai prysma. How have you been doing? Is it too soon or are you back to hauling kittehs around? I hope you are feeling better.
                Hugs to you and Jackie :)

              4. Cory-Bear had me pikkin him up wifin owrs uv gettin home. But him halps by goin on back feets an sorta hopping up intu arms so it nawt cownt, rite? ;-)

                My tummy still can has intermittint owies – nurse frend thinks combo uv nerve damije, scar tishoo, an mussle damije, all sorta inevitablol. Check-in wif surjin onna nawt-sekkund of Octobur. Meanwhylol, I am tryin best tu hazza caerful. My tummy mussles nawt lyk me ennymoar, so I gotta start duin sum berry jentlol eggsersise tu conbinse tehm tehy want to titin up agen a bit! My head am gettin ober it moar slowly, finkso it triggered sum deep reshun/ankziety stuffs, atta thyme I already were feelin a bit stresst (tiring summer, an Jackie goez away Oct 11 an comin back Oct 23 an gonna haz sirjury an comes home allaway a girl! but recobery takes a whylol anna billion fings to do befoar), so I keep gettin unfokused an fawlin asleep or gettin distraktid eezy azza kitteh. An we awl knows how well deep reshun an ankziety lissen when yu tell them, “Otay, it am ober, awl gud nao, nawt need yu, yu can go away nao! Rly!” :roll: But I are gettin there. Am startin tu write a bit agen, that am usually a good sine.

                Got lotsa housewurks tu duz tween nao an Jackie-comin-hoam, tho, coz gotta haz fings cleen, redoose odds uv infekshun or eben just trippin on stuff an hurtin self! Gno hao uncommin big-big housewurks iz rown here? Did major cleenin in mai bedroom/puter room coz sumfin were biting me yesserday (eggsosting, but crazyitchy bites am gud motivayshuns!). Cory-Bear were traumatized last nite when finly dared come in mai room, an keept wantin snugglols fur reashurinse! Freya went inna libin room all day an stayed, but been ultra-snuggly sinse. An Trick rided arown on boxes an furnichurs whyle they were gettin mooved tu cleen behind, an jenrally halped, becos nuffin much wurries Trick. :roll:

                Ennywai… I are defnitly better, an edjin back towards normal, if I could figure ouwt what be normal. Just sorta scattered an wishin there were abowt 4 of me, or at least 2 wif double the energy an consintrayshun! {{{{{{{{{{s1f an all Cheezpeeps}}}}}}}}}}

              5. Aaargh for needin pain meds!!!

                C’mon, universe, or mebbe Mr C’s own body, stop thumpin on Mr C, he duzzint need or deserve this! Him can reskyo goats an chikkins, fur CC’s sake, nawt just kittehs! Be nicer to him!!!!! Give him and mqos a break already!!!

              6. Wow! Glad to hear you are feeling better physically, sorry about the head stuff, I hope it clears up. You sound very overwhelmed, just try to dream a little bit ahead, past the stressful stuff and think about how you and Jackie will be all healed. You have a month before Jackie leaves and comes back so try to take it (somewhat) easy and slowly do your cleaning. Make sure you don’t strain yourself because she will need your help then. You have good love and support with Jackie and the kittehs. Hugs and love to you both.

            3. I haven’t been checking in too much – I thought the kidney stones were taken care of :( I’m very sorry to hear of multiple problems, one of his problems would be way too much for me! Glad to hear he got some weight back on so no tube yet and he got some pain meds. Many hugs and beems for you both.
              {{{{{{{Mr C and mq}}}}}}}

  10. Casey had another “spell” this morning. I was just starting out taking him to see another oncologist for a second opinion on chemo. I wasn’t far from his primary care MD so went there. They were all so good to us. Dr and PA came out to car. His BP was way low. They took him in, gave him IV. We talked again about feeding tube and I said YES-we all agreed that he could not live on IV’s so they made arrangements for him to have the tube placed right away at Warsaw hospital so off to anote -=h6ospital5 we wen-2qw“(foster kitten helping type) so….off to another hospital. GI doc also comes to our hospital so I know him-he did my first colonoscopy :oops:
    Anyways so he’s home with a new tube so he has one in the back and one in the front!
    He was supposed to have another procedure in Rochester tomorrow to try again to get the kidney stone. So I cancelled that! I think the feeding tube is going to help a lot as he cannot eat!
    Maybe I’ll just do updates when something major happens so I don’t bore you with all these mini-crisises (sp?).
    Regarding mentioned foster kitten-not to worry-she’s only here for 2 weeks so I can give her antibiotics-3 different families want her!

