1. June 15-I added a bunch of pictures of the group (no Johnny’s tho-oops) I brought Tess into their room today. The giant (to them) Aussie mix did not impress. They sniffed her and then went back to playing except for little Susie who practiced her back arch-poofed up-hiss act out. Brave baby!

  2. So early up this morning cause Casey has to have angioplasty/?stents/?bypass. Mama Cat Maggie hops up while I’m putting on my warpaint. She grabs a long makeup brush and carries it over the barrier and into the kitten room for the babies to play with!

    1. :smile: an bestest wishes tu Mr C. Fingurs krost taht awl gose wel !

    2. Best wishes to Mr. C! Dew thay just nawt noe wich proceejur thay dooing? Ai hoap it’s teh eeziest wun (then he can get bakk hoam to luuk afturr teh kittehs! oar thay can luuk afturr him)

    3. thanks Kate an TJP fore your kynd werds, thay din’t noe wat thay wud fynd & habe tew deel wif butt as it terned awt, awl thay fawnd waz one vessil wif 70% occlusin an thay say thay kan treet wif menacines. sew wee ar hoem an he is resting witch ai am awlso goein tew dew;
      teh sunn is shyning butt it is starteing tew tunder sew ai hoep at leest it taeks awai teh pleh humididity evin if ai kannawt restify!

      1. Gud nooze! Ai am at werk, ware we haz teh wether raydar, adn yes, yore nayborhood luuks liek it cuud get a littlol wet. We’ll get it soon.

        1. well, noe rayn yet butt nyse breeze…..

  3. The annoying eye-thing came back for 3 of the kittens. Johnny and Susie were still clear-eyed so today they went to live with their new mommy who is very thrilled with them. After about 10 minutes there were 2 bouncy kittens checking out the giant new space that they now own. I’m a terrible foster mother, I miss them so much! It is a very bittersweet undertaking for sure!
    Oh-and one of the babies next door found a new home!

  4. Babies’ eyes much better. None like the ointment treatment but Bonnie forgives me quickly and returns to playing with me. Danny takes a minute or two but then he’s back because he is a sucker for scritches. Jimmy however holds a grudge and doesn’t forget. He keeps a safe distance from the mean mommy!
    The woman next door has decided to keep the 2 black & white kittens that she’s fostering because she’s too attached.
    So…3 little kittens and one little mama at my house to find forever homes for.

  5. So just found out that Jimmy and Danny will be going to forever homes on Friday. Not the same home like we were hoping though, but their owners are friends so you never know….What a run of emotions. Anxious all day to hear if one or both were going to get a home. As soon as I knew, my stomach dropped “Oh no, I’m going to miss the little fuzzy babies”. So little Bonnie and her mama, MiMi are waiting for their people. Bonnie is so tiny and so fiercely brave..who wouldn’t want her? And mama Mimi is a sweet doll of a kitty. Well, I have faith!

  6. Let the kittens out of their room yesterday and today in the morning for a romp. Currently the boys are in the bathroom playing with a catnip toy. And here’s a shocker for those who know Annie (who is usually upside-down sleeping on the coffee table)…..she’s playing with little Bonnie!

  7. June 27: the two white boys are going to their forever homes tonight at 6pm. I think they are getting great homes. Oh, I’ll miss them like crazy, those two little blue-eyed zoomers! Poor littlol Bonnie will be the only baby left. And mama Mimi.
    MrC keeps dropping not so subtle hints: “Gosh Mimi fits in so well with the other cats” “Gee, she’s so small it’s not even like having another cat here” “She really likes it here” etcetera…….he’s dangerous. he’s WHY we have 7 already! We’d only have 2 if his heart wasn’t sqwishier than mine. (Butt I couldn’t give any of them up now!)

    1. That man’s a keeper!

  8. June 28: Is anyone following this? Or should it be removed? Just curious!
    Anyhoo……….Stopped in and visited Susie and Johnny and my human friends today. Susie is quite the center of attention & loves it. Johnny’s got a little sniffle, going to the vet soon. Back at home Bonnie is learning to amuse herself as an only child. Mimi wonders where all the babies went! (She woke me up at 3:30 AM to see if I knew where they were!)

    1. I drop in occasionally, but don’t have anything to say as a rule.

      1. Thanks for letting me know anni! I spect there may be more just looking too. That is fine by me, no need to comment. I gotta take some pictures of the little kitten that has taken over the living room!

        1. Work has been getting in the way recently. I still check by daily but, like Anni’, I don’t usually have anything to add.

    2. Oh Ai’m heer! Plz keep posting. Ai never had a momma kitteh adn wonder hao thay adapt to their kidlets being adoptified. Ai guess it’s a natural progreshun, but still….

