Checkin’ In – pg 2

Stoopy RL gets inna way sumthymes, of course. Happins tu us all.

If you been unablol tu be arownd fur a bit, but you wanna let your Cheezfrenz know you hazzint furgottid them an give them a kwik updaet, but nawt has thyme fur gettin intu teh current conversation? This be teh playce! Drop a note here!

Nawt seen a frend inna whylol? Check here fur enny gnus!

Since teh prevyus page were about a year old, an over 150 comments… I are duin a page 2 fur continuing it.


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  1. Ohai ebberybunneh! Ai kan haz kormputtur adbice? My computer uses IE for my browser. It hates me/I hate it. I would like to change to FireFox or something that actually works. What will I have to do after I change over to another browser? email addys? bookmarks? oddur stuffs? Pleeze adbise! Fankees inna adbance!

    1. Jackie sez:

      Install Chrome and you can just follow this:
      (Chrome is what we use)
      (If you create a google account, it will save everything in that – passwords, bookmarks, and all. Then if you get a new puter, or want to access your stuff on another computer, you just log into Chrome and everything is there. I’m finding this useful.)

      If you want to do Firefox:
      (It duzzint have the “save it to get it anywhere” option. Cannawt halp with this, since 1) we donut use, and 2) is Windows instructions and we can has Linux.)

    2. yup, watt prysma an jackie sez: chrome iz gud. an iffin u gott queschunz, prysma an jackie will helpz u awt. dey halped mi last weak wiv cheome. everyfingz werkin agin.

    3. I nawt-thurd what prysma says about fyrefocks and bookmarks / favo(u)rites – FF will let you import bookmarks (FF calls them bookmarks, IE calls them favorites)

      E-mayo addresses won’t be stored by your browser. If you is using a web based e-mayo service (hotmail / yahoo or some such) then it’s hotmail / yahoo that keeps your address book, and it will be there when you log on via the interweb, no matter what computer you logs on from and no matter what browser you uses.

      Personally, I does not let my browser remember any passwords / logins, and clears it at the end of each day. This does mean I has to make a note (in a form of code that i can understand) of passwords – I have a (paper and cardboard) address book for them but think this is safer than letting my computer remember them all.

      IE – pleh.

      I have been on Fyrefocks at home for as long as I can remember – although it’s losing market share now, and there are a few websites that don’t work with it any more. I use Chrome at work and it’s OK, I suppose.

      Aplologies if I’m stating the obvious here, but I take it you’re using some form of computer security – firewall / anti virus / pop up blocker and so on (not to be confused with a furwall and keeping up to date with kitteh flu vaccinations) – and being careful about following links in dubious e-mails.

      Preventing nasties getting in to a computer is easier than dealing with them once they has got in!

      1. Security be a valid point. Jackie and I have Linux on ours, and viruses etc tend not to be targeted for Linux systems so I forget now and then. And there are security issues that are not OS-dependent.

        That said, I’m gonna have to stick with Chrome and letting google save my passwords, because I have an unholy number of them… to say nothing of bookmarks and things that I need access to from either my desktop or my netbook. I have a set of extensions added to Chrome to block tracking and ads and popups and all, and I’m careful what sites I go to and what links I click on. (And I do have those passwords written down and hidden.)

        There’s no such thing as total security online. Everyone has a different level they’re comfortable with, and compare it to convenience in different ways. That said, everyone using Windows should make sure they have serious anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc installed, and absolutely everyone should be careful where they go online and about clicking links or opening attachments in emails.

  2. From CatBurgh:

    Sorry I’ve been gone so much. The dramas continue and I’ve scaled way back on activities. The good news is that, after going through a bunch of medical stuffs, I’ve found that I’m in relatively good shape (for a middlol-aged, overwait chick.) On teh ovver paw, ai now gets to sleep wiff my gnu frend, Mr. CPAP masheen. Sleep apnea has been teh cause of my poor sleeps adn tireds. Ai has been reeding ebryfing ai can find on how to tweak teh masheen, teh mask, teh toob, etc., to has a full nite of restful sleeps. Sum nites are bedder than ovvers. Aiz keepin notes on what halps adn what makes it wurst, adn ai will(!) figger it out.

    HubCat is doin grate, bedder tahn me at teh moment. Smokey adn Shadow continue to delight wiff their antics. Smokey lieks to tear up teh cardbored scratching pad, tehn roll in teh itty bitty bits of cardbored, tehn stroll thru teh house, leevin a trail of bits wherever he goes. Shadow is now teh official “wake up” kitteh. She jumps into bed adn nuzzles me awake.

    Again, sorry I have turned into such a lurker. I am embarrassed that I’ve not kept up with what’s going on with alla ovver Cheezpeeps, but I do think of you and wish you nothing but the best.

    1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{CatBurgh}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      1. Fanks, anni. Ai hazza resolve. Adn a determinayshun.

