Something’s happened on Cheezland that you fink needs tu be marked fur future refrinse, by yu an uvvers? A particularly fun run uv comments, a song or poem yu lubbed specially much, whatever?

Mention it here. Try to put sumfing abowt what teh link is to. And keep in mind, marking ebree singlol Jack Deth ohaiku or sumfing am gonna fill this up inna bigbig hurry and end up no use coz of just too many links. :P Try to keep it tu teh truly speshial, kay?

To post a link here: (there am menny ways, this be just one)

  • Make sure you click on teh time-and-date of the comment you want (or the nawt-sekkund in a run)
  • Click in your address bar where it says “…” or “http://cheezland,org…” or something like that
  • Press CTRL-A to highlight all of it
  • Press CTRL-C to copy it
  • In the comment box here, press CTRL-V to paste it

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