1. testeng wun too free!!!!
    okay hear ai goes
    sew yestiday ai figgered awt tehere aje an wayed tehm an awl inn middlol uf ware thay shud bee sept teh grayanwite. thay ar bout 2 weaks an shuld bee 6-8 oz. fore are 7oz+ an teh gray/wite wun is 6.4.
    okay moer lader-godda taek a shower afore we leeve fore maam an daad’s haose!

    1. O, btw – I just fixed it so yu gets teh emeows fur enny comments postid on this page, nawt me. ;-)

      Those sown lyk preddy gud wayts. *nodnod* They gain wayt FAST at that age!

  2. May 11-Kiera went next door to her forever home & is doing splendidly. Mama’s eye is getting Terramycin as soon as the farm store opens. All kittens gained weight except one b&w. (Maybe I’d better take pic of their butts and post so someone can tell me what gender they are!) :oops:

    1. pee ess: adding pitchers to gallery negst

        1. Grate pikkchurrs. Hao nice uv yore bruther tew nokk a hole in teh wall tew save a kitteh!

          1. he’s grate….course he hadda akt lyke it putt him awt tew dew it…..
            ai lub Mikey!

            1. Sownz lyk my dadcat, sum yeers back when him still hadda farm. “I nawt lyk cats!”
              “Um, dad? It are erly an yu goin tu barn tu duz chores. Hao comes yu takin warmed-up milk wif bred crumbled innit wif yu?”
              “It were rly cold last nite an iz tu yung cats inna barn sumwun dumped an I nawt sure teh den I maked tehm inna hayloft keeped tehm warms enuff.”
              I sneekinly suspect him had kibblols inna barn fur tehm, tuu. An him finded sumwun tu dopt tehm. But nawt lyk cats, nopenope. :lol:

              1. Yay Dad. Hao cool yoo hadda farm. Cows adn ebbrything?

              2. Yep – hobby-farm-sized, nawt, lyk, primary famblee income, but fur lotsa yeers I hadda pony (I lubbed her muchly) an we had cowseses. Beef wuns, nawt milk wuns. My dad growed up onna farm an wunce lyf allowed it (I was bowt ten) we gottid a small farm an tehn a biggerer farm. :-) My dad nawt haz farm nao but still libs in teh contree always. Him rox. Him just rebilded teh balknee fing fur my kittehs tu go on it safely. http://prysmcat.org/purr/2014/04/27/new-balcony-enclosure/ An Trick lubs him. :lol:

              3. niiiiiiice!!!!

    2. When they be lil, it be sorta hit-or-miss, since it are basicly, “hao far are this bit frum this bit?” an estimating wevver it are boy-far or girl-close but it are, well, nawt eggzact. Besides, they be babycats, what diffrinse it make? :lol:

      1. thass troo….an teh naems ai give tehm will bee prolly onlee till tehy fynd there forever hoem!

        1. Probly. Sumtimes it stiks, lyk Eva’s did, but mostly, peeps gonna name ’em what seems ryt tu tehm.

          Admittidly, it be tuff in Ingerlish wif pronowns… pick wun? Alternate at randum? :-D Or make a gud guess but keep in mind it mite be rong.

          Names am gonna be fairly randum at this point ennyway, tuu yung tu show much purrsonality. We named Eva that coz it meens “life” and we waz hopin fur that fur her regardless uv purrsonality, but uvverwise, hao yu tell enny uneek traits uvver tehn mebbe markings, when tehy so yung?

  3. Mama gots tew goe tew V-E-T tomorro fore hur ai. it is woriesum an cannawt gets Terramycin oinkmint wifawt teh subscripshin.

  4. Regarding Kiara who is at her new home. Kiara has a 1 year old big brother kitty who is deaf. He is entranced with her & stays with her so she has company. She is doing great!

    1. Oh, good! Is good fur lil wuns tu has older role modlols!!!

      As fur teh v-e-t poinmint fur Mama, got fingers crossed it are quikk an painless all arownd an her gets teh treetmint her needs. That eye duz indeed lukk wurrisome.

      1. I’ll give an update. fortuneitlely teh babies awl gots clean beautimus littlol bloo ais!

  5. *Czechs inn fur laetest uppydaet*. (AI iz follolowin eegurlee eben tho ai izznt kommintin mutch !).

    1. ohai Kate_M!
      forgotted tew sai eerlier that ai naemed mama Maggie.

