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Check here often for news on the project of collecting landmarks and to volunteer to help. Lunarmommy is coordinating.

***note: in teh interests ob keeping fings tidy on dis page, I will frum time to time “cleen up” comments where all teh info has been added to teh updated lists at teh top ob teh page. that may make teh responses to comments kind ob go all over teh place. :?

***Teh Cheezland Wiki is now open!! Wif stuff to reed and basic instructions for posting short easy stuff. Instructions for longer, more complex posts coming soon.


Oahi, lunarmommy heer. Welcome to teh Cheezland Archive Project. Our aim is to as much of the memorable events (large and small) of Cheezland history and culture as we can. We have found all of the big things we were looking for, but of course there are still a lot of hidden gems to be found (for example, just today I stumbled across where DaveHasNoKitteh adopted Dr. Tinycat). If you happen to be browsing through old comments at the Wayback Machine and find something cool, save it (see instructions below) and let us know in the comments what it is. If anyone has an event or something memorable they’d like us to find, we can try to do that. If at all possible, please give us a title/description of the LOL it was on and/or the approximate date. And check the HAVES list first to see if we already have it.

I still also need to double-check the links at the Cheez Town Cryer, to make sure I got everything that was linked there.

When you find something to save, there are a few different options for saving the comments or even the whole thread.  Be sure that whatever method you’re using to save the pages will allow you to later copy-and-paste from them.

1: just copy-and-paste the relevant comments into Word/Wordpad/word processor of your choice

2: there’s a method to save the whole page as a PDF, which some are using but I’m not familiar with it.

3: In your browser, you can choose to “Save as Web Page, complete” (or words to that effect) (I tried this in Chrome and couldn’t get it to work right.

4: Use Evernote (http://evernote.com/). It’s a free download to your computer, and you also get free online backup. Be sure to get the web clipper for your specific browser. There is a monthly usage limit, so you want to be careful not to get lots of stuff that is not relevant to your interests. What I do is I select (blue highlight) the LOL and the comments down to where they are no longer relevant (random unconnected comments from long after the original post, for example), being careful to avoid the site headers and sidebar links and stuff. Then I just click on the Evernote button on my browser toolbar and select “save selection.”

THANK YOU to everyone who sent in things for the KimKiwi Memorial! Fortunately, Archivezcat was able to dig deep into Google Cache and finally find it. But I also deeply appreciate everyone who sent in things they had saved, so that even if we never found the whole thing, at least we would have part of it.

As of 10/3/2012: The main focus of the project has now shifted to posting things at the Cheezland Wiki. http://cheezland.wikia.com/wiki/Cheezland_Wiki

Content is going up slowly, I can get maybe 4-6 things posted a week (depending on how long/complicated they are). If anyone wants to help me post the stuff I have, let me know, or if you have things you’ve saved, just go to the wiki, read the instructions, and start posting! Right now I have it set so that anyone can add and edit pages; this will last until the trolls find us.


Ittybittykitty does an opera

LOLs about Cory-Bear


Have: (Now wif improovd alphabetification!)