      1. thanks folks for letting me know!
        tjp…..one kitten and mama left for adoption……you don’t live toooo far away….

        1. Oh bleeve me, Ai’ve bin thinking abowt it. Butt(!) Ai just doan’t think mai ArchieKat wuud appreshiate hiz space being invaded. Ai think he may need company wehn Ai travlol, butt(!) Ai doan’t think he understands that. Adn Ai keeps mai eers opin in case Ai heer uv ennywn luuking fore kittehs. Unforchunately, there are sew menny arownd heer hoo need hoams, too.

          1. tis a bumper krop tihs yeer fore shore!!!
            ai noe aho it is wen wun oldir kitteh no wants noo kitteh
            kinda teh “getoffa mai lawn” sindrone!

    3. Ai heer tu – an chekkin in daylee butt(!) a bit distraktifyed laetlee bai gnu kitteh an gnu jawb (bof moar-oar-less unplannd fur).

      Teh gnu kitteh just arribed frum know-wear (az tehy du), an Tab iz sumwhut disgruntlold – butt(!) nuffin liek teh problims we had wen mai hart-kitteh Ferdi wuz teh kitteh-in-rezzeedense an Tab wuz gnu !

      1. Ohhhh a noo kitteh, yay fore kitteh an yu!
        thangs fore ledding me knoe!

  9. June 29: Bonnie and mama Mimi are playing together, taking turns being the chased and the chaser. Lots of zooming! When the white boys left we tried putting her back in the room where the kittens were living. She was having NONE of that as she loudly let us know! My Tess-my current avatar-has also been playing with Bonnie! So cute and fun to watch. Bonnie is smaller than Tess’s favorite toys!

    1. Ai keep laffing at the “white boys” refrince :)

      1. Casey’s son says it sounds like a rap group!

    2. Bonnie haz a reel feerless! :D

  10. June 30: Bonnie & her mama, Mimi, would make a great pair for a special home. They chase each other around and play play play. When I left for work today there were 3 of my boycats and Mimi laying on the screened porch watching the chipmunks and Bonnie was zonked out laying by mama!

    1. [wave] ohai mqos! I juss tuned in adn enjoid reedind abowd yoar wards. ;)

      1. sew glad!
        No nibblols awn tehm yet. Sum wuman kalled wanted Mimi if hur waz declawed (gak) an spayded.
        Hur no can haz.

  11. July3-Shocking news last night! The neighbors who took the older fluffy tiger kitten-Kiara-and love her dearly-gave her to someone yesterday! They still had the 2 black kittens and no one wants them. The husband and Kiara had a special loving bond. She slept next to his head on the pillow every night. He told his wife that no one ever wants the black kittens and everyone wants Kiara so he let her go so they wouldn’t have too many cats. The woman that took her will be a good mama to her and is very happy to have her. She manages the local farm supply store and said we could bring the cat/kittens down and show them but I cannot do that to Mimi and Bonnie. So we’ll keep looking for homes.
    Little Bonnie and my Aussie mix dog, Tess, both like the same chair in the living room. Guess who chases who off the chair! Fearless!

    1. Did Farm Supply Lady want to see Mimi and Bonnie for herself, or to “display” them in the store? Can she put up a sign? I so want these two to get a home together! Isn’t Lungdoc looking for a new kittehs? Road trip!

      1. Yes, wee could meat 1/2 way oar sea if teh kitteh ferrying peeple wud taek tehm tew noo megzako!
        Teh lady sed we cud display tehm in teh stoer (inturestingly just too dais afore, Mr C tryed to putt a sine up in teh stoer an thay sed NO!

  12. Just added 5 pictures to the Fosters page including Mr. Peepers!

  13. July 11: OK going backwards here. My elderly friend called “Please can you take these kittens while I have surgery?” But we’re taking them early. But….will she get them back? That’s the real question. Question number 2: I’m having my second knee done in 3 weeks and the surgeon will cancel the surgery if there is even one tiny scratch on my leg between hip and ankle………..there will be 3 kittens in the house for at least part of the time. Anyone know where one might purchase Kevlar pants?????

  14. July 14: Bonnie’s had an eye infection, she’s better today. She is a funny little creature. She wasn’t even tempted by human baby food (but every adult cat in the house WAS). However she loves eggs, hamburger, ham, cheeze and rice chips (!). Still no gushy food, only Kitten Chow.
    Saw Susie and Johnny yesterday, Johnny is getting big and he’s going to have long hair. Susie is as cute as ever. They both purred when I held them. We’re picking them up Friday after Kill Buck Inn fish (best fish fry per Casey) while their mom has some medical stuff done.
    Currently keeping a thick bath mat over my leg while I sit in the living room-even one tiny scratch and no surgery on my knee-August 5 is my surgery date.
    Photos on my “The Stony Brook Foster Kittens” FB page from the family that adopted Jimmy & Danny-Danny was supposed to be given to a friend but must be they kitten-napped him! They were playing in the bathroom-I think the pretty shower curtain is about to meet it’s doom!