  6. Uppydaet:
    furstist-a womin taht werks inn teh labs kawled me tihs mornin askin if ai kuld help reskue a noo baby kitten taht waz bandined at hur barn. anudder fren haz too mamas wif noo babies & will taek teh noo baby. sew ai fixded up an eggs change. teh kitten waz brot hear & Mr. C picked up hear. teh pore fing waz all colde. Mr. C tuk hur too aur mama-he showed hur teh kitten-mama tuk it awt uf hiz hand & tuk it inn wif hur babies an started feeding an cleening it. he brings teh kitten bak wen teh uther ladie gets awt uf werk an hur taek tew hur hoem wif yunger babies. Too mudch aje differense inn our fosters an tihs little sad wun!
    V-E-T visit: Maggie haz conjunctivitis sew we gotted drops tew use. Maggie is nawt a yeer olde witch ai figgured. an hur onlee weighs SIX pawnds! hur waz berry unhappie to bee awai frum hur babies & happie tew be hoem.

    1. Maggie, cleerly, amma momma at hart!!! “It are little, it are mine or az gud az!” :lol:
      Iz awsum lil wun gonna haz a momma an litterlates teh same age. Were hard fur owrs, bein aloan. Much better tu has kitteh momma.
      Yep, I BET Maggie were unhappy bein away frum her babies!!! But all fur a good cauz, an her eye can get bedderer nao. Poor lil fing, so small an so yung, an tryin so hard tu be a gudgud momma… I hazza bigbig happeh her haz yu tu halp her, coz it wud be a nawful lot fur her aloan.

      1. yes hur a way gud mama. teh peeple taht gabe hur tew my SIL sed thay haddanudder mama wif kittens an Maggie kept steeling tehm!

        1. Thanks fore teh happee updates!

  7. i’ve just doubled my responsibilities. my friend at the vets called. 5 kittens found under the hood of a car (????) in a trailer park with lots of strays. can I foster? Mr. C. checked with the neighbor that took Kiara. Yes, she will foster them.
    They are about 5-6 weeks old. 3 OBNP fluffy tabbies, on of which Hissed at me (pore scared little one!), one b&w tuxie and one black-unusual in that it has long white hairs on it’s legs and along the lower side of it’s body.
    Please think positive thoughts! It occurred to Mr C. right away and hit me later that the neighbor will take good care of them but won’t have any resources to find them homes so we have to find homes for TEN. [faint]

    1. Oh carp, we gots tew luk fore hoems fore eleben, ai forgotted teh mama!!

  8. May 18-Maggie & kittens still battling eye infection. It is better tho. The little one with the black nose comes to me every time he/she hears me. Till Maggie adopted he/him, my SIL was bottle feeding. I think that is why. Very sweet little kitten (well which one isn’t?!)
    Adding to gallery photos of the 5 older kittens that are next door with Kiara. They are so funny. They really are dirty and I should have at least wiped their fayses before I took the photos, most have food on their noses as they just finished eating gushy food!

  9. OBNP Numbr three gotted a forever hoem today!!!!

    1. YAY! fur forebber hoem! Gud luk wif teh rest uf tehm.

    2. Woohoo!!! *happehdansdans*

    3. Yay fur OBNP three! :D

      1. teh naybers sez a frend putt a bideo uf teh floofy fings awn teh buk uf fayses an sopposed tew LMK teh name sew ai kan sea an shaer itt.

  10. just gotta messije from MrC taht a sekint kitten gots adoptified neggst dore, teh dee taylols lader!

  11. Tonite 5/20-Dare I say-The eyes are improving. The 3 spotted kittens come out to be snuggled, the 2 marshmallows stay back.
    The OBNP #3 got adopted!

    1. Yays!!! *keeps fingers crossed fur eyes all cleerin up wiffakwikness, an fur moar fureber hoams appeerin*

      1. [hopeful]

  12. The eyes of Maggie are all better. The kittens’ eyes are also better but still need a little wash now and then. All 5 come out of the carrier to see us when we come into the room now. Yesterday evening I spent a lot of time with them and the babies are starting to play. It is just so funny to see such little babies opening their little toothless mouths as wide as possible and chomping down on a sister or brother (who don’t even react!). The little B&W one with the black nose was playing with me too! I took the ponytail holder off the marshmallowie one as I can tell them apart by their tails. One has a much darker orange striped tail than the other. The marshmallowies look bigger than the other 3, I think because they are so very floofie! I’ll take some more pictures very soon!

