Jackie’s Sirjury

I gonna use this as a singlol place to put uppitydates abowt how Jackie are duin wif her big sirjury.

If you wantin uppitydaets wifakwikness, send me a nemeow at prysmakitty@gmail.com fur being on teh list. Anyfing I hear by phone, or Jackie’s siscat who am wif her, or that Jackie sends me online, I’ll share as kwik as I can get tu teh puter. We duin that way coz there be famblee an frenz whu nawt duz Facebork, and sum whu duz Facebork in diffrent closed groops an fings, an I nawt wanna spend owrs on ebree uppitydaet! So, all wun medium fur kwikest gnus.

Or just watch rite here, an it’ll get here ventually. ;-) Key fings probly moar kwiker than uvvers.

PS, probably won’t be in lolspeak, but feel free to use when commenting!


  1. Holding Jackie in my thoughts for successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  2. happie burfdai an bestist wishis tew Jackie an famblie tew!

  3. Jackie’s at the hospital and all checked in and unpacked and stuff. (She’ll be at the hospital itself for 3-4 days, then gets transferred to the recovery centre for a few days.) She shares a room with three other peeps, who are supposed to all be having much the same surgery. She’s in pretty good spirits – I think maybe it was scary waiting for it, but now things are moving, she’s more excited than anything else. :-) Her siscat’s with her, and is hoping to find out what time tomorrow Jackie’ll be in surgery, so she can be there beforehand.

    1. Scary exciting! So nice that she has a sister who is able to be with her.

      1. {{{{{Jaclkie and family}}}}}
        *Sending beems to the north*—————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!11!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jackie speaking for herself! https://youtu.be/4EYEXS-MrHk

    I gather they gave her something to help her sleep last night.

    Sirjury is at 11:00 Cheezthyme.

    1. How long do they think it will last?

      1. Two to two and a half hours.

        Her recovery time will be short, tho. There’s an option for having it done under sedation and an epidural anaesthetic instead of a general anaesthetic. It reduces the immediate recovery time quite a lot, and they think she’s a good candidate for it. (Me, I’d be losing my mind: “What exactly are you doing down there? Why did you just say ‘oops’???”) Basically, some sedation and she gets to listen to her mp3 player while they do stuff.

        1. Oh lordy ai’m wif yu Steph-knock me AWT!!!!
          an…..kan wee noe wich horse spittle sew kan send kards awn innertoob iff horse spittle set fore taht????

          1. I know which hospital, but it’s small and private (which is, to say the least, rare in Canada) and doesn’t have a handy e-card system set up or anything. :/ Also, she’s only in the actual hospital for another couple of days before she’s transferred to the recovery centre. Anything digital you can send to me and I’ll forward, or give me a yell and I’ll give you her direct email addy.

            If anyone wants to mail actual paper cards, which she’ll get when she gets home on the 21st (which will only be the start of a rather extended recovery process), you can email me and I’ll give you the address here.

    2. Okay, slight bump in the timing. (Guess they can’t really just not finish the previous surgery to stay on schedule. LOL) She just talked to the anaesthesiologist, and he’ll be back for her in an hour.

      She’s been dozing all morning, just as well. :-)

      1. She’s off to surgery now! Estimate is about 3 hours, between prep and the surgery itself.

        Trying not to worry – she’s in good hands. But, y’know, she’s mine, and even knowing I have an awesome vet, I worry about my purrkids when they’re in surgery too. :-)

  5. all good wishes an lotsa love from da noodle household to you an jackie an siscat and dr tinycat an furrkidz.

  6. Good wishes to Jackie for a speedy recovery. I am glad that her sister can be there for her, sadly, I would guess that many folks facing the same difficult decision do not have families willing to accept and support.

    1. Depends on the family – a friend of Jackie’s has a mom who stayed with her the whole time. (Parenting, you’re doing it right!) But yeah, way too often people do lose part or all of their birth families. (This boggles my mind. If you love someone, just love them. Don’t say, “You must choose, make yourself utterly miserable to remain part of this family, or be yourself as completely as possible but we want nothing to do with you”????!?!? But I know Cheezpeeps know that. :-) )

      Jackie was adopted, separately from her sister. They reconnected a few years back. Interestingly, even though her adopted parents were psycho-religious to the point of abuse, she’s even more recently reconnected with several adopted cousins and their parents – and some of them are really happy for her and on my email updates list. (And sometimes you can share families: my dadcat and his wife, and my mom, are both on the list too cheering for her!)

      In many areas, there’s a very strong trans community that offers support and a kind of substitute family, and it’s sort of spreading thanks to the Internet: Jackie knows a couple of trans folks living in or near Montreal who are planning to visit her, that she’s never met in person. Those who’ve been through it, often at this same clinic, are being reassuring and offering their experiences and love and sharing it all over again (“Tell us the bed number so we can call! I wonder if she’ll be in my old bed!”). Those who are hoping to in their own turn are being an enthusiastic cheering squad while they absorb everything and dream about the future when they go. It’s a really remarkable chain.

      We’ve got a srsly strong support group here promising all possible help when she gets back and while she’s recovering (including support for me, if I’m starting to feel like I need it). The group includes some spouses/partners, some parents, along with lots of trans folks going bothdirections. So, weirdly enough, despite the horrible rate of losing birth families… it doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. :-)

      Oops, I’m rambling. Tired and all, so mental censor is ofline… and I still have to get dressed and go get some groceries and cat litter. (Life goes on…)

      Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone, human or feline or otherwise, here or by emeow or otherwise! Love you!!!

      1. Not rambling. It’s actually very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

        1. Yes! :D U gyez has ur heds on ryte. Doan let teh turkeez getcha daon.

  7. everie bunnie shud bee happie!

  8. This just in, frum Jackie’s siscat!!!

    Just a quick update: the nurse just came to tell me that Jackie is now in the recovery room and everything went well and she is doing fine. She won’t be back in her room for a while yet. That’s all I know for now!

