Theme Days!

Plz tu note: regular Theme Thursdays have been discontinued, ’cause it was getting too hard to keep finding enough lols on a single theme. However, Theme Days will still occur on an irregular basis, either because of a special day or just because your admin feels like holding one and happens to have enough lols for one. Watch the boxes in the left-hand sidebar for announsements. Like anything else, this could of course change in the future… who knows? ~p

Sooo… subject to popular approval, ai finking we’ll has Theme Thursdays- just cause it alliterates.

Themes listed wifowt dates will happen approksimately when-ai-get-enuff-submishuns-tu-fill-a-day. More themes will almost sertainly be added; these are wuns ai alreddy has multiplol submissions for. Sum may nawt be used after all (but probably will). Dates am subjekt to chanje but problee nawt wifowt a gud reason.

Themes that leed tu moar tehn 8 submissions may be repeeted or teh submisions may go into teh regular pool, depending hao menny submissions there are. Or they may spill over to a post or two before or after (or both) teh akshul day.


14 Feb – Valentines romantikish stuffs

Lolympics 2014 – Nawt-sekkund intermittent theme: proximately wun themed lol per day

Monty Python March – proximately wun themed lol per day

14 – 18 April (approximately) – Kitty Kolur Week: Orange!

20 Apr – sorta Easter wif bunnies an all

5 – 9 May (approximately) –  Kitty Kolur Week: Tricolur!

14 Aug – Cheezland 2-yeer annibirthary party! (spilling over a little onto the next day)

22 Sep – 3 Oct (approximately) – Kitty Kolur Week: Tabby!

19 Sep – Talk Like A Pirate Day

27 – 31 Oct – Lollowe’en 2014



6 Sept – Music (Part One)

13 Sept – Computers and Office (Part One)

19 Sept – Talk Like A Pirate Day

20 Sept – Ninjas

27 Sept – Health Care (Part One)

28 Sept – unofficial mostly Star Trek day for 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation

4 Oct – Bellies (Part One)

11 Oct – TV and Movies

18 Oct – Hunting Skillz

25 Oct – Family

31 Oct – LOLLOWE’EN – Monsters and Zombies and BCs oh mai!

1 Nov – Un-Basement Midnight Cat Appreciation – black (or mostly black) kitties be wunnermus wifowt the ebil :-)

8 Nov – Science and Physics

15 Nov – In the Kitchen

21 Nov – Games (held on Wednesday due to American Thanksgiving on the 22nd)

29 Nov – Science Fiction

6 Dec –  In the Laundry

13 Dec – none (prysma oopsed)

20 Dec – The solstice (shortest day for the northern hemisphere, longest for the southern one) is the 21st – of course beginning earlier down-under. So let’s do a day of lols celebrating sunbeams and the sun!

27 Dec – Camo


11 Jan – nativeca66 and Noelle’s engagement party

14 Feb – Valentine’s and Six-Month Anniversary of Cheezland

21 March – Literary

25 May – Towel Day – Douglas Adams and Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

12-16 Aug – Cheezland’s one-year anniversary party!!! Aug 12 – Aug 13 – Aug 14 PARADE – Aug 15 – Aug 16

19 Sep spilling into 20 Sep – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Lollowe’en 2013 more or less, but sorta spilling over into comments most of the last few days of Octobrr and teh nawt-sekkund of Novembrr.

Teh usual Catmus ongoing stuffs in late Decembrr thru teh new yeer. ;-)

21 Dec – Memorial/tribute day tu 4-footed famblee members who crossed the Rainbow Bridge, mainly in 2013 – tribute posts interspersed on teh hour between regular posts, so there waz a LOT of posts that day

Upcoming Kitty Kolur Theme Weeks, in some order:
* grey and grey-tabby and grey-an-white
* midnight
* white (and mostly white? Van?)
* tuxie and cow and pinto and uvverwise black-and-white
* colourpoint (Siamese etc), an exotics lyk Abyssinian or Bengal types
* srsly floofeh! (It are a kolur catagoree if I say it am!!!)
* goggies
* bunneh, pokkit-pet, guinea-piggeh, birdee, etc week

Other Theme Ideas:
Weird Places
Military (nicely, plzkthx)
On the Farm
Terry Pratchett / Discworld
World Domination
Moms and Babies
Welcome to the Basement
Cuddle Puddles
Ment Tu Du That
Purrforming Arts
If I Fits Innit, I Sits Innit
Film Noir
Dr Suess (du NAWT send me elebenty-five Cat-in-the-Hats!)

Any other suggestions?


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  1. Good plan!!! *skampers off tu find more pixorz tu capshun*

  2. Sownz gud. *starts finkin* Ai wuz juss bowt tu mayk a fyoo lolz wiff a “minion” feem. Mebbe dat wud be populur enuff tu putting awn teh list? *has a hoapful*

    1. Sownds good to me!!!

      Hmm, just used one that wuld be good for that… oh well, ai hazza sureness taht peeps can devize lots moar!!!

  3. Aifink dis iz grate ideea! Haow bowt hollidaze?

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