    1. Whee! Good nooz! :D

  13. ok, ai lyed bout teh no toofies, thay gots littlol toofies butt nawt much jaw strenth!

    1. Fowndid owt teh hard wai huh? ;)

        1. Bytin teh dat feeds dem! Well… suckin wiv a feerse teh hand dat feeds dem.
          An at tehyre age tu! ::)

  14. Just added pictures from today. I have the triple antibiotic eye drops now, we started treating today. Still sneezing and eyes have to be washed. :(

  15. G’mornin-or what ever! So all have names. Should really have picked non-gender linked names because I’m still not sure who’s what…but….
    Black & White with black nose-Johnnie
    Other black & white-Bonnie
    Grey & white-Susie
    Marshmallow with lighter tail-Dannie
    other marshmallow-Jimmie
    Mama (I’m sure of the gender of this one!)-Maggie
    I was going to use names from “Little Women” but had two problems. 1. I couldn’t name one Jo (onaccounta would have made me too sad) 2. The kittens told me their names.

    1. Meh – if those be teh nayms they want an yu can remember them, then it be awl guud!!! An those be cyoot nayms fur babycats, yep.

      I haza big happy fur alla furevver hoams lined up so far!!! Tugevverness, even!!!

  16. OBNP #1 adopted today by the same people that took the other fluffy OBNP. (the man said the first kitten was for his wife but bonded with him instead. so he needed another!) So glad they found a home together. They are going to be beautiful when grown too!

  17. I uploaded five more pictures. They are from this morning. Still got some eyes I have to clean but better every day. They are beginning to play with toys. Unfortunately I discovered Johnnie thought the litter pan scoop was a toy. Ugh! They also get into the cube and can tip it onto another side!

    1. Splortashus!! [chrg] kneaded fur shor!

  18. May 27-I have to weigh the kittens tonight. The white ones are getting bigger than the others, they took a pee last night and one is sharing mama’s food. The other 3 look smaller. Any advice? When should I pee in a flanic?
    Yesterday Johnnie was so congested and didn’t want to play, it scared me senseless! Today when I picked him up, he was not wheezing and started chomping my nose. Whew!

    1. If they’re nomming an active an all, then mite be just that they be smaller. Izzint wun frum a diffrint litter ennyway? Tehy nawt all gonna be exactly teh sayme size, so as long as they be gainin SUM wayt an tehy IS gettin noms, tehn nope, wud leev teh flanic fur layter.
      Teh congestion sux, poor baby – is hard wif lil wuns. I hazza glad him be feelin better.

      (Sorry nawt been followin properly, been sorta bizzy. :oops: *goes tu chekk up on teh news an teh new pics*

      1. Jackie sez she be woozy frum teh eggstreem cyoots. (I maked her look wif me, waz nawt hard tu talk her intu it. ;-) )

        Wow, cannawt beleev I got distraktified fur so long an misst so much!!! That be wun awsum bunch uv adorable kittins, an tehy awl (eggsept mebbe a few eyes) lukk preddy darn helfy tu me!!! So, lyk, yu rokk an be duin a nawsum job!

  19. Off Topic: Neighbors brought Kiara back. After 2 weeks there, she only gained 0.6 ounces-she’s about 7 weeks old-and Kiara mews all the time. No other signs of illness. We put her back with the mom. Any thoughts?

    jacknife says:
    May 28, 2014 at 08:23 (Edit)
    *boops*: 0 .Sounds like a stress response to her change of environment. If she suddenly puts on weigh now she’s back with mama then it almost definitely is.
    If the lack of weight gain and vocalisation are the only symptoms apparent then all you can really do is monitor her and see what happens in the next week or so.

    maryqos says:
    May 28, 2014 at 08:51 (Edit)
    *boops*: 0 .thanks so much ! I will put updates on the foster page. Poor little tyke! Before work I washed her face and butt and when I put her back, she started eating gushy food. Casey’s going to give her a bath because she’s dirty. I always feel better after a bath….(she’s not gonna like it!). At least no one has fleas or ear mites.

    jacknife says:
    May 28, 2014 at 09:07 (Edit)
    *boops*: 0 .That’s a good sign if she’s already eating.

    1. Major fings:

      Eating? And HAZ been eating? She’s more than old enough to be eaing more than formula, altho it can’t hurt to keep adding formula into her other food.

      Passing waste okay?

      Active and alert?

      When she’s crying… what’s happening? When she’s alone? When she’s in the litter box? When she’s touched somewhere? It might be emotional or it might be pain if it’s happening a LOT.

