Stoopy RL gets inna way sumthymes, of course. Happins tu us all.

If you been unablol tu be arownd fur a bit, but you wanna let your Cheezfrenz know you hazzint furgottid them an give them a kwik updaet, but nawt has thyme fur gettin intu teh current conversation? This be teh playce! Drop a note here!

Nawt seen a frend inna whylol? Check here fur enny gnus!


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  1. Ohai, awl! Mom bin bizy wif exercisin’ anz skool. She starts a jobie on Furrday dat is only one day a week at da local newspaper! Mebbe dis new foot in da door, az she puts it, will be da start of sumpin fantastik! She did add a cuple more pages to da webbysite anz youse all will luv it! She now duz pencil sketches anz coloring of mostly cats. Now, there iz a furry lite watermark anz copyright on dem, pluz herown initials whenze she duz dem fur peeps so dat dey cant change it.

    She had a furry bad, bad, bad eggsperiuns wif sumwun dis week…she did a pencil sketch anz coloring on dere cat wifout doing da other anz dey wented in anz changed awl of da colors…mom wur furry mad cuz dat drawingz and coloring took sum time to do. Anywayze, go check it owt! Weze luff youse awl!

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