    1. And she’s back in her room, and quite coherent and talkative, altho also rather distracted! :lol: Relaxant plus epidural, and she was mostly out of it through the surgery. Fast recovery, no kidding!

      Not entirely relevant, I posted this for her, since she misses her Freya-girl. ;-) https://youtu.be/J2Rg9SnPUqw

      1. oh yay fore Jackie an ohai Freya…du yu memburr me? ai impolytelie petted yu breeflie a few munfs agoe!

  9. Okay, sooo… morning updates. Gonna just grab stuff from the last email I sent out. BTW, thanks to some problems with Gmail deciding to randomly drop people off my mailing list, I set up an archive site so you can see all the emails if you want: http://prysmcat.com/jackie/ (It’s not going to be there permanently.)

    9:18am (email update)
    She’s awake, and sounds pretty positive, all things considered! Today’s also her birthday, so how’s that for a birthday present?

    The bad news is, the pain’s still pretty bad. As of writing this, it hasn’t been time for pain meds yet. She had a pretty rough night, slept poorly. She says, “Snuggled bow the bear all night, helped through owie tears”

    They did give her breakfast, though, toast and juice and fruit, which she’s trying to remember to eat slowly. She’s still hungry, but after all the throwing-up yesterday, light makes sense.

    They wanted her to at least stand up from the bed last night, which she did. She says, “Stand, walk 3 steps and turn pale/ green Lol”

    The other surgeon, Dr Belanger, came in and said everything went perfectly.

    Emotionally is, she says, hard to really pin down. The pain’s high enough to be triggering “WTF did I do?!?!” sorts of thoughts, but that isn’t the same thing as being sorry.

    She has to get up very soon so they can change her bed, and she’s supposed to walk around. So keep your fingers crossed for her!

    11:00 (not from email)
    Well, she had to get up and walk – the nurse asked her to do 2 laps, she did three. (And if they’d asked for 3, she’d have done 4… *sigh*)

    Still pretty sore, but more alert now. And she didn’t throw up breakfast!

    Her roommate is young (20s), very pretty, sounds rather privileged, and is being a bit of a prima donna. I was feeling really sorry for her last night, she’s there alone and she had a tough time with the pain and the reaction to the anaesthetic, but this morning she’s being generally rather thoughtless to Jackie and the nurses and all. I’m trying to mentally cut her a lot of slack, but seriously, don’t be rude to the nurses or your roommate. You’re gonna need them on your side…

    They still need to come in and change the packing, and when they did that last night the pain spiked really badly… let’s hope it’s not as bad this time. She’s sitting on a donut, a ring cushion, but it’s still really uncomfortable (apparently in a couple of days when they remove the stent holding things open, that’ll get much better, but she’ll still be using the cushion).

    1. That’s how she’s doing. Me?

      Looks like yesterday’s clumsiness is continuing. Still dropping things, still walking into things, have a few new bruises and scrapes… nothing lethal, but I’m starting to wonder whether doing heavy-duty cleaning would be dangerous, for me or the cats or the stuff I’m cleaning! Guess my mind is elsewhere right now, even when I’m doing something else I keep coming back to the computer to check for news.

      Can’t forget the other full-time job: one hyper-active hyper-cuddly house-tigress who misses her human, one house-panther who isn’t feeling well, and one tuxie-boy who’s bonkers at the best of times (“Play with me! Here’s my string, I brought it to you! Play with me NNAAOOWW! Um, Mom, why are you swishing that string around in front of me?”)

      Got neurofeedback at 1:15, that might help stabilize things a bit, but I really dunno how much use I am right now. At this point, I may readjust expectations to, “Get Jackie’s room and the kitchen spotless by the time she gets back, then work on the rest while she’s here, even if I have to chain her to the bed to keep her from halping kitty-style.”

      1. oh my, so much going on at one time. extra kind to yourself an be careful. a few deep breathes every now and then and remember to stop and pet the kitties. much love from noodle and the gang.

      2. Dang it, hon — I sooooooo wish I lived closer :s

        Of course, if I did, You’d have to put up with all my ‘studies show that you should ……………’

        1. If it were’nt fur alla furkids, you an I an Jackie could just get a house tugether somewhere an make life easier all around… :P I soooo wanted to when you were havin the where-to-live crisis.

  10. {{{{{{{{{prysma an jackie}}}}}}}}} fanks for teh info an whut noodle said.

    1. Gib teh gnu babybunny and teh bigsisbunny hugs fur me! And look after yourself!!!

      1. {{{{{{{{{{{prysma}}}}}}}}}} fanks, I will do all of dat! Mr hcr am home on paternity leave, so I’z bein luked after :)

        1. hcr!!!! noo babie!!!!yay!!!! boi bunnie oar gurl bunnie???

          1. gurl bunneh :). I’ll put an announcement on a normal post, don’t want to ohaijak jackie’s wun. {{{{{{{{maryqos}}}}}}

  11. PK: Sounds like Jackie has a lot of good support – family and friend-wise. That’s a very good thing. You? Take it slowly, that the key. I know you’re overwhelmed, but remember breathe in 1,2,3; breathe out 1,2,3 – lather rinse repeat. Things will be okay. {{{{{PK & Jackie household}}}}}

  12. Thanks for all the love and support… I AM reading them, even if I’m really bad about answering anything right now. :?

    Freya actually let me sleep until the alarm, instead of demanding petting half an hour before! First thing I learned when I woke up:

    Jackie’s being moved from the hospital proper to the recovery centre next door, which will be home until she’s discharged on the 21st. Presumably this means they’re pleased with how she’s recovering. :-) That was all she had time for, but I know they removed her IV because she’s been eating well and keeping it down (she’s having much milder effects than anyone who had the general anaesthetic). She’s been up walking several more times, too.