      Also, re the weight… um… how to put this delicately. Kittens have worms. They’re passed to them before birth. Even if mom was dewormed, some do what’s called encysting and hang around utterly dormant until the right conditions, ie, she gets pregnant. You might consider checking with a vet what’s available that you can safely give her – and do not EVER use the stuff from the grocery store even on an adult cat, let alone a kitten. EVER. Bad worms could be interfering big-time with gaining weight and might contribute to the crying.

      That’s my best guess. But watch closely for what she’s doing while crying, and exactly how much is going in and out.

      1. Curious, I thought it was just puppies that picked up worms before birth. I suppose it’s possible (I’m not clear on Kiera’s background) that she may have been exposed to infected material.
        Usually the recommendation is for worming to start at, or just after, 6 weeks old so I assumed this had already been covered given her age.

        1. If in doubt then V.E.T.

        2. Kittens, like I said, are born with them. ALL kittens are. It’s impossible to entirely eradicate worms from an adult cat, because a certain percentage always encyst themselves in muscle tissue, where they’re absolutely harmless and we can all pretend they don’t exist. ;-) But every time a momcat gives birth, those encysted ones react to the chemical changes in her body and are enough to make sure that the kittens are born with them. So you can see why the cycle just doesn’t break. It has nothing to do with what they’re exposed to after birth, it’s in utero exposure.
          That, er, is a big part of what’s responsible for the cute roly-poly tummies of babycats… um, sorry… :oops: I know, the whole subject is kinda disgusting (it was not my favourite class at the college, especially not just before lunch), but it’s necessary and I think it might be immediately relevant to Kiara.

          1. I’m going to wait on the other kittens but definitley going to treat her, she’s old enough. Thanks for the advice you-all. {{{cheezpeeps}}}}

      2. Eating-she is gobbling food. We had gushy food for mama and she plowed into it. I had Casey put human baby food-chicken (no onion powder) mixed with formula & warmed down mostly for the others-some small I think-2 only weigh 12.8 ounces while we have a white one just over one pound!They weren’t interested in the food but Kiara was! So we’ll see if she puts on some weight. I wondered about the worms. She’s probably got them. I have medicine and dosage from the internet. It is for roundworms which is likely. I’ve just been putting off dosing them! I think she’s been using the box but she had a little dried poop on her butt that I cleaned.
        She wants to be held all the time. When she sees a human she heads for them just a wailing away! After I washed her face and butt and had her in a towel, she stopped her mewing so maybe it is partly emotional-the mewing anyway.
        I have to go to Buffalo overnight later today but am going to hang out in the catroom and see how she is doing before I go.
        I’ll keep you posted, thanks for the help!!!

  20. good good news! I contacted via email a local cat rescue place and their vet is going to set up an appointment for Saturday to see the cats!!!

    1. AWSUM!!!! Halps am a good thing!!! And in my experience (admittedly limited), rescue vets tend to be more pragmatic than regular ones about what’s available and feasible.
      Which are going? Maggie and her crew with Kiara? Or the other bunch as well?
      Plz to be keeping us posted!
      Until then, lotsa food for Kiara, maybe a bit of formula in with her food if possible, watch when she’s crying, maybe try touching her to see if she reacts to anywhere, and keep doing what you’re doing ’cause as hectic as I bet it feels right now, they do look in the pics like a pretty healthy bunch. Which they sure as heck wouldn’t be if Maggie was trying to do all this on her own!

      1. I’m planning on packing them all along unless she has a huge problem with that. Mama’s eyes are way better but she has a lingering sneeze now and then. Amazing how much difference a few ounces makes in size in the little buggers!
        Thanks for the help, makes it seem not so worrisome!

  21. Oh-the 2 left next door won’t be going. Don’t you know it is the 2 black ones! They are thriving over there. I think they are so beautiful!

  22. Update-well, as I expected, the vet (a very nice woman that we were sent to by the rescue group) said the kittens and mama were passing the virus/bacterial infections back and forth. So we have liquid and ointment antibiotics & an antiviral something to put in food & the dosages I needed for the already-purchased worming medicine. The antibiotics are to be given to everyone twice a day for a week. And continue to wash their eyes/noses with warm water. She examined Maggie, Johnny (he IS a boy!) and Kiara. Kiara had earmites bad which I had missed-they treated her with a one-time treatment there. She looked extra miserable after that! I am so relieved to finally feel like we will get these babies on the right track! And we were ALL happy to be back home!