    1. Hamburger and cheese? Methinks Bonnie has been seeing the internets!

  15. July 14: evening….they’re baaaaaacccck!!!! And they need new homes. Johnny & Susie were returned. My elderly friend is in the hospital with pneumonia & will have to go to rehab center after. Still with a surgery in the future. Her daughter asked if we would please re-home them. I am happy to oblige. Johnny is big now like his brothers and Susie is bigger and she is bigger than Bonnie. I put them in the foster room, Johnny seems to remember (& wanted to nurse & got growled at, he’s confused!) Susie is scared and she is hissing & growling at mama and sister so I’ve left them alone to acclimate. Johnny is playing with his old toys. Poor Susie, but by tomorrow I’m sure there will be 3 kittens tearing around the place. The young ones acclimate quickly! If my friend is in a position where she can have a cat, I’m going to help her find a mellow grown cat to be her companion.

  16. July 21: Johnny & Susie slept cuddled up next to me all night. Another night cheating with no BiPap…if it didn’t scare them the hose would have ended up riddled with holes. All night the kitten furthest from me would wake up, wedge him/her kitten self between the other kitten and me. We’d all get back to sleep, then the outside kitten would wake up….and the whole thing would repeat…so cute but didn’t make for much sleep for me!

  17. Oh-and Bonnie and Susie are finally playing together but still hissing at each other and Bonnie gave Susie a swat this morning before playtime began! Naughty girls! Johnny has his pick of playmates. Some of the grown cats play with the kittens. Others are content to watch. Bonnie bit Sherman’s tail this morning. He was not amusted.

  18. Ignore the extra t, I’m too lazy to sign in and fix the spelling :)

  19. June 21: Just uploaded new photos into the gallery!

  20. for the FB folks, last night I posted a short video of the cats (minus Spanky) having a catnip festival on the kitten’s FB page-The Stony Brook Foster Kittens

    1. Spanky was having a private celebration in the kitchen!

  21. July 27: I must tell you-my mother is now concerned about the shame I will bring to her if I end up on TV because of all the cats at my house! We’re enjoying the fosters a bunch, they are all so loving but really we have enough cats already!
    I added more pictures of the cuteness to the album & a video at FB “The Stony Brook Foster Kittens”

  22. July 28: Bonnie is full of devilment. Casey says to just say she’s “very active”. As in making her sister screech, her brother run for the hills and Foster Mother Mary put extra coverage on the soon-to-be-operated-on….barring scratches……knee. A week from tomorrow!

  23. Ohai mai frends.
    I had a very bad night last night after the first full PT session. My knee burned a lot and the pain pills didn’t help much at all. Tonight is better. Looks like my stay will be just under 2 weeks like last time. This is a very nice place and I have a single room with a view of a wooded park. The people are nice too. The food is….meh……but I don’t have an appetite so not really a terrible problem.
    Cats-last 4 all still at the house. Mimi is getting spayed tomorrow and her shots and treatment for any parasites if needed.
    I miss my babies!
    I don’t get on the ‘puter very much. I get tired out quickly. I was very tired today. I’ll put Maryqos uppydates here also if that’s ok!

    1. Hmm… No payn no gayn? Ai hope nawt! Mai teh rest uv yur PT leeve yu feline bedder, nawt sorer. Visit us heer wen yu kan. Tayke kayr uv yu!

    2. [ohai]
      Beemz fur a gud recubbery!
      Juss think, wen yu get hoam, yu an Mimi can compayr scars. ;)

    3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and return home. (did you get a cone of shame?)

      1. Hoping yer feline bedderer eech day! Yu can aweez coming heer iffyu knee ding [facepalm] a gigglol :lol:

  24. ohai mai frens, happi annibirtharies!
    Mimi sailed through the surgery. I’m Jealous!
    “Juss think, wen yu get hoam, yu an Mimi can compayr scars.” LOL, well mine is longer, but she got a little tatoo
    “(did you get a cone of shame?)” Yeah, Mimi and I got matching ones ;)

    1. :lol: Sooooooo glad yu boff am duin goodgood!!!! Beems fur kwik heelin fur yu boff!!!!