    Must be all the beems flooding in her direction, hm? :-D

    1. Thanks for da updates. You are both in my thoughts throughout the day. Take good care of yourself prysma. Breathe deeply and pet the kitties. Lotsa luv.

    2. Sownds liek ebryfing is falling into plaes bury gudgudgud! Kon tin yoong beeeeemz fur ebrybuddys strenf, emo shuns adn heeling. {{{{Jackie, PK adn kittehs}}}}}

  13. YaY Jackie fore beeing heeling!
    YaY fore Prysma fore uppydaeting us!
    Pett awl teh kittehs an speshil hugs fore mai fren Trick!

  14. Souns lyke gudgudgud gnus wiffy da walkies anna da mobin eentu da recobery plaise! Korntinuin beems ob helf, e z est recobery anna kormfort furrr awor deer sore! Jackie! ===>>>{{{{Jackie}}}}<<<===

  15. Nothing dramatic happening to report. :-) She has her own room in the recovery centre, instead of having to share, although she does share the bathroom with someone else (there’s a sink and mirror in her room tho). Looks quite nice from the pics, which I’m going to yoink and put on Google Drive so peeps can see where she’s living til they toss her out on Wednesday.

    She’s been talking to the others who are currently staying there, which includes folks going in both directions. Interestingly, the younger ones generally seem to be having the tougher time wtih things like pain and hearing the nitty-gritty details of what others had done and, sometimes, the heavy emotions involved too – they get to sort things out fast and get on with their lives, but there might be some advantages to being a bit older with more life experience behind you before going through a rite of passage this intense. A friend of hers who lives in the area came to visit yesterday for a whlie, too. With all this social stuff, I didn’t end up talking to her much!

    Anyway, her pain’s not really much higher than her normal background pain level anyway. She’s not bleeding anymore, but she is pretty swollen, so lots of ice packs! Occasional little bumps: her toothbrush and toothpaste got left behind during the transfer yesterday, and couldn’t be located, which she didn’t realize til bedtime last night. But in general, all’s well.

    I sent her more kitty videos, playtime for yesterday evening, if anyone’s interested. Playlist link for all five: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7As98_pGhNJZYeuDDsbgoT4wzPwp3hGp Gotta try to keep her from getting homesick! Think I need to do a few selfies or a video of me too, so she doesn’t forget what I look like. LOL

    Purrkids miss her, I miss her. As soon as the landlord stops messing with the water and turns it back on, I HAVE to tackle laundry and kitchen cleaning. (Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio version’s actually great for doing tons of dishes… and I grabbed Good Omens when they did it as a radio show, you can find anything on YouTube. ;-) No need to look at a screen!)

    1. good to hear that all is going as anticipated. but another reminder. slow down and breathe deeply. there, that’s better. much love from noodle and the gang.

  16. Just gonna post the email I sent out, okay? And thank you muchly and then even more, for all the beems and love and stuff! *schmoo*

    Saturday being a rather insane day here on the home front (it started with construction next door hitting a water main, no water for 8 hours, and went from there…), updates didn’t get done. So I’ll have to catch up. My apologies on that, and fingers crossed I’ve got all this correct.

    Friday evening, and sorry if TMI, her first BM since Monday hit – and did so extremely painfully. No similar problems since, though. A bit scary, given the risk of popping stitches if straining…

    Friday night was a bad night, she got herself and her dressings all somehow twisted around uncomfortably, and took her vpap mask off in her sleep. She woke up feeling bad from that and pain, and laid back down after breakfast Sat morning.

    Saturday morning, the padding came off. Nurse says all looks good, except that bit of swelling still. She got to have her first real proper thorough shower. She also got to have a proper look at herself and, well, confirm for herself what’s there. Or not there. Lots of tears, the happy kind. There’s the occasional moment of, “Was I insane to do this?” There’s a video here she did afterwards: https://youtu.be/mixHQSF5U6w (Princess Julie, referenced a couple of times, is a Canadian trans woman with a regular video blog) – you really need to watch this.

    Mostly happy tears, anyway. Learning of a young trans woman who suicided after leaving a letter online was, to say the least, upsetting. She’s currently feeling intensely grateful for her supportive friends and family. This at a time when her own emotions were rather heightened was rather tough.

    The cook is being absolutely wonderful. Others had eggs for breakfast, but the cook made sure Jackie had options… set up in the dining room, so she didn’t have to be near the eggs at all. When the cook did buttered chicken Saturday night (Jackie’s lactose intolerant) she came to discuss what to make as a safe option. Believe me, if you have food allergies and spend your life paranoid about anything you didn’t prepare yourself from scratch, wondering whether it’s about to bite you or whether the person preparing it actually knows what things can hurt you badly and was careful enough, this is an incredible thing!

    Anyway, it turns out she had a substantial amount of clotted blood – it’s superficial, fortunately, and is coming away thanks to sitz baths and showers. There was some concern about that as another delay on the catheter removal, but it appears to be resolving itself. There’s pretty extensive bruising, but nothing worrying, apparently everyone is different. I’m not going to include the pics she sent me, but all I can say is, wow! Still healing, but that looks less medical and more magical!

    So, she’s now having sitz baths a couple of times a day as well, which she says feels good. No epsom salts or anything, just a little bit of ivory soap, keeping everything clean. Air dry for 15 minutes, then polysporin, which she’s doing herself. Pain goes up a bit every time she messes with the area in any way, but settles down again once she has a chance to relax.

    She had a tough time falling asleep Saturday night, between pain and emotional stuff and head refusing to slow down, and ended up calling me. I’m not sure how being on the phone with me while I was also playing with the Cory-Bear, who was enthusiastically killing a lot of tissue paper in the hunt for little plastic doodads, ended up helping, but she did finally start feeling sleepy… then got a message from a friend who’s supposed to be arriving in Montreal today for her turn, and who was really apprehensive, so being Jackie, she delayed bed to answer her. A bit of a catheter accident didn’t help matters.