    1. Sownds liek a fun afturrnoon! Glad to hear they can be treated. I was thinking I wanted to be a foster mom when I grow up (or retire, whichever comes first), but I’m really not sure if I’m up for it. I’d need lots of training!

      1. Wee sertinlee jumpded inn teh deep end! Butt it is werf it!

      2. You don’t need training. Most of the time fostering doesn’t involve quite so many furbabies. It also helps if you do it via a rescue or adoption group that will help with medical stuff – they usually have an arrangement with a local vet of some sort. Depending on the group you work with, they may need a litter of weaned kittens fostered, or a adult or two, or, well, anything. We took Freya for a foster-only, no-cages, group, and a part of it was to help socialize her because she was so frightened. A good group will tailor it to what you can actually take. Mostly what you need is some safe space for them and some time to spend with them. And a whole lot of CHRGs. And a good camera. ;-) For anyone who thinks they can bear to give at least most of them up at the end, and has the time and space, and at least a basic comprehension of cat care, I’d highly recommend it. I do recommend, tho, making sure you’re working with a group you have some trust in – I got hurt badly working with the local shelter because we had very different values.

        We’d still be fostering, except that we don’t dare knowingly take the chance on Cory’s calicivirus actually being caught by someone (if anyone was going to, I’d expect it by now, but can we risk it?) plus he’s increasingly possessive of me and if we ramp his anxiety level, he might have an acute calici attack and/or start pulling more fur out. So, we can’t, even though I really want to. There are cats and kittens out there that desperately need that temporary bit of help on the way to their forever homes.

  23. All eyes open and bright! Babies playing enthusiastically! Johnny and Susie love to climb up onto my lap/chest and have a big fuss made over them.
    New pictures to follow!

    1. Woohoo! *happeh dansdansdans* Awsum job, you be doing it!!!!
      How’s Kiara doing? Obviously she got over the earmite treatment (NO cat likes that) and now she’ll be less itchy. Eating good, active, starting to gain some weight?

      1. She’s eating like a little pig, gained 4 ounces in 4 days and is EXTREMELY active! She does not cry at all and does not run and climb on humans for cuddling, instead she plays and plays with the others and alone also. Yesterday I saw her doing the crab walk all poofed up and pretending to attack Maggie (momcat!)!
        I think she had spent so much time getting bottles and being cared for by humans that she didn’t know how to do regular kitten stuff. After her meds are done the neighbors want her back. They have a cat plus the 2 kittens they are fostering so she should retain her re-training.
        And an elderly friend wants 2 of the kittens. I have to make sure the family understands that they come back to me if anything happens to her. I’m going to give her Johnny & Susie and already am sad and glad at the same time. She’s a good cat person and she lost her two oldster cats about a year ago.

        1. Oh, goodgoodgood fur silly Kiara!!!! My vet told me that hand-raised kittens do tend to develop some peculiarities (like Cory being fiercely attached to and possessive of me) altho as far as I know Eva’s pretty well-balanced. Having other cats around is obviously going to be important to her. I’m so glad she’s getting herself sorted out.

          Yay for more kittens having a home, and yay for the agreement for them to come back to you! Hopefully it will be a long time. I know, it’s tough giving them up, but it’s not possible to keep all of them and there are always more who need that extra hand up to reach a forever home. If you know they’re going to a place they’ll be loved, that’s as good as it gets – they’ll get more time and attention from her because she’ll have more time to give them, and it sounds like she’s going to treasure them.

          1. yep you are so correct plus I get to have the fun of kittens over and over!
            She’s very excited, she’s been very lonely.

  24. Added photos tonight. Hmmm, faces need a wash, why look worse in pictures than in real life?????

    1. It’s not that bad. :lol: Wow, insanely cyoot…

      Jackie sez congarats to the ones that have found homes, and it be awsum that Susie and Johnny are going tugevver!!!

  25. Kitten saga continues-
    so the woman that found the 5 kittens that the neighbors fostered for us (3 have homes already) called last week and wanted to know if we could take 5 more! I said sorry, but no.
    Monday she left a giant bag of cat food at the vets for us.
    Today she called MrC frantic-there were 2 little kittens, one had a tragic death, please could we take the other one? So MrC called the neighbors. So they said yes & he’s on his way to pick it up.
    (I have my suspicions about where all these kittens are coming from but what can I do-I’ve gone a little wacky…..Oh dear CC please help me find good homes for all these babies!!!!