    1. You can “bother” us all you want with these mini-criseses. It’s not a bother, anyway, and they’re not so mini. I’m really sorry you’re both going through all this. It sounds like you have good people working with you.

      And yay for little foster girl who has people fighting over her! Who gets to decide?

    2. Like TJP sez: it’s not bothering us! Love you, and while I wish there weren’t so much going on, we’re here to listen and offer hugs and sympathy and beems.

      At this rate, you’re going to be living with a cyborg! But yep, at least good medical peeps, which is a huge relief. Fingers crossed for getting weight and blood pressure stabilized – kidney stone can wait a bit!

      I’m glad the little girl has homes lined up already (too bad you didn’t have that kind of interest before… but then, no Johnny to make you laugh and no Susie or Ronnie, so… yeah, it’s hard to get your head around that stuff once they’ve been there a while!), and I hope she recovers wifakwikness!

      Jackie says, never feel like you’re bothering anyone because sometimes it helps just to talk about it to people you trust, and feeling alone and struggling makes things much harder and darker.

      Lots of love and beems coming from both of us and the purrkids!

  11. Thanks you two! The kitten gives me a little positive to write about although the story starts out sad. Monday a college student came to the vets with this little girl, she was crying and sobbing because she couldn’t keep the kitten. She had found it at a dumpster all alone. Kitten about 5 weeks old. The girl paid for the vet exam and the antibiotics kitty has to take for a respiratory bug. Bev, my vet tech friend called and asked if I would foster her and they would help find a home. So of course I said yes, Tuesday Bev called to say a friend of hers who had been at the vets when the sobbing student was there wants the kitten. So she has 36ir+s9““ (kitten) first dibs. Then a friend at work’s MIL wants her. And the neighbor’s friend also so-my thought too Prysma-where the heck were these people last year????? I’ll put some pictures in the Gallery-she’s a cutie!

    1. while I was writing that I did not realize that kitten was face-first in my bowl I had eaten New England clam chowder in, She had it all over her face and did not like the washcloth bath I gave her!

      1. Clams and cream in one bowl! Kitteh has tasted heaven :)

      2. Bebbeh kitteh wuz sabyng dat fore laytur!!

  12. hokay ai added too pitchers of teh littlol fostur, teh album is “maryqos foster 2015”. Prolly last one in teh gallery cawse nawt auto alfa bettical.

    1. Aww, lukks liek a berry indapendint soul. :)

    2. She’s a cutie!

  13. elebenty grone kittehs
    wun littlol fosturr kitten
    elebenty minus wun hissin at teh pore fing
    Stevie let hur napp wif him an he not hissin at pore baby kitten.
    Thass mai Boi!

    1. Hissy fits! Baby kitteh will win in the end. I hadn’t been checking in here often enough but my added beems furr heelin anna kormfort furr awor deer Mr.C!

      PeeEss: yu shudda taikded a pixchur ob dat clammy chodur kitteh faice b4 warshin eet!1!!

      {{{{Maryqos & Mr.C & kitteh}}}}

      1. ai wish ai hadda taeken taht pitcher, din’t think of it till tew layte! she waz a site!
        (ai still have sum chowdur’s left, ai kuld trie again :) )

  14. Prysma, taht littlol baby kitteh lub lub lubs teh Prysma tois! ai putt wun inn teh fostur rum, hur draggded too more in thare!

    1. *nodnodnods*
      Yepp, the PrysmaTois hassing teh majiklol, aifinksew! Eech ob mai kittehs gards der faebrit wiffa feers!!!

    2. I hazza glad she be havin funs! Guess you’ll have to send a toy or two wif her, an making moar to replayse them. ;-) (Or tell me you needin moar STAT an ASAP.)

      1. hear’s a videeo, ai’m still werking awn mai furst mousie butt ai bet teh sekint wun goe fastur!