    Another bad night sleep-wise, she was terrified because, well, the stent holding everything open came out this morning. She’d ben told it was excruciatingly painful and that some people throw up. She says it was pretty bad, but she didn’t throw up or anything. Now she gets to start dilating every couple of hours, to keep everything open properly. Showers, sitz baths, douches, and trivial stuff like sleeping and eating, means life is going to be a tad full for a while. (It will slow down.)

    As of now, she’s just out of the shower, did makeup for the first time in a week, and is waiting for lunch.

    Her sister planned to come back to stay with her more, but got sick, and isn’t inclined to spread a fever around the recovery centre. So, that got disrupted. Not sure what’s happening as far as her ride home on Wednesday, but we’ll figure something out! (With any luck, for many reasons, we can hope Carrie won’t be sick that long!)

    I have a lot of pics to share of her room and a couple of her just now. Instead of individual links, I’m just going to share the folder and hope this works. If you look at the room pics in order, it should give a kind of panorama view – they’re from multiple sets so lighting varies. Plus a couple extra pics: the outside of the building, with Jackie’s room marked (the door inside her room looks onto the small closed-off porch visible from outside), “Dilation Central” set up on a table, and two of her just now. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B659Ha5JCZsyZTVJV2RNbnJfVkk (if it doesn’t work, tell me!)

    Oops, this is long. The consequences of a writer doing updates! Will try not to leave it so long again!


    1. Thanks Steph. I was wondering how the healing was going. Continuing to hold you all in my thoughts.

    2. meep

      all best wishes for continuing recovery from teh surgery

      {{{{jackie, prysma and kittehs}}}}

    3. Thanks for update, sweet smiles she has!

    4. \o/ \o/ \o/ !!!!!!

      Yay foar awl teh gudgudgud heelings goen awn!!
      Eggstra X-tra yays foar teh wunnerful cook, foar taekin sutch gud caer ov owr Ms. J.E !!!

      Ai ar lubbing hao happee Jackie luks, tuu!
      Schmoos tu yu boaf!

  17. A Very sore Jackie.Elle

    Yahoo, i have my own CL page … all i needed was major surjuries lol

    *hugs to you all and thanks much for beamz and all … my trip is almost up, and i will be in nurse PK’s hands soons ….

    1. {{{{{{{{jackie}}}}}}}}}

    2. Wut honeycakerabbit sed: {{{{{{{Jackie}}}}}}} :smile:

    3. hugs and lubs to you J.E., an also to Prysma an the furkids!
      u b hoem soon…!


  18. Yay, Jackie’s home today!!!!

    And I have elebenty million things still to do!!!! :shock:

    But she’s home today, maybe two hours, maybe four, but not much longer!!!

    Yeep, not much longer and lots to do, why am I here talking? *zooms off*

    1. ebry dai haz happi things awlsew, glad taht J.E. coming hoem tewdai an Freya gonna bee happie.
      Butt….will Trick sai “whoos taht???”” :)

      1. Trick wunners whu I be sumthymes inna moarnin, let aloan aftur bein away ober a week. :roll:

        We did a fing for teh kids, inspired by a bbc animlol intelligence show I watched on teh toob of you. Fur a few days befoar leevin, everyfing that smelled strongly of Jackie (stuff she sleeped in, or did a lawt uv aktivity in), we seeled in a zippy storage bag. I been pullin items owt uv teh bags wunce a day, ruffly. Freya sleeps on them lots, an Trick sumthymes an Bear a cupple times. Finkso it be keepin the smells stronger an fresher. Teh bbc show did a speriment that strongly suggested that goggies tell “dad supposed to be home time” based on smells fading down to a particular level, not by sunlight angle or ennyfing we might use: when wife stopped on way home to get her hubcat’s softball shirt or sumfin, an gave it to goggie, goggie who normally knew teh minute dad were supposed to be home… did nawt, an were all disoriented when he got home at usual time. Not sure kitties tell time teh same way exactly, but Freya be used to Jackie going away fur ONE night fur medical stuffs and comin back, tho usually starts yelling teh second day… this time, no yelling. Hmmmm….

        1. wow, taht is inneresting! noo things tew learn abowt teh furrie childrin awl teh thyme.

          1. Will see if I can find teh links agen, later. :-) It were a fassinating 3-part series.

            1. This nawt exactly be the official site, but then, how much on teh tube of you am legitimate anyway? *shrug* This are teh nawt-sekkund part. Can get teh rest from there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKopyN_Tf_4

        2. The former work friends I sometimes “watch” their fur beebehs when they’re on vacation leave a few unwashed items on the bed, couch, chair and all of the kittehs sleep on them at various times. When dey start packin suitcases, dey haz tu hide dem in a spare room so kittehs nawt get upsetted until da nite before dey leave. So it’z true dat leavin clothes out duz halp da kittehs know dey haz nawt been “abandoned”.

          1. It does, but also, it was a progressive age-of-smells thing, aifinkso. Stuff sealed up lost less smell, so kept refreshing teh age of it, like resetting a clock, y’know?

    2. Happitailol gnus end eed! Taik eet eezee yu twu, dun’t ober due nuffin – eggspeshully pleh haosewurks! Pleez tu taik gudgudgud kare ob yursefffs. *schmoooches*

  19. Jackie’s home! And exhausted. And taking a nap. And has wanted about elebenty-seven hugs. Trick supervised her sitz bath closely. :-) I did not know Freya could purr as loudly as she did when she realized she has her Jackie back! Cory’s much less tense-feeling when I scoop him up to snuggle him on my lap. So, while I’m still thumping away at the laundry, and the living room is a disaster… life’s starting to normalize a bit.

    Well, normalize plus Jackie’s rather intensive post-surgical care regimen, of course. But still…

    1. How wonderful Jackie is home! I hope everything goes well for you guys. Give Jackie hugs and kisses from me and hugs and kisses to you also. Xoxoxo

    2. Welcome home Jackie!!! All the fur beebehs are in rapture and I’m sure you’re going to have a few days of feeling like a mummy when trying to sleep with kittehs all around. PK did a great job of keeping us all informed on your progress and has really worked hard to keep the “home fires burning”.