    2. Get wel sun MQoS an Mimi !

  25. ai putt pitchers an bideo awn teh kittens FB paje. Iff yu want tew luk thare it is “The Stony Brook Foster Kittens”
    ai’ll be seeing tehm negst weak fore shore, lest ai dew sumfing stupit. alwais a possabilities
    an todai am indepandinse dai fore me! Ai neber maed it tew indepandinse dai last thyme. Eggsept fore teh payn, ai am wai wai bedder an furthur alawng wif teh fizzikle terrapie tahn last thyme. part uf it is just teh wai teh kookie krumbiles, teh doktors donnut eben noe wai wun will be eazie an wun will bee worse as tew payn an recobery. Teh doktor tole me taht mostlee it is teh sekint sergerie taht is worse! glad ai din’t noe taht afore! Teh fizzikle terrapiest an teh okupayshunal terrapiest (hoo are wife an sistur uf teh direktor uf fizzikle terrapie at aur hospittle!) ar reelie nyse an thai poosh me firmly butt nawt ecksessivelee. Mai nee moeves bedder tahn wen ai left rehab last thyme all ready! Going to PT an OT is fun. It is awl togedder in a big rum an it is lyke hanging awt in a funn beautie shoppe wif joeking an stuff between staff an alsew wif teh pashints. teh thyme goes fastly an ai neber watch teh klok inn despirashin lyke at teh other rehab playse.

    1. Glad 2 heer dat u aer maykin gud proegres, an akchoolee injoyin teh PT! Hoep u aer sune hoem wiv teh kittehs, MrC an us!

  26. Ohai cheezfriends, I HAD to share this message I received on FB last night from a work friend with three little girls. I’ve been laughing since! Here it is………………………….
    How are you feeling? I have been thinking of you! How is your recovery going? I wanted to share with you what happened tonight and perhaps you will get a chuckle. I was showing the girls the video Casey took of the chickens following the neighbor. They laughed and Nicole said “that doesn’t look like Mary”. I said ” no, it is the neighbor, Mary is in Rehab”….. Nicole didn’t say anything for a minute and said “mommy, does that mean Mary is in rehab with Mrs. Doe and she does heroin too?” She had this mortified look on her face lol! I chuckled and I explained that there were many kinds of rehab and you were in for your knee and not drugs Mrs. Doe is the band teacher who stole the instruments because of her heroin addiction. Out of mouths of babes….guess I need to more clear when I speak to them! Her face said a million words and she was worried about ya miss you and hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Teh squee bebbeh kittehs am a leegul ohai. [headnod]

    2. That’s reely ufnee (Butt(!) mebbee change her naem in teh poast?).

      Ennywaze, Ai may be driving owt yore way neggst week if yoo need ennything! [wave] Adn congrats on teh gud recubbery.

      1. littlol late butt did, thanks for reminder. oh thanks for offer-I’m going home tomorrow-if going by my house could have a cuppa coffee or tea with me? Prysma’s got my email. I’ll be home by noon.

  27. Aug 19: Mr Casey’s birthday and I’m home. Kittens have grown some. They have no manners. The girls must be trying to catch up with their brother as they try to grab food right off my plate. Johnny has spent most every minute with me. He is so beyond adorable!
    Sad news today about Don Pardo. Started listening to him on the first Jeopardy show with Art Fleming.
    Balanced out by excellent fun news. Going to have my second cheezmeet Monday with TJP!

    1. [wave]

      Happee Birfday tu Mr. Casey! Tell those kittehs thay betturr werk on their mannurrs before Ai arrive. Butt(!) then again, mai kitteh haz noe mannurs becuz he’s just tuu darn cyoot tu dissiplinn :)

    2. Hooray fur beein hoam!
      Hooray fur cheezmeet!
      Hav ufn yoose guise!

  28. Aug 26: :oops: :oops: :oops: OMCC :oops:
    Noos bullatin alurt alurt alurt
    Animal eggspert MQ (no pitchers pleeze) wishes tew inforum thoes fostir followirs taht a SLIGHT teensie errir haz been maed fore teh past 4 monfs oar sew an hense forth teh blak an wite kitteh nown as “Bonnie” will heretoefore bee nown as “Ronnie”.
    That is awl.
    :oops: :oops: :oops:

    1. Uh-ohhhhhhhh. That muther/daughter relashunship will nao take on a hole noo meening.
      Y’noe, mai frends hadda sorta feral cat naemed Bonnie. She had tu be re-naemed Bernie.

      1. It is funnie nao tew trai an think uf taht kitteh as a boi…….

        1. Alsotuaswell eggsplayns teh behaybyur a bit.

  29. Sept 6: I added 5 new photos. One of Mimi is dying for a lolsub but I’m drawing a blank! Help!

  30. Sept 13: Haven’t posted in a few days. Got photos to upload, will do soon. No tabbies tho! Knee is way better, going back to work :( a week from the coming Tuesday. Pleh

    1. Glad the knee is better, but pleh on having to go back to work!

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