        1. This am teh adorables!!! Alla toys am belong to her!!!

  15. ai putt messije hear two!
    Hay ebrywun-ai putted teh pitchers of littlol Frankie awn teh gallery unner maryqosfoster-an it is in allfebetigal order inn teh files nao!

  16. ohai wanted tew shaer-Mr. C only haz too (nawt tree) radyashin treetmints left, dun awn toosdai!

    1. Glad it iz neerlee ober – hoep him can start 2 get him’s lief an strenf back wiv a kwikkniss!

    2. :smile: O happitailol dansdansdans furr awor deer Mr.C! mor beems ob helff anna kormfort anna strenff ====>>>>{{{{Mr.C}}}}<<<<====

      1. Gud nooz! Send him mai wishes.
        (Ai wish for gud helth, plezzint wethurr, a private jet…)

  17. Mr. C update: He went to the ENT Dr. yesterday who told him he was doing miraculously better than could be expected because he had the biggest tumor the Dr. had seen. He will be getting a cat scan soon to see if anything looks suspicious and if so he’ll have a pet scan. Today he’s getting a basal cell cancer taken off his face. Still on soft food, no sense of taste, still getting feeding through the night, still has the nephrostomy tube. The PA at the office said to wait till Jan to mess with the kidney issue. Our primary care MD went out on an extended leave for no one knows how long. Or exactly why….
    I think all the cheezbeems did a great job for him!
    This has been your Mr. C update. On with the festivities!

    1. Thanks for the update, mqos. Hope everything looks as good on the scan as it sounds and that his sense of taste comes back soon.

        1. thnx for the update. Sending continued good wishes!

    2. Sending himz well-wishes!

  18. Mr C update-sorta-he had a PET scan last Tuesday. After not hearing anything he called yesterday. “We can’t tell you anything over the phone, come in Wed at 10:30”. We’re both pretty stressed over that. Also his pain meds aren’t working even though he got a stronger patch. Please send beams of positivity. xxxooo to my cheezpeeps.

    1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MrC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{mqos}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      1. thanks anni!

        1. Powerful beems coming yore way!

          1. thanks Toona!

    2. {{{{{Mr C an MQoS}}}}}

      Fingurs an paw krost taht teh gnus is gud!

    3. Love and super-strong beems coming your way.

      Give us an update ASAP, okay?

      {{{{{{{{{{maryqos n MrC}}}}}}}}}}

  19. Hi, awl….How does I introduce myneownself heer? Myne name is Moonshadow anz Ize an awl white Persian gurl wif bloo eyes.

    1. Ohai, Moonshadow. U aer berree walkum – juss dibe rite in an injoi teh plaes. Ennee kwestyuns juss ask an sumwun wul be happi tu halp! Teh ownlee rool iz plai nies!

  20. How duz Ize post pictures heer? Ize a kitty, so Ize do know nies!

  21. So the oncologist says his CT scan (not PET like we thought) shows a possible nodule…but oncol thinks it is scar tissue. To be sure she will order a PET scan in one month. Then we wait 2 weeks for those results.

    1. Well, that’s…nooz. Good beams adn thawt still coming yore way!

    2. Ai wish fings wud stawp messin wiv Mr C. Anuvver siks weeks uv wurree. Heer’z hopin it iz juss skar tishoo.

      1. thangyew anni an toona!
        rite nao he is putting twogedder a noo cat tower an sayin a buncha bad werds taht ai kan’t rite hear!

  22. Sowry Ize notz bin arownd as much. Myne hoomin mom haz her classes anz finished a secshun tuday. On Fryday, she startz a new Photoshop secshun onz restoring and coloring old-timey black anz white piktures! So, just wantid to dropz in anz letz ya know dat Ize nots furgotted any of youse! Luff youse all!

    1. Gud 2 heer frum u!
      Foto ristorin wiv Photoshop is rate ufn! Ai inheritid fambly fotos bakk 2 1850 an had 2 mend sum uv dem.