* = posted at the Cheezland Wiki

**= partially posted at the Cheezland Wiki

Acme Rocket Lawn Chair, 1st and 2nd launching (Dis hai?), another launch (dis happens everytime)
Alphabetical list, 1st (I’m going to the store)
Ambercat’s Memorial (doctor who episode 1) (Kate M)
Amish Airways (i is amish lolcat) (onleekitteh)
Angelplume’s story of the kitteh, the gerbil, and the trolls (he hired bodyguards) (onleekitteh)
Animol names (can i come live wiv u?)
Annipuss’s 70nd burfday
*Anniversary gift guide (viking cat)
Appol joose, still-warm, an GP an LCB (And dis my cusin Jeff)
Bunneh Nooz (are we live?)
CCC and CHRG(wdoi), origins of (being tiny popples)
Cheezstock (all 3 LOLs)
CHRG(wdoi) and the CCC, origins of (being tiny popples)
*Clue Game (CSI kitteh)
Coconuts, Guiness Piggeh’s trubbles wif (iz sweepy) (onleekitteh)
Coconuts, Leeza’s problems wif, as told to LCB (i iz makin u a tanksgivin kard) (onleekitteh)
Coconuts, why Leeza hates them, parts 1, 2 (that’s correct little human; sales cat won’t take no)
*Consumed by love, a 1-act play by ittehbittehkitteh (voices tell me things)
Customer Dissatisfaction Survey (on the 7th day) (onleekitteh)
Cween’s majikol wand malfunction/Nightshayde’s wish/pregnant otter incident complete (onleekitteh)
Dark and Stormy Night story, 1st (Monorail cat derails)
Dave gets Dr. Tinycat
Dave’s soup goes BOOM parts 1, 2 (why on earth are those cats; I control it)
Dave’s spider story/StageHandDan’s camel story (dude, that spider wuz huge)
D’Beaker Labs Adventure (Happy Chair)
Debriefing, 1st (vet appointment 9:00 am) (Elsa Mama)
Debriefing, Mass (iz makin you orogammies)
Debriefing Song (ur mouth is movin)
Deth by Power Poynt (sloe death)
Diamond Kitteh (invisible boom box serenade)
*Duel of the proverbs
Elfi’s giant mower-eeting rosebush (mundayz)
Elfi’s an Jajeh’s kittehs (yes i will marries yoo!)
*Elfi invents Marble Day (ur marblz)
Epic Adventure (lolcat status) (onleekitteh)
Fashion Show (NOM)
*Feline laws of physics
Firemans, 1st reference (we has a pillow) (onleekitteh)
Giving blood (sry i broke gravity) (onleekitteh)
Grand Ballet (claws beats paper)
Homecoming Parade 2012 (i beg your pardon) (Kate M)
Honeycakerabbit’s wedding (I don’t do touchy-feely) (honeycakerabbit)
*Hush Little Baby
ICHC Can Has Talent Auditions (I’m getting ready) (onleekitteh)
I farts in your genral direkshun!
I’m a legal profeshunal, origin of (wich pedal makes us not go 2 vet)
Jack Deth, 1st poem (buhcket kitteh)
JCH4K Blvd., naming of (Did I just hit that dog)
JCH4K Homecoming Parade pt. 1 (Irish kitteh), 2 (safe), 3 (I haz risen), and 4 (eye of the tiger)
J-PAK, origin of (eet now)
Kafleen’s moderator application (editor kitty) (honeycakerabbit)
Kickline Dance wif sparkly costumes part 1 and 2 (u won’t take me alive; look at me)
KimKiwi Memorial
Kitteh Commandments (on the first day) (onleekitteh)
Krissy’s Beads, Braids, and Macrame, Opening of/skwirrlz put to werk/Diamond Kitteh (invisible boom box serenade)
Lady Mondegrene’s Shampayn Resepshun
Lardy Gras
LBT Production, 1st (do you has appointment) (Elsa Mama)
LBT Bible
LBT Holy Grail
LBT Silence of the LOLs
LBT Steal Magnolias
*LCB phones teh Halp Desk (rightside up)
LCB falls down a well (yeah, we hooked up)
*Liability Song
Libarry Insident/Origin of Troll Taxonomy (der iz a speshul ring of hell)
*Lojodi’s underwears (kitteh included)
LOL voting process (dis fud is lava) (onleekitteh)
*Lolproverbs, alphabetical (next tiem i wear helmet) [may be same as duel of the proverbs?]
LOLproverbs, more (has ur name on it) (onleekitteh)
*LOLSAT Questions (What you meanz; he knowz sumthing)
Lyanthya Memorial
MamaGwyn memorial items
Maus Memorial (I iz bein one wif Nature)
Melissa gets trapped in the TV (they’re heeeeere)
*Mood Ears (mah ears)
Mr Kitteh goes to Washington (note: I leaved off the last episode because it started to get too RL political. comments pro/con this decision are welcome)
My kitteh is SO big (growth hormone kitteh)
*Nawty Barn, origin of (CPR Cat)
Nawty Barn burns down (so der i was on mah porches)
Nightshayde’s wish/cween’s majikol wand
malfunction/pregnant otter incident complete (onleekitteh)
Memorial Day BBQ (eet now)
No noms the rodints concert (In my tell-all book)
*Noir Cat
NOM, Grand Opening of (incredibly festive) (onleekitteh)
Oh, the porosity! (but… i luvs you)
Ohatagoosiam memorial items (including Dark and Stormy Nights)
Orange ones r poysin, origin of (LOL only is relevant)
Oscar Party (I run, it moves)
Phlonquais, origin of (Crashed)
*Piano Cat
Piggeh: In Conversation (Iz got a flat stomach)
Piggeh, Unplugged (If yu can reed this)
Pinkee Pinkee Toe Pads song and dance, origin of (u taked my binky)
Poynty ends, origin of (halp)
Pre-Hysteric Time Travel (prehistoric trilobites)
Pregnant Otter Incident/Nightshayde’s wish/cween’s majikol wand malfunction, complete (onleekitteh)
Pwndby2Kittehs nawtsekkund sekkund burfday/Honeycakerabbit’s wedding (I don’t do touchy-feely) (honeycakerabbit)
Race, 1st (why no one comes) (Elsa Mama)
*Redneck Scientist (i could make that) (onleekitteh)
Rhokit memorial items
*Romeow danses
Romeow takes your order
Runaway monorail (monorail cat haz roadragez)
Safari Park Opening (warm ow move the heater) (onleekitteh)
Shark and Lawyer jokes (my client has informed me)
Skwirrlz put to werk (invisible boom box serenade)
Soopermarket Dance (oh man is she writin a check)
St. Andrews Day Party (peace negotiations)
StageHandDan’s Camel Story/Dave’s spider story (dude, that spider wuz huge)
STN, origin of
Teho and the 16 oz mocha wif extry espresso (helikat haz landed)
*Thrilling reskyoo (Fail)
**Tiki, conversations with (complete to the best of my knowledge) (onleekitteh has two – cheeeeeesssseee an fast and da furryest)
Tour of Cheezland (Toby finds today’s financial news)
Trial of the Century Pts. 1, 2 (Elsa Mama; Onleekitteh), and 3 (Hmpff; little cat has much faith in glass; disco fever)
Troll Taxonomy, Origin of (der iz a speshul ring of hell)
Trololween Live-Akshun Tol-hed Crokay
Winter Olimpix (wet willeh kitteh)
Winter Olimpix Ski-Jump Update (driving a jaguar)
Yesterday, and how LCB’s brain works
Zamboni Rides/Origin of J-PAK/Memorial Day BBQ (eet now)