      1. Innerestingly enough, the kids seem to be giving her space – checking on her regularly, but nawt crowding her. Nawt like their, “OMCC, stranger, hide!” reaction, but more like when one of us is sick, taking turns makin sure one or anuvver is in range most of the time.

        1. Welcome home, Jackie, and wishes for an easy(ish) recovery :)

    3. welcome home, jackie :)

    4. Welcumin hoem, Jackie.Elle, mai Sistur Ov The Hart!! Ai wishis yu teh speedeeniss ov heelings and mutchniss ov lubs!

    1. Okae, Ai’ll sea yor Beatlols, an rays yu a Billy Joel!


        1. itz a konsert!!!!

            1. Ooooooo!! Lubs dis wun, an nebbur herd it bifoar!!

  20. Otay, so Jackie home, and all good wishes be passt on, and she says thank you with a muchly!!!

    Nao, her kinda sore to begin with, and they recommend having help with housework and meals for the first week or so. Since she still has a catheter in because of swelling (not uncommon), this means even more work, but I’ll spare you the details. Aifinkso being purrsonal support worker, cook, doer of laundry and fetcher-and-carrier of stuff, emotional support, and generally just about everything else is going to take up approximately 120% of my time at least until Monday or Tuesday. So, uh, there may be mistakes here, but I’ll do my best to make sure there are at least classiclols set up for the next few days.

    On teh pawsitive side, it took Freya about 24 hours to relax completely around Jackie again, but as of that 24 hours, she has hardly left her bed except when necessary. She is one blissfully happy little tabbygirl, having her favrit human back! Cory was snuggling with her when I got home yesterday from picking up a few things, and Trick keeps intensely supervising every single procedure, in the bathroom or on the bed. It helps, that she can at least do some of the kitty cuddling and I don’t have to feel like they’re getting neglected.

    Okay, gotta get on with the day. Love you guys!!!!

    PS, Jackie wants to do a FB video later from her own perspective on stuff, will post the link.

    1. Prysma, yu jus cawsintraet awn ur Beri ‘Poartint Stuffs, an nawt tu hassa wurree abowt Cheezland!! Wii awl noes wut teh pryorritees bee, an want tu halping in teh ownlee wae wii can — bai tellin yu dat Cheezland will still bee heer wenebbur yu has breeving ruum, an wii awl hassing teh payshins ov kittehs atta maus-hoel. Sew, yu du wuts poartint — an dat incloods lookin aftur YOU — an nawt tu wurreeing abowt amyoosin uss heer!!!

      Sew der. (Hassa imbarrist abowt mai veehim…veermans…vee-him-int……. sturn-niss.)

      1. lissen tew teh nyse witch! hur speeks fore mq awlsew!

  21. Fanks muchly – teh videos made Jackie and I both LOL. :-D And I be trying hard to take the advice! (But also trying to find odd moments to set up posts. :P ) You be teh bestest family in all the whirled!

    Otay… soooo… teh after-care regimen for this kinda surgery is pretty much a full-time job for the first month even under ideal conditions. Will spare you details, emeow me if you want to know how it works. Suffice it to say, with Jackie’s chronic back issues and because the swelling means having the catheter in until Monday, life currently involves a lot of messiness and laundry and my having a strong stomach… but then, life with cats tends to teach that. :P

    I’m crazy-busy: sanitizing the bathtub for sitz baths twice a day, keeping wound-care and dilation gear clean, helping her stay clean in person, cooking and serving meals, doing laundry (at least the laundry room is right next door!), making sure the bed is always clean (including a couple of middle-of-the-night changes), shopping for medical supplies and food, keeping her company, being emotional support, helping her sit up or lie down… Combine this with kitty cuddling, playing, litter-cleaning, feeding, and meds, and the day is currently a tad bit full!

    Looong video from Jackie, talking about her experience and feelings and all: https://youtu.be/ZFX_S-Jod3I

    She’s pretty sore, and at moments it’s scary, including being afraid that I’m going to decide that I can’t handle this and will leave… but no regrets, and we can both see things getting much better in time. Some incisions are healing quite visibly even since she got home; some of the rest will take longer, but everything’s normal and on track.

    Purrkids are really really happy she’s home, even if a bit confused by some of the routine changes. I’m glad, too. Weirdly, this is exhausting but actually easier to take than being here alone unable to reach her. But OMCC, the non-immediate housework…! :shock:

    1. Thing the nawt-sekkind: Jackie is much-blessed to have you, Steph, and we are much-blessed to have you both!

      Thing the next: What practical/physical support do you both have currently on-site? It sounds like, truly, you need at least one other person helping out on a daily basis. The only thing keeping me away is lack of funds — if we can find sponsors for my transportation costs, I’m on your doorstep and couch in a heartbeat, and can be there for the next couple of weeks, at least.

      Thing the next-after-that: Don’t worry about Cheezland. If it goes into hiatus, so be it. As some Victorian quote put it, the ones who mind don’t matter, and the ones who matter won’t mind.

      I’m off to look up bus/train costs from here to Kingston.

      1. Mai nawt-sekkund thawt wuz haow lukky Jackie am to have yoo, tew.

        Nekkst, Ai can sirtinnly sendify sum munneez forra bus ride. Let me noe sune. I’m going away mice elf tihs week.

      2. If anyone, you, but… there be a couple of problems with this scenario.

        Nawt-sekkkund, we actually does not have a couch. I would give you my bed and sleep with Jackie, except for…

        Sekkund, Cory-Bear and Freya do very badly with humans they don’t know. (Ask mqos and TJP how often they saw them on their trip to Kingston!) Cory is already having health issues which are exacerbated by stress. Having someone else here would stress him badly and, well… y’know… this one is pretty much impossible to find a workaround for.