  23. Wanted to update on Mr.C. He still has tubes front and back but he looks way more like himself and is not as sick. He’s still mainly eating mac and cheese but he has gained a few pounds and his color is way better. He had a CAT scan (not PET scan like he thought) and the oncologist said it looks good. There was an area of possible nodules but she thinks it is scar tissue. Because of that, he will have a PET scan in a few weeks so she can tell for sure. His thyroid test was off and he goes to his regular doctor (well now a nurse-practitioner which is a whole story all by itself) tomorrow.

    1. Thx mqos for keepin us up 2 daet. Still sending powerful healing thoughts across the pond.

    2. That sounds encouraging! Thnx for the update, and hang in there :)

    3. Fankees onna yurr uppitydate Maryqos! {{{{Mr.C anna Mary}}}}

  24. Hi…mom’s bin bizy wif doin’ her class projects of Photo Restorashun anz Coloring…..sum examples r on owr webby site! Pleeze come visit! Sowry abowt mom bein’ so bizy dat Ize not bin on heer!

    1. thare’s teh Moonshadow. ai onlee sea a pitcher uf a beautimus wite kitteh
      oh ai tuk saem korse elebenty millyin yeers agoe. no puters tehn. it waz teh bestist fun ever. ai dunnoe hao tew dew wif puters. maibe sumdai ai kan lern.

      1. oh duh-ai see teh top nao taht shoes teh tabs. kool.

      2. Yes..mebbe youse wuld like to send a copy of an ole blacknwhite piktur to mom anz she can wurk wif it anz send it back. Mom still haz da originuls in black anz white. Her mom, myne hoomin gramma wuld haf a cow ifn she seed dat her parents wedding piktur wur redone. She no lykes change.

  25. *icha tippity toes inn furrr a nouncmint*

    Deer Cheezfwens, da haosehold ob icha kan haz a sad. Onna Chewsdai wi had tu let aowr Angel Face Monkey Biscuit cross da rainbow bridge. Hurrr habbded da kanser dat wi diun’t noa bout. Hurrr wented tu plai wiffy hurrr sistur goggie Stormy anna alllla da animalols ober da bridge. Da haose iz wun less anna shi iz mysssed. Der iz a pixchur ob hur inna mi gallery, shi is da grinnink :mrgreen: goggie. Hurrr wuz da speshul.

    *icha tippity toes awot*

    1. ohhhh icha ai is sew sorrie fore yur loss uf yur lubbed wun.
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{icha an fambly}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      1. o ai jus luked at pitcher, sew sqwee wen teh goggie smylols awl ober teh playse.

    2. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{icha an famlee}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    3. Oh noes. :-(

      A bigbig sad wif you, Jackie and I can has it… Oceans of love and beems fur strength an heelin comin your way. She hadda big lucky to have you and you boff hadda big lucky to has eech uvver’s loves. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ICHA}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    4. Sew verry sorry to heer teh nooz. Plz to taek care.

    5. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{icha}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Sorry for your loss.

    6. Oh icha ai haz a big sad too. Go well Angel Face Monkey Biscuit💔 {{{{{icha adn fambly}}}}}

    7. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{icha}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    8. So sorry about your loss, icha.
      {{{{{{{{{{icha adn familee}}}}}}}}}}

    9. Oh, sweet ICHA, I’m so very, very sorry! Your love of all your beasties is so very clear, and your loss of Angel Face Monkey Biscuit must hurt so much. I wish I had any words that would ease your pain.

      Please remember the love that you gave to AFMB, and that you gave a safe, loving place to call home. You provided more than most animals ever know: safety, stability, nourishment, engagement and pure love. Be proud that you offered everything you could to a creature at your mercy, that you offered MORE than the minimum offered by most people.

      You are an inspiration to humans paying attention, and smaller creatures look to you with gratitude.

      1. Sew, sew mennee hugggs tew yew {{{{{{{{{{{{{icha}}}}}}}}}}}}}

        1. Nicewitch-yu ar really an anjel, yur messije is sew beautifull.

    10. Oh, noes! Weze so sowry to heer dis! Many hugs!

      1. O! so many friends and such sweet offerings of love! I am overwhelmed. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. Many hugs anna beems ob lub bakatcha!


