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Caption me – Banded Mongooses

Photo by Karin Jonsson via flickr (CC-BY)

Photo by Karin Jonsson via flickr (CC-BY)

Classiclol from Sept 2014
(I are verrry sowree, but… I hazza eggsosstid. Teh Cory-Bear haz needed halps wif crunchifuds and waters coz of partial paralysisis on wun side uv face. We all still adjustin. Bein a kitteh, he wants ebreefing on hiz thymetablol… an it are hard tu tell him “No, nawt nao!” no matter what thyme. I are feelin lyk I gonna fall ober lyk wunna these mongeeses! So, I duz teh classiclols coz, well, eezier. Sowree!)

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