        We do have local friends I can yell to for help, if there’s something they can actually do. Most of it, they can’t – a lot of this is messy and I wouldn’t strain a friendship that way! I may, however, start asking a couple whether they could help with suppers, at least. I’m starting to get a grip on it more, and things should simplify a bit after tomorrow (catheter out). And simplify further around the 13th, when we can drop a step in the whole post-surgical routine. Cory has a vet visit on Tuesday morning, and a friend is giving me a ride, no messing with taxis. There’s a married couple who’ve been through this, one’s a minister in fact, and they’ve helped others; I think later this week I’ll ask them to stay with Jackie for a couple of hours so I can run off and just relax – maybe go to the Farmer’s Market downtown or something.

        I promise, I’m looking after me as well as Jackie and the purrkids, and I really can sustain this for a while. Not forever, but it won’t need to be forever. :-)

        The only thing that really makes me apprehensive is that the landlord typically does a property inspection in November or December, and that would be very bad before I can get some stuff caught up. But I can work on it.

        Thank you very very very very very very very very much for the thought, truly, and that goes for those who were preparing to contribute to transportation costs. As much as I would love to have help and to give you a hug in person (finally!), I can’t do that to Cory and Freya. :/

        1. Can you talk to your landlord ahead of time and sort of explain what’s going on?

          1. In a word, no. They’re the largest property rental organization in the city, easily. And they are typically not all that sympathetic about anything. The current building super is wonderful, but the manager above him is, er, let’s not use any of the several adjectives I can think of for him. They do this every year in all buildings, supposedly looking for maintenance issues (we report those as needed!) – it always makes me feel like my mom’s inspecting whether I’ve cleaned my room. It’ll be messy, they’ll just have to deal with it – as long as the kitchen and bathroom are clean and there’s no obvious garbage around or anything, I don’t think they can do much except nasty comments.

            1. Okay, well, as long as it’s (supposedly) for maintenance, you’ll be okay. *hugs*

            2. Sounds lyk a klassic heirarchee…person you first meet wants to help yu but cannawt; hiz supervisor could help but won’t; _Her_ boss wants to halp but cannawt; adn so on, as far up azzit goes… ;) (Aifinkso itz wun of teh Peter Principles, but it mite be from Parkinson…)

        2. Okay, I’ll behave myself and stay here. (*~ wonders how hard it would be to mail lasagna ~*)

          1. Srsly, if anyone, it would be you, and given how territorial I can be, that’s saying more than it looks like. {{{{{{{{{{nicewitch}}}}}}}}}}

            1. Ai unnerstand, sweetee — ai, two, gots kittehs wut finking ebbree straynjur inna hows gunna eet dem O.O (septing iph straynjur approachis teh windoes — den ai suddinglee gots Attak Kats Ov Teh Hyooj Feersnis [insurt frettining growlols heer]!!! Ai still can wishing dat I cud afoard tu cumin an stae neerbai — sew yu cud passing teh lawndrees owt tu mii, an ai cud send inn Stelf Meels :D

              1. yu AR a berry nysewitch!

  22. Okay, so, the good news about Jackie is, the catheter is out! And Jackie is now much more comfortable. Otherwise, mostly just trying to continue with the usual care routine as consistently as possible and make sure she eats well. That last bit, lemme tell ya, is hard on the budget: a lot of our diet is typically based on three questions: “Is it free from eggs and dairy?” and “Is it cheap?” and “Do I realistically have the energy to prepare it?” Healthy food is WAAAY more expensive, particularly when you’re a so-so cook like me. But, oh well. She’s in some pain, which is sort of life as usual since even her base pain level is fairly high by most standards and trying to really get pain down properly under those conditions is a nightmare, but she’s up and walking around some and generally doing well. I can actually SEE places where the incisions are healing over nicely, there’s just a few places that are under more strain from swelling or harder to keep dry that are closing more slowly.

    In sorta-related news, since of course the whole household is connected, I just got back from the vet with Cory-Bear.

    His tongue is still ulcerated, and there’s an odd pigment change at the bottom of his nose, just below each opening. He’s never had a calicivirus flareup last nearly this long (Jackie and I just estimated it at about 8 weeks!). Metacam’s helping to control pain, and he’s eating lots of Fancy Feast so he’s not forced to eat kibble, which obviously causes some discomfort.

    Unfortunately, the only kinds of wet food he’ll eat are Fancy Feast gravy ones – which include wheat gluten – which makes him itch worse.

    And stress exacerbates both the fur-pulling, which he’s been doing with great enthusiasm and that doesn’t help his poor tongue, and the calici – and there’s been some stress around here since my gall-bladder incident at the end of August and pretty much ever since, and he’s very attuned to my emotions. I have medicated shampoo for him that might help, but the process will probably increase his stress levels.

    At this point, the vet says that trying any other treatment would be just shooting blind, and the only way to figure out what is going on is a biopsy, which will need to include tongue and inside his nose. :-( And to do this, obviously, he’s going to have to be asleep.

    And, of course, the biopsy sites are going to be sore while they heal, and recovering from general anaesthesia never feels good – which will increase his stress. And this is going to cost about $600, at a time when we’re getting hit with extra costs pretty hard.

    There’s no urgency to it. He’s eating, he’s cuddly, he’s playful (!), we’re not talking about intense distress. But none of this can be comfortable for him. Neither is the diagnosis process. So, just, well… crap.