  26. Ohai, awl! Ize bins in anz owt but just wantz youse awl to knoe dat weze thinkin’ abowt effurywun anz sendin’ hugs! Mom mayded a purrfekt score onz her photo restorashun anz coloring projekt diz week–it iz awl A’s wif gettin dis degree anz she beze luffin it! She also losted anudder cuple of poundz wif da exercisin’ anz smaller porshuns of food….sheze gotz 97 more to lose, but sheze will git dere.

    A hoomin friend of mom’s down in FL just hadded a stroke anz iz experienzing a major set back. She ovurdid it wif exercisin’. Her doktor wunted her to lose weight anz to start slowly anz gradually wurk up wif da exercisin’, but she pushed herownself furry hard anz suffered a stroke, which her doktor probably not too happy wif her rite now. Mom sendin’ cyber hugs anz happy thots to her. Hopefully, she will offurcome dis and beze able to start offur again.

    1. oh deer-nao ai noe nawt tew start eggsersize crazie fast!

      1. Myne hoomin mom not eets much anz she had to start wif her exercisin gradually, nawt hard awl at one time. When mom starts feelin’ tired during exercise, she stops anz rests.

        1. sew far ai jus get tyred tihnking bowt eggsersizing. den ai taek a littlol napp.

        2. Pls tu remyndin yur nies hoomin dat eting helfy is NAWT ment tu beeing punnishmint — is ment tu beeing teh xpreshun ov sefl-lubs:

          “Ai eets dis sallid coz ai lubs maiself, an wants tu livving teh lawng thyme.”

          “Ai mezhurs mai poarshins coz ai lubs maisefl, an ai wants tu maeking shur ai gets awl mai nootrishuns.”

          “Ai can hasing dis mezhured poarshin ov iis-creem oar caek bicaws ai disurvs teh treet nao an den. Dis bees part of mai eeting plan ov sefl-lubs.”

        3. Awlsewtooaswell, teh bestist eggsersais bees teh wun yu lubs tu du.

          Walk, iph yu lubs walking. Oar ried teh bike. Oar swim. Oar dansdansdans!!

          Taek ennee class wut gets yu moovink, wutebbur yu lubs tu du! Just get up off yor butt an mooooooov!!!

          Yoga. Kung fu. Tai chi. Qi gong. Karate. Judo.
          Stretching. Callesthenics. Swimming. Step aerobics.
          Scottish dancing. Square dancing. Disco dancing. Ballroom dancing. Any dancing!
          Basketball. Baseball. Volleyball. Raquetball. Badminton. Tennis. Golf. Bowling.
          Horseback riding.

          What have I forgotten? Please add to the list!!

          PeeEss: teh simplest wun bees tu standing up, walking away frum ware you iz/wuz foar 10 minnits, den tern arownd an walk bakk. Twennee minnits egsursais, eezee-peezee-dun.

          1. Ai sownds liek sutch a noes-it-awl :roll: Sawree bowt dat.

            1. Yuz nawt tu beez sawrre bowt sharin lyfe sabin eenfo wiffy lub furr peeps hoo nawt noe wut tu duz. Wen Dr.Tiny Cat tellz da pashunt, “Yu mush eggzurcize!” eet kan b kornfuzzin wut eggzakkly dat meens. Mostist ob uz wud raddur dye b4 goin tu a jym tu duz stuffs inna fronta all doz udder peeplols. Peeps dun’t awtomakkikly noe dat jus mobin iz eggzurcize inna eetseff! Dis iz berry baluablol eenfo tu shar anna yu duz a gudgudgud joab ob sharin Nicewitch! :grin:

              Ai allus suggestify dat peeps stawt awot wiffy da range of motion eggzurcizes dat de Arthritis Foundation haz probided. ( Dat wull git yur mussels looser anna strenthified anna stretchify does tendons berry karefully. Iffn a hoomin iz stawtin fwum zero den dis iz a grate wai tu goe! :smile:

              1. Full link am this, izza lot of tools there I gonna be chekkin owt:


                Packin an moovin am teh gud eggsersize, but nawt wun I wanna keep duin. :P

              2. Fankees furrr da korrekt linkee Prysma! Ai agwee, doz fings dat wi hav tu duz kan b berry mush eggzcersize ann sumtymes wai tuu mush eggzcersize! B karefull wiffy yur mobin, wi dun’t wunt yu tu gedded hurtified! *schmooches*