  3. Ohai awl.
    been lookin after Daddehcat’s affairs and daily visits to the nursing home we had to put him in…he had a bad fall and resulting brain injury that required brainium surgery…
    Sadly he passed away on Valentine’s Day this year. A blessed relief really, but still so emotional.
    Whilst this has been going on for the past 18 months, I’ve had major Abdo surgery to remove ovaries and sort out stuck bowel, adhesions in mah jiggly bits etc. And to cap it all, my chronic back injury pain continues and I’ve just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and M.E (C.F.S)
    I’m doin ok though. Got keep goin even though the black dog is biting my arse.
    {{{{{Grooop Hug}}}
    Floofybutts are well and we have Daad’s 2 moggies living here alsotooaswell :)

    1. Oh dear… {{{{{Tidmum}}}}} That be an awful lot all at once!

      Loves an beems comin your way that, even wif things bein emotional an teh money stuffs you mentioned on BF’s page, things’ll settle down very very soon now!

    2. {{{{{{{{Tidmum}}}}}}}}}

  4. hugs an beems an luv tew {{{{{{{{{{catburgh an tidmum}}}}}}}}}}

    1. Frum me too!
      *joynes the hug circlol*

      1. Fanks to alla Cheezfrends.
        *joins teh hug circlol*

        1. {{{{{{{{{{catburgh an tidmum}}}}}}}}}}
          *joyns teh cirkle negst tew bf* ohai bf! an awl!

          1. {{{{Catburgh & Tidmum}}}} *icha sinds wushes furrr beddur dais (anna nites!) tu yu boff*

            1. *stretches arms as far as tehy will go. . . tehn reeches even further*
              Groop hugs are teh best.
              {{{{{{{ICHA adn prysma adn BluesFan adn annipuss adn prysma adn Tidmum adn TJP adn maryqos adn robin}}}}}}}

  5. hugs to awl…an sunny beams of lubs….

  6. ai ar goeing tew Floryda tew luk fore teh fownten uf yewt. ai start awn Fursdai noone sew ai gotta werk a twelvitie tewdai so’s tew nawt ewes anee moer thyme off.
    my deer fren Pauline is taeking Mr C tew Ro-cha-cha tewdai sew ai kan werk. he MITE ged teh kinny toob awt, fore shore gedding teh stent awt (Dr Tinykinny sed taek awt inna weak butt he putted inn teh kind teht Dr. T. hazta taek awt). Oh he will bee sew happie if toob go awai an he will bee sew NAWT happie if’in he duzzint gedditawt.
    (ai’ll tell hymn tew wave tew Toona wen thay goe ober teh inner stayte rode even if Toona duzzint live in Ro-cha-cha!)

    1. Heers beems furrr Dr.Tinykinny tu taikink awot alla stuffs da bin bodderink Mr.C furrr sew lung naow! ##====>>>{{{Taik dat stuffs awot!1!!!}}}<<<====##

  7. finellie moer gud noos, kinny stones awl gone an kinney toob an stent awl gone for Mr. C! Nao jus teh toob in hiz stomick tew goe.

    1. YAAAYY!!1!! gud noos iz gud!

      1. Yayayayay!

        1. Woot! Happy news indeed! *dansdansdans*

    2. Hooray frum Jackie n me boff!!! *skoops up teh Trick an duzza happeh-whirly-dansdansdans*

    3. Glad 2 heer teh gud nooz!

    4. Yay!!! Good gnus is gud!! :-)

  8. {{{{GROOP HUG}}}}}}}

  9. Found by Jackie on Facebork. I wud say “purrito” instead uv “sushi” but finkso this can has potential fur teh sad Cheezfrenz.

    How to care for a sad person

    1. Lay blanket out
    2. Pick up sad person
    3. Lay sad person in blanket
    4. Roll them like a sushi
    5. Place sad roll on bed/couch/comfy place
    6. Hug roll close
    7. Put on roll’s favorite movies
    8. Feed roll snacks
    9. Make sure roll is well hydrated. Tears make roll dehydrated
    10. Happy lil sushi roll

    1. ai lub tihs! gud gud advyse!

  10. oh wanted tew adddd mr c had too skin mellinomas cut offa hiz bak an thay cawled tew sai thay got all uf it awn both uf tehm. an hee had teh sekint ai dun Mundai sew awl left is teh toob inn hiz tummie.
    (boi is he gedding sik uf makaronees an cheez)
    (ai fore wun wood never get thyred uf teh cheez)
    ai gots teh yakkity yak flew bugg tewdai aifinksew!

  11. :smile: Ohai ebberybunneh! Happitailol uh, wutebber dai dis iz! :smile:

    Sowwy ai haz nawt bin aroun laitley, RLS butt(!) att leese inna gudgudgud wai! Ai kan haz a bit ob bakashun? Wy yesh, ai kan! Mi lubs tu alla da Cheezpeeps anna ai wull chek inn ebbery wunse inna wyle! *schmooches*

    1. Injoi ur bakayshun!

  12. :smile: Ohai ebberybunneh! Ai gedded a leetlol minit tu komb bi anna sai Ohai! Fings in RL r settlolink down a bit sew ai wull b arownd mor. Ai mysssssded yu all! {{{{Cheezfwens}}}} :smile:

  13. O! anna wen ai gits da tyme, ai gots a bunbun storey tu share wiffy all ob yu!

    1. hurrie bak icha!

  14. Hiya, awl! Ize not bin playin’ as much. Gots to blame myne mom fur dat. She bizy wif online college, wurk, paintin’ da inside of da howse anz she also sews handmade Betty Boop dollies as well as oddur things now. I wish she had more tyme to fur me to play on heer.

    1. well nao, iz gud two c ur suite selve hear tudai. datz watt countz. {{{{moonshadow}}}} boop, boop, bedoop boop.

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