    1. Crap! ai’m sorrie tew hear bowt Cory Bear.
      Glad Jackie’s headed in teh rite direkshin,
      Keep calm mai frend, taek deap brefs!
      {{{{{{Prysma an fambly}}}}}}

    2. Toadlee wut mqos sed!

      Re both you and Jackie: do either of you meditate, in any form? (ie transcendental meditation, yoga breathing, relaxation response, etc.) I do a half-arsed version of TM, and I find that helps both me and the kittehs. If you’re not familiar with either practice or benefits, I can teach you the half-arsed version, but there’s lots of info online :)

      Re Cory and his itch and fur-pulling: might an over-the-counter oral antihistamine (eg. Benadryl or the generic equivalent) help? Or the spray-on liquid equivalent*, dabbed on instead of sprayed (kittehs + spray bottles = Nawt Want!!!)? I’ve found that either one helped Percy, Delia and Brynna with their non-specific itchiness.
      *contains both an antihistamine and a topical anesthetic

      1. Awlsewtooazwell, extra nip seshuns halp wiff rilaksifying, foar boaf kittehs (straet nip) an hyoomins (nip tee — inn teh mint famblee, an bees slaitlee kalmifying).

        1. Jackie does a variety of meditation techniques, gathered from various sources, and it helps control her pain. Me, I’m very bad at it, my mind will NAWT slow down at all ever – but sometimes I colour in cheap colouring books, which apparently according to modern science does much the same thing. O.o My usual way of dealing with stress is writing. At the moment, since there are periods when Jackie’s not going anywhere, I sit in her room and read some of my not-really-publishable-but-lotsa-fun stuff to her, which is relaxing for both and also the purrkids seem to like it.

          Cory’s been on Reactine, an antihistamine, for a while now on and off. I think it’s stopped working. Talked to the vet today, she actually suggested switching to Benadryl and told me how much for his weight. A topical version would be absolutely wonderful, something I can put on those patches of increasingly thin fur and bare skin, I’ll look for that in a bit when I go out to the pet store and drop by the pharmacy nearby. I’ve asked the vet Idunno how many times for something that would do that!

          Nip helps Freya, and sometimes Trick, but Cory only reacts to it intermittently, and usually not much when he isn’t feeling well, unfortunately. I do keep meaning to try it as tea…

          re: the Good Food Box, locally the management of it is kinda inconsistent. The site nearest to us, the person running it is extremely rude and the window is incredibly small for both paying and picking up (on the order of a couple of hours) and no leeway for asking a friend to pick it up instead. We’re looking for other options for locations, but I don’t know what to do with half the stuff that tends to come in it anyway. (Like I said, only so-so cook…)

          Anyway, gotta run. Need Fansee Feests, and Benadryl, and then to make supper, and then more stuff Jackie does. Fingers crossed I can get some Cheezland posts up, but right now I cannawt remember if I got all of today’s done, even! (I know, I know, donut worry about Cheezland… but I do anyway. :P )

          {{{{{nicewitch}}}}} {{{{{alla Cheezfrenz}}}}}

          1. PS, I herd from Cat_S – Dandy am doin good, nawt purrfect but good, and NAWT gonna be crossing the Bridge anytime soon! *does a lil happydans*

            1. *~ joyns Prysma inna happee dansdansdans foar Dandy!! ~*

          2. The Benadryl spray is often held behind the counter, so very good to ask the pharmacist. Not hugely expensive (here, anyway) — about $8 for 59ml. Don’t know if there is a generic version.

          3. If you e-mail me about your and Jackie’s food restrictions and preferences, I’ll put together some easy, inexpensive, wholesome, double-able/triple-able-for-the-freezer recipes for you. This ‘just happens’ (insert eye-roll here, lol) to be one of my passions, and a forte brought on by circumstances.

          4. just sendng hugs an beams!

            {{{{{{{{{{ j.e. prysma furkids }}}}}}}}}}


    3. Also, regarding healthy food, please check out http://www.goodfoodbox.net/ — this is a program that, once a month, gives you a supply of fresh vegetables and fruit, usually at a lower cost than you’d normally pay for the items. The only drawbacks I see at the moment are having to pick it up (bags + transportation), it’s only once per month (although you can order more than one unit), and that there’s no choice as to what you get, although it’s all definitely usable . The major plus is the (often, but not always) discounted cost of the items. For the first 3 months, you may even be eligible for a subsidized reduction in the price — check with your local Community Care/Social Services, to see if that’s an option.

    4. Beams adn much loves to you adn Jackie adn yor whole haushold.
      {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Prysma, Jackie adn furkids}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  23. Nawt that anywun on Cheezland has sed ennyfing, but just so peeps can see… this are same fing I sended out as emeow and putted on teh book of faces.

    This is for all the friends and family wondering why there’ve been no email updates, why we’ve been begging off invitations to come over, why we’ve been refusing to have company here, and, well, anyone else wondering about the disruption and irregular contact.

    There’s nothing to worry about, nothing is wrong… but we are several steps beyond busy. Even before her surgery, Jackie was on disability for unrelated issues – back problems with mobility limitations and very high chronic pain, mainly, which are not particularly helping. Her recovery is going really well, especially with the dratted catheter out. However, every individual is different, and there’s the odd thing, like keeping the whole site dry, that turns out to take a bit of extra effort. We also have a sick cat here that we’re both extremely worried about: Cory-Bear is in some discomfort still despite meds, diagnosis will involve increased pain and the treatment for the most likely cause will involve even more pain, which is forcing us into a corner that no one who loves their furkids ever wants to be in. And we have two healthy cats who need love and playtime if they’re going to stay healthy. Add to that a landlord who is doing the fourth “sorry for the inconvenience” major weeks-long building work in five years, yet again involving dust and noise that stress the cats and exacerbate Cory’s allergies, starting today, and their annual on-site “maintenance” inspection on the 18th in which they invariably find something to complain about, which means I need to make sure things look decent for that. (Although it’s going to be amusing if they show up outside the windows in the daily schedule…!)