            2. Nicewitch! yu sed gud stuffs, donut putt yurselve downe! Me, ai lykes teh rakitbawl berrie much. wen ai win teh loddery ai maeking mai owne kourt tho teh peeplol hoo noe, sez “No rakitbawl anee moer cawse yu got ardefishile nees nao.” thay sez “go plai golph” ai dunawt tingk ai am teh plaier uf teh golph. tehm metal sticks mite bee tew weaponie fore me if ai dint due gud! :)

          2. Nuvver option: playin wif yur pets. Playin wif goggie, enuff sed, but also playin wif a kitteh. I been known tu drag a long mowsnaek toy (string, fur those whu nawt seen prysma-toys) behind me an du laps frum livin rum tu dinin area tu kitchen whyle kittehs chase it. Or throwin toys fur tehm tu leep for meens gettin up oftin tu collect teh toys. Hevvy aerobic eggserize it nawt be, but it be teh fun, an it gets yu movin! Idunno, if yu get creatibe you cud probly fink of sumfin fur most pets. Plus it am gud fur teh kitteh/goggie/whateber tuu!

            Purrsonal fave, tho, am walkin: take musics, take cell fone but turn off teh ringer so cannawt be reeched, an just go. Fur a nowr or two, iz no introoshuns, just me an teh musics an my feets. I nawt oberall in gratest shape, but my legs am. ;-) (Just ask enny Cheezmeet peeps whu haz been tu a converbayshun-area picnic hike wif me! LOL)

            PeeEss, what be rong wif sharin infos? We can has diffrint lyf eggsperiences an can has diffrint nowledges tu shaer. :P

  27. Ohai, awl! Mom bin steadily doin her classwurk…she seed sum jobie ads for graphic designers, howeffur, one of da requirements is da degree dat she duzint haz yet. Phooey….

    Oddur news, she did da taxes anz find owt dat dey gonna haz to pay almost $1200 to Fed dis yeer, mainly cuz of a mix-up wif dat stoopid ACA anz Medicaid…one offur lapped da oddur anz da Fed wunts da subsidy paid back….dis beze nuttin but a crock o’ sumpin. Dere is nuttin’ affordable about ACA attawl, not to mom anyways…..oh, well.

    More news, da nosy neighbor man in da howse next door mayded truble for mom anz Dad da oddur effuning anz cawled 911 on dem, which akshullee wur a false call, cuz mom anz Dad didn’t do whut dat man alleged. Now Dad iz makin shure awl da windows heer haf da blinds down or are covered so dat man cannot looks in heer to make up more storeez. Mom did tell Dad months ago dat dis neighbor wur watchin effury moov dat dey made anz Dad sed, “Nah, you are just paranoid and imagining stuff. He has always been nice and friendly to me, so you just must not like him.” Mom told Dad after effurywun left the other evuning, “Now do you believe me?” Dad sighed and said, “Yes, we apparently have a nosy neighbor. I wonder how good his binoculars are because that is the only way he could see into this house through our windows as far away as our houses are from each other.”

    So, dis is da storee of our lyfe dis week..hopefully next week, it will be beddur….MOL.

    1. {{{moonshadow anna Mom anna Dad}}} yesh unforchoonutly dere r da creepy peeps awot dere hoo bhabe dat wai jus tu maikin da twoubblols furr udder peeples. Bestist adbice iz tu aboid dat gui lyke da plague!1!!!

    2. Mom added addishunal coverings fur da windows, esp moreso in dere bedroom, anz her anz Dad r gonna completely leave dis gui alone..not gonna sai hi or nutthin……

      1. ugh, bad naybers ar teh werst!

      2. Ai’d stik a syne bitween teh curtings an teh winder:
        “Caught you spying — Both ‘peeping’ and stalking are illegal!!”

  28. Mr C. updayte:
    dr tinyskin cawled yesturdday an Mr C haz too byopsees frum hiz bak positive fore melanoma must come off 25th.
    No werd frum PET skan yet.

