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Lungdoc memorial – thoughts?

All-new update:
I’m going to use Lungdoc classiclols at 3:00, 15:00, and 18:00.
I have subs from Kate_M, noodle, maryqos, and Cat_S, and I’ll be posting them at 6:00, 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30, leading up to the parade/concert at 12:00.
I figure, we’re taking a parade route to the concert, and once peeps start arriving there, we break out the songs – post your own reworked song, or a link to one or more that you’re thinking of.
If you do not have a lol or song of your own, plz to not feel bad. It’s overwhelming and it was a shock, and peeps express that differently. Come cheer and remember Lungdoc with us. If you haven’t found your voice yet, come lurk. Come laugh… and if there are some onions being peeled, well… we can has lotsa shamwows.

2018 Memorial

I don’t think it’s that no furry babies crossed the Bridge this year, unfortunately. I know jd’s Emo Emmy did – she had her memorial at the time, back in June. maryqos’ Seamus actually got out in August 2017 but any hope of finding him alive pretty much was gone in 2018, although we all wish otherwise. I’m sure there’ve been others, but some people prefer to mourn quietly. Some have had health struggles, physical (like my trio) or behavioural (like maryqos’ crew) or a bit of both (like Shepmom’s Lili) but they’re still hanging on with us!

This is a quiet year for memorials, though, so I placed one memorial post in the 12:00 spot, the way I do with memorial posts at other times of the year, and the other at 10:30, midway between regular posts. [Edited to add: there’s a last-minute addition at 1:30 as well.] Drop by if you can – we all know how it feels. If you did lose someone, feel free to add that in the comments, or send me a quick email at admin@cheezland,org with one or more pictures and whatever you’d like to say and I’ll set something up quickly between regularly scheduled posts.

Here’s hoping that 2019 will be short on Bridge traffic, and long on the loves and snuggles!

Sixeth Annibirthary of Cheezland

Update: Sorry, last weekweekweek were, uh, yeah. Anyway… tumorrow are too kwik, so let’s declare teh Annibirfary Sillybrayshuns to be on Tuesday teh 28th? If you want to send in lols/pics you finkso am appropriate, go fur it! We will duz, Idunno… will see if I can find any lolifants or porkypines. A parade wif a potluck? That usually goes well. :-D


Sosltice 2017 – Remembering

2017 has been a weird and difficult year for a lot of people. Furry family members have crossed the Bridge – Maryh Cookie’s elderly brother and sister pair Golden and Ms Streak, Hippo K’s Niki, Cygnia’s Pippin, maryqos’ prickly friend, nicewitch’s Panda, and probably others that I’ve unfortunately forgotten and I’m very sorry. Maryqos’ Seamus got lost, only 5 years old, and there’s no way to know what happened to him. And we’ve had lots of human family members cross the Bridge too. I’m not even going to try to list them all. (KCTailkinker, thinking of you…)

This year’s been quiet, so we’re going to do the Solstice Memorial a different way. Let’s spend the shortest day remembering and sharing. Tell us what you remember about the year. The hard stuff isn’t always Bridge traffic, it can be loss of home or job or relationship or having to rehome a furry friend… any number of things. But even if a lot of things were a struggle, try to think of something good that happened, too, or something you’re looking forward to. It;’s a cliche, but even the longest night has a sunrise, right?

What was your 2017 like? And what are you hoping 2018 will look like?

Black Cat Appreciation Day

I just found out that Oct 27 is Black Cat Appreciation Day! (In te UK anyway… apparently in the US it’s August 17.) If you have lols or pics of our gorgeous house panthers, but not Lollowe’en themed, you can send them to me wifakwikness and instead of classiclols on Friday, we can do all midnite (and midnite-tuxie) kitties. ‘Kay? Okay, back to regularly scheduled lols! < – Simon’s Cat Logic: Are Black Cats Unlucky? (which is where I got this) Also info here

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