    1. Um… if you think you know where they’re coming from, it might be worth considering calling the local shelter to suggest they investigate. Someone who’s got uncontrolled breeding going on, and is dumping kittens that are too young even to be weaned, needs to be stopped, or there are just going to be more. The same person repeatedly looking for someone to take kittens like that is, um, strange. It’s very nice she left food, but…

      I’m glad you have help, but I’m also glad that you said no, ’cause wrecking yourself isn’t going to help anyone or anything.

      Hang in there. {{{{{mary and MrC}}}}}

  26. June 5: All the kittens are over 1 lb. now except little Bonnie-she’s just over 14 oz. so she’s close. Their eyes are all clean and shiny. They all eat some food now. Funny tho, a couple will eat the dry kitten chow and not interested in the formula mixed with gushy or gushy alone. I have to take the food away when mama is done because “little” Kiara will try and eat every bit, even when her tummy is the size of a tennis ball! They play like crazy, alone, with each other and with toys (and with Foster mama-especially Johnny and Susie.) Our neighbors came over last night to see Kiara and four kittens started scaling the husband’s jeans. I told him his new name is “Kitten Whisperer”!

    1. LOL Friendly bunch!!!
      Sounds like Kiara’s peeps are gonna have to keep an eye on her intake or she’s going to be hugely overweight later in life. Easier to keep it off than get it off.

      1. Yep, they’ve put her on a schedule which she is not liking, the little bugger! She’s got bigger kittens to play with now so she can’t be the bully. haha little Kiara!

  27. Well, mama Maggie is getting restless. I let her come out today and wander around the house a bit. Both dogs& I followed her around which bothered her not at all! She didn’t stay out long, but seemed to take everything in stride. The kittens are so much fun now. Playing like crazy and bouncing around! and-yay-litterbox is now not a playpen. Bonnie’s the littlest and she’s just over 1 lb.

    1. She sounds like a very laid-back cat, ignoring her entourage. :-)

      Gotta love that kitten phase when they’re all energy and cyoots! And weights sound like they’re growing just right!

      1. She is for sure and that floofy tail, oh brother! It’s bigger than she is. Guess I’d better go spend some kitten time before I have to start being a grown up responsible person for the day.

  28. June 12: Jimmy hates me today, I accidently stepped on him-no damage-except to my nerves and his trust. I hope he forgets soon. Ugh I hate that, makes my heart stop!
    The babies were zooming this morning! LIttlest Bonnie takes breaks by resting on me as I lounge on the floor. Mama gets up on top of the climbing tower so they can’t get to her. Yesterday she wanted the babies out of the room. It took hours to figure out what she wanted. She mewed and mewed. We let her free in the house. She mewed. We put her back in the room. She mewed. We opened the door and put a gate in the door. She still mewed. Not letting them out! Sorry mama.

    1. update: in the afternoon he loved me again. thank cc for short memories!

  29. June 13-trying to appease mama Maggie, she wants babies out of the room. I propped a card table at open door with chairs for access for her. Took some photos of the cuties. They are a little fuzzy because it was really too dark even for the flash (at least for the camera I used…)
    PS Didn’t really make her happy, she wants them out!

  30. 6/13/14: Hmmmm the best picture didn’t upload, will do later.
    regarding the card table barrier “so mama can get out but not the babies”-Mr. C was sitting in the living room in the recliner when littlest kitten, Bonnie, goes strolling by…….

    1. LOL LOL LOL *imagining the sight of Bonnie just sauntering arownd* “I am a cat an all this are belong tu me.”

      How would your other kids feel about the whole crew having a little while once a day to explore and stretch a bit? Sounds like her instincts are starting to tell her it’s time to get them out of the nest. However, she’ll manage even if she has to keep them in that room. Possibly, they’re just driving her batty and she’s hoping they’ll wear themselves out better! :-)

      The pics are elebenty kinds of cyoot, even if they are a little dark. :D Got beems coming your way for finding homes for the bunch of them. Wish I had any ideas, but I don’t know local resources. :-(

      I’m glad Jimmy forgot. :-)

      Love and good thoughts still coming your way alla thyme!!!

      1. thanks Prysma!
        She’s calmed down now that she’s got the access permanently. Whew! Quiet (kinda) reigns again.
        My cats would probably sniff and run if they saw a kitten and the dogs would just follow them around so I was thinking of letting them out with supervision.

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