    1. Oh deer. It’s tiem teh nastee fingz leff Mr C alown. {{{{{{{{{{{{{Mr C an mqos}}}}}}}}}}}

      1. Wut Annipuss sed ^^^ {{{{Mr.C anna Maryqos}}}}

    2. Aargh! Enuff alreddy, uniberse! At teh rate you be goin, you nawt leevin any of Mr C for mqos an teh furries and featheries! Juss lay off alreddy an go pick on sumwum whu deserbs it!!!!!

      Loves an hugs an beems comin frum here, fur positive result frum PET skan an that stuffs on teh 25th be teh kwik an simple!!!!

    3. *turns teh beemerator bakk on*

      It mustuv gone crazy during taht ufnee winter rayne/slush/snow day we had. It shuud werk better naow.

      Hugs and beems to MrC adn Mary!

      1. ahhh ai feal teh beems nao! thangyew fore taht!

  29. Okay, folks – Jackie and I lose our Internet tomorrow and get it back on Tuesday. (It’s the weekend, and everything’s always weird on weekends. :-) ) Ditto for our landline phone. (At least we have a cellphone for emergencies.)

    We might duck in if we get a chance, by dropping by the nearest Tim Horton’s or something, but no promises. (If you need to email me, use the gmail address, it’s the only one I can easily get on my netbook!)

    Saturday’s going to be exhausting, of course (and we are BEYOND grateful to the friends who are showing up and the one who promised to buy pizza for everyone!).

    Sunday we collapse physically and emotionally and maybe start trying to find important stuff while helping the purrkids get settled in. My depression/anxiety has been making the whole packing process nearly as tough as the apartment hunt was, and Jackie fell a couple of times in January and is in serious pain with bad movement limitations (and major frustrations, too). We very much need to rest.

    Monday, I have a psychiatry appointment (that’ll be fun, I haven’t seen him since before we gave notice on OldPlace!) plus I’ll be trying to restock our rather bare cupboards and the like. Jackie will be home and probably dealing with her currently-off-the-scale pain levels still. However, we might have an opportunity or two to check in.

    Tuesday, we do a final walk-through on OldPlace and make sure nothing’s been forgotten, and then we hand in the keys and get on with our lives. Our Internet and phone are scheduled to be reconnected this day, so if all goes well, we’ll be back up and running then. I have great faith both in Jackie’s skills and in the power of computers to be intensely frustrating and obstructive. LOL

    We’ll try to keep you posted, but if you don’t hear from us for a couple of days, this is why.

    There should be sufficient posts set up to keep everything going through Wednesday. If something goes wrong and I can’t even do the coffeeshop wifi for some reason, there are lots of draft posts that your Friendly Neighbourhood mods annipuss and maryqos can schedule when they’re around.

    And afterwards, I’m hoping we can get a party going to celebrate elebenty-hundred posts and 3.5 years and getting back to new posts instead of reruns and I’m sure we can think of other stuff! Thank you for being so patient about the disruptions for the past few months – I love you guys wif a feerse, I feel bad when I just can’t get my head together to tell you that and be encouraging when things are rough for my friends, and I’m very much looking forward to having the energy to come play again and give hugs more reliably!

    1. Wishing you all a smooth move and hoping the furz settle well and that Jackie’s pain lessens. Will keep an eye on things and try not to wreck the place while you are incommunicado!

      1. Cheezland am in gudgudgud hands. :-)

    2. {{{{Prysma anna Jackie}}}} wi lubslubslubs yu boff alsotooaswell! wi kan haz a wurry dat dis mai b a hurtifying fing furrr yu tu duz. Sowwy, wi all tind tu beez momahens tu eech udder dun’t wi? :wink: Pleez tu beink da karefull wiffy yur mobin anna fankeesfankeesfankees! tu yur fwens hoo wull halpz wiffy da beeg dai!1!!! :grin:

      1. We can akshully has a fair nummer of peeps showin up to halps – moar than I has oftin moved wif inna past! A nold frend frum an owr away an a frend uv his, a cupple frends frum teh local transgender support groop Jackie an I am part uv, Jackie’s siscat an pawsibly any uv her kids (whu am frum erly 20s daon tu <10)… my dadcat an hims wife am comin wif my dadcat’s biiiig pickup truck anna landscaping trailer onnit, an teh wife’s sun am a sweetie who offured to come halp too, an we can has a cupple fings wif wheels we can use to move boxes and stuffs around insted uv carryin. As long as teh wevver behaves (spost tu be a lil above freezing, but mebbe a bit of rain (!) ) aifinkso we can duz this wifowt tuu much pain fur ennywun. An wunna teh frenz frum teh trans groop, lyk I said, sez hims housewarming gift am tu buy pizza fur ebreewun whu halps.