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  1. There’s a “recent post” (Mar. 4, 2012) on DOP remembering several cheez peeps dat haz passed: maus, amberkat, kimkiwi, mamagwyn, rhokit, lyanthya. . . Don’t know if anyone can get to that one the old way or not. But it might be worth looking into.
    “I beg your pardon, good sir! There are ladies present!”
    “In Mixed company? How Rude!”

    1. I found that page on Google and saved it in here:

      (named ibegyourpardon…)

      I also found a version of the trollolween crokay post you listed above with a few more comments and saved that as well.
      (named aihatesdiggin…)

        1. I also included the “iz gud idee…” page you said you were looking for in this folder (izgudidee_kimkiwi.zip), but my post about “i beg your pardon…” seemed to be caught in the spam filter. Anyway, you may have already got it from that folder, I just wanted to make sure.

          1. *lets archivezcat out ob teh spambukkit, rinses off*

            1. LM, can yoo keap an eye awn teh spam bukkit, plzthx ?? Ai haz tu go owt !!
              *Sum cawmints hav bin reposted nd tehre wuz a real spam in there*

          2. FANKIES archivezcat – you izza wunder kitteh!

    2. i will add dis to teh “Need” list, mebbee Archivezcat can yooze himz/herz speshul Google-Fu to get at it.

      1. oop, they’s alreaddy got it!

        1. So duz ai! (It’s the one listed as Homecoming Parade in the “Have” list). Butt (!) Archivezcat’s method of saving is much better than mine – I can only save to my own computer and send you the files by emayo (and I’m not sure yet whether that works or not).