        Purrkids will be spendin teh day inna bedroom here that we’ll empty owt nawt-sekkund fing, door stays closed until ebreefing am moved an no moar doors openin an closin an noise an strangers an stuffs. Purrkids panickin an eggscapin, du NAWT want!!!!!! They go last, when teh rest am dun. Gonna be a long scary day fur them :-( but nawt gotta choice an it gonna be better fur tehm inna new place. Can make sure they haz bokses an fings tu hiding in, at leest.

        Ennywai, we bein teh careful, I promiss!

        1. Noe, donut worry abowt us. Wheel be fine :twisted:

          Wishing yoo a smooth moove. Sew glad yoo seem to hazza lot uv halp adn support!

        2. Happee Moovin Weekweekweekend!!!

          Doan wurree abowt uss oar abowt Cheezland — wii will beeing here wen yu gets settlolled. Am beriBERI gladdyfied dat yu hassing awl teh gudgud halpurrs (schmoos tu dem!!)!

          Lubs yu boaf an teh furkids wiffa hyoojniss!!!

    3. yu both taek kare an nawt worrie bowt us hear, wee will bee okai an yu knead tew taek kare uf yur stuffs furst!
      pee ess-anni! ai dunnoe hao tew postify sew am glad yu due! ai only noe hao tew ewes teh whappity spoon.
      Liek tihs:

      1. I sends you a nemeow wif teh instructions… WP can has updates since then, an there be moar options vailable, but teh same commands wurk.

        1. *putts whappity spoone dawn*

    4. Gud luk wit teh moov, Prysma an Jackie, an fanku, Annipuss an MQoS, fur standin bai. Sendin moar beems fur Mr C awlsotuaswel =====>>>>>.

      1. Thanks Kate!

  30. YU GAIS!!!
    It is gud gud gud noos!!!!
    Mr C is Canser free!!!! (well…he haz teh melanoma spawts awn teh bak butt thare coming off inn a cupple ours). Butt no parotid gland tumor-PET skan awl negative!


    1. Y A Y ! ! ! ! *duzza happehdans*

      Nuvver awsum fing to sillybrayt!!!!!

      1. YAAYYYYYYY! *whew* YAAYYYYYYY! *whew*

        Sownds liek a gud thyme to go to a diner adn haz pie!

    2. Fank CC! Berry glad 2 heer dat gud gud nooz!

    3. Oh, hao WUNNERMUS!!!!!!!!
      *~ dansdansdans!!dansdansdans!!dansdansdansdansdansdansDANS!!!!! ~*

      1. hay Macarena!
        thangs ebrywun for shaering teh happie. tew bee honist, ai neber thot ai’d heer taht today, speshilly sinse teh Dokter TinyEerNoesThrote told him teh kanser waz still thare. it had tew bee awl teh beems!
        (wee got tew sea teh afore an affer PET skans, it waz pritty kool!)
        OH! an yesturddai teh Dokter TinyUralijist had him dew a speshil kinney Eggs-ray an den he said “ai dunnawt sea noe stone noe moer come bak 3/3 an ai luk agan an if stillnot thare, awt komes teh kinney toob!”)

        1. Bedderer an bedderer!

    4. Yahoo!,,,,,,,,,,, da powor ob da cheez iz strongg. Ai gotz da leeky iis thinkin ob u an mr c. U kan sitz an breave a bigg sighz ob relieef. Gib mr c an urselve a bigg huugz an smooch. Awl iz well in cheezland tonite. (Jus red thiz post tudai sat febuary 27th)

      1. thnks noodle! wee does had a bigg releeved.
        My mudder sez “nao kan ay stawp praeing fore hymn ebry nite?”
        beems an prayerz, thay werk!!!!

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