  2. Hi lunarmommy,
    I dough no if you can member me…I wroted lhasa pomes in teh olden tymes, an tho I dunnit has teh pixures, I do has mai pomes tukt awai in Word, long wif teh Cheezepeeps commints bout teh pomes. Wood tehse be ov innerist foar teh Archives? EXTREEMLY STRANJ CO-INKYDINK: mai nawt sekund pome was submittid 5 yeers go TODAY…maybe is nawt co-inkydink…maybe is poasta be? Pleas to let me gno iffin you wants teh hole libraree ov pomes. Kthxbye!

    1. Ohai, Jennifffuurr!!! I memberz u!!!! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{jennifffuurr}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Welkum bak!!!! I am shur Lunarmommy will wanting dat! U roted grate pomez!!!!!!

      Plz tu kum play on deh LOLz agin!

      1. Ohai, yur hai-ness! **deep, deep kurtsie** um, liddle halp, pleas, taht was too deep!! So marvellusova welkumming bak. I promess to trai to kum play agin…it tuk a lawt ov hart wurk to fynd Cheezland! Mai, hao theengz chanj wehn yur nawt lookin. Wowsah! {{{{{{cween}}}}}} I missingd awl ov teh Cheezfrens an hoap to joyn yu soon. I was afeerd I myta forgottid how to Lolspeek…duz lawtsa squiggly red lynes unner teh wurds means I’m doin it ryte? ;-)

        1. teh sqwiggly red linez meenz yor doin it rite! i finaly told my browzer to qwit wif teh sqwiggly red lines. iz not mistakes, iz lolspeek! :D

    2. ohai jennifffuurr! yesh, yor pomes wuld be a very welcome addishun to teh archivez! hold on to tehm for now. very soon (tomorrow, ifinkso) i will be setting up teh Cheezland Wiki, which will be teh site wher we will post all ob theez fings we are saving. will be like a wikipedia ob Cheezland lore, historee, an culchure (eggsept wikipedia iz trademarkd by wikipedia so we will not akshuly calling it taht.) at that poynt i will post instructions for posting stuff to teh wiki, an peepls wif stuff to add can eever post to teh wiki themselfs or send their stuff to ovver peepl hoo are wurking on teh wiki. so stay toonaed! :D

  3. Ohai Lunarmommy! Ai haz bisited teh wiki and altho ai hazznt had time to eggsplaw propurrly yet (teh pleh wurk keeps gettin inda way!) ai just wontid to say congarats! Ai will try uploading as soon as ai kan – I haz an eggsited!

    1. ohai Kate_M! it iz eggsiting – owr very own wiki! :D i will soon put up instrukshuns for doing more complicated entries, wif lots ob nested commints, if yoo want to wayt for that, but yoo don’t have to, yoo can just jump in an try it any time yor reddy!

  4. Call for HALP to archivezcat if yoo are owt there!

    i am wurking on teh Maus Memorial right now. Teh embedded videos (of which there were many) did not copy over, an it iz not on teh Wayback Machine (at least not that I could find). I was wondering if it is still possible for you to dig up the original threads, and if so, if you could make a note of the embedded YouTube videos on that thread. (I don’t need the whole thread, just the video names/links).

    if it wuld be possible for yoo to halp with this i wuld surely appreciate it! (seems like a tall order, but i’m trying every possibility to recreate all teh video tributes.)

    the thread is 9:00 am January 19, 2011, the LOL is I iz bein one wif nature.


    1. I pasted the urls into a file with the the comment names/times/text above them. It’s available at http://pastebin.com/uijTrutz

      Just note that some of the videos have been removed from Youtube.

      1. Oops! I used a different email address, so the icon changed. Just so you know, I posted the above post as well, with the link http://pastebin.com/uijTrutz to the comments with video links.

      2. :shock: fank yoo so much! yoo are teh win an awsum!!

        eben if teh specifik videos hab been removed, mebbee i can find anovver wun ob teh same song. or at least now i can habbing teh titles on teh thred.

        fank yoo agin!!

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