    All that said… she’s healing very well. The swelling is less extreme, there’s much less blood, especially while dilating, and the pain has decreased quite a lot. She’s still re-learning how to pee, though, and there’s a (not-so-)occasional accident. :-)

    Here’s what my day looks like right now:

    8:00, alarm goes off. Assuming I can roll out of bed without hitting the snooze button a couple of times, stumble out of bed and head for the kitchen, waking Jackie on the way. Three cats need their breakfast; one of them needs meds, which is a bit of a mix that takes me a minute to prepare. Then breakfast for Jackie, who has gone back to being too sore to get out of bed when she first wakes up. Then breakfast for me. There’s a short window here for me to check on Cheezland (the fairly active site I’m admin of) to make sure all’s well, take a look at a couple of web comics I follow, find some clothes which is mostly old scrub pants and t-shirts, and try to achieve some level of consciousness.

    9:30, first dilation. I’ll spare you all the details, but between preparing for it, doing it, cleaning up materials and Jackie’s person after it, a sitz bath, and air-drying time, this takes until somewhere between 10:45 and 11:00. Through most of this, I read to her – I have tons of my own writing that doesn’t fit into a nice neat novel format but she enjoys hearing it, which keeps her relaxed. Also, the cats especially like to be around when we’re together and I’m reading, maybe it’s my voice, maybe something about the energy, so it makes them happy too, and helps Cory relax. So we end up with all five of us in the same room, the kids asleep (or Trick closely supervising what Jackie’s doing, which is hilarious, and Jackie says disturbing).

    11:00. Throw in a load of laundry. Do dishes from breakfast. If there’s any shopping to do, and there usually is, for groceries or medical supplies or cat food or something, go do it now.

    12:00, lunch. Although way too often, it’s past noon when I start this, depending on how long I was out. Regardless, we need to be done eating on time, because being late with one dilation shoves the whole schedule off, and then we end up finishing so late we’re worn out the next day.

    1:00, second dilation. A lot like the first one, although generally with a shower instead of a sitz bath. This, when there’s a shower involved and even more so if she’s sore and needs a hand, takes at least until 2:30.

    2:30 (or 3:00, or something like that). Anything outside the apartment I didn’t get done earlier, washing lunch dishes and trying to do a few extra to catch up on the backlog, if my time and energy allow then start another load of laundry to work at the backlog, figure out what to do for supper…

    4:00, third dilation. A lot like the others, but she doesn’t need a bath or shower this time. Help her clean up, and done by about 5:00. Somewhere in here, I need to run off briefly and get Cory’s meds and give them to him along with more wet food.

    5:00, start supper. I am not a great cook, only a so-so one. Most of our diet has consisted of anything meeting three criteria: 1) is it absolutely free of eggs (Jackie’s allergy) and any form of dairy (my allergy); 2) is it something I can realistically prepare, given my usual low energy levels thanks to chronic depression/anxiety, rather than something I’ll intend to make but will sit on the shelf forever; 3) is it reasonably inexpensive. Trying to readjust our diet to make sure Jackie gets the healthiest (and most high-fibre) diet I possibly can is turning out to be both tricky and expensive. Luckily, Jackie is forgiving. Along with making supper, finish up anything from the 2:30 spot, and try to find time to do a bit of work on Cheezland. My friends there are understanding but I don’t want them to have any more disruption than absolutely unavoidable. Whenever I get supper done, we eat. I’m aiming for about 6:30, but usually miss.

    7:30, fourth dilation. See first dilation, this is its twin. Done around 8:45 or 9:00. Cats get treats (and Cory gets meds) around now, then we tend to just sort of linger – play with Freya, I finish up whatever bit of story we’re on, cats get some cuddling, and after a bit, Jackie takes her meds. Before we can sleep, I’ve got litter boxes and kitty fountains and kibble to check, making sure Jackie’s bed isn’t a mess (and I don’t mean disordered, I mean yucky), doing supper dishes, generally checking that all’s well, and getting any Cheezland posts done that I didn’t manage to do earlier. Oh, and Cory has one more pill to take just before bed.

    midnight-ish, collapse into bed, try to read for a few minutes to unwind, and usually fall asleep before I get a page into it.

    Overnight, listen for Jackie yelling for help (has happened several nights, various incidents) or getting up to pee and forgetting to put her V-PAP mask back on, and for Cory, which combined means multiple interruptions through the night.

    8:00, alarm goes off again…

    Jackie dozes off frequently during windows between dilations, which is a normal response for her to pain. There’s less now than there was, but that’s actually allowing her to feel the pain in her back more again. (It was bad enough she started throwing up on Sunday, in fact. That’s not surgery pain, that’s back pain shooting all along her spine. It happens. And despite that, I had to push her to do at least three dilations during the day, because stopping is a very bad thing.) I’m bullying her into getting up and walking around the building at least once a day, and at least she’s now at a point where she can go to the kitchen herself to get a drink or a between-meal snack, but she’s physically and emotionally exhausted. Despite that, she’s trying to help – folding laundry for me, and she’s going to be having a word with our cell phone company in the next day or two about why our bills don’t match our plan, things that don’t involve moving too much.

    And this is going to continue for the next couple of weeks, after which it’ll drop down to THREE dilations a day… each of which is longer, so I think the net gain in time through the day is probably going to be minimal. That continues for a further month. Sometime in mid-December, it’ll be down to twice a day, without each becoming longer, and with any luck, we’ll be able to have a life again. But between now and then, this is what days look like, and if anyone can see anywhere in there that allows for a social life for either of us, or even time for me to get any writing done, which is my favourite pastime, my way of dealing with pressure, and something I’m trying to turn into something more by indie publishing, please let me know…

    Oh, and any relationship that can survive this can probably survive just about bloody ANYTHING.

    So, if we’re not answering your email, or we’re turning down invitations, or we miss events or meetings… don’t take it personally. Life is currently less gooey and messy than it was a week ago, but it is still insanely full. We normally try to keep our lives relatively low-key, since both of us having chronic health issues means that, well, crap happens, usually with little or no warning. When something comes up that we do choose to do, it tends to be something we very much look forward to, and having to cancel is always disappointing. We’ve pretty much missed Hallowe’en, a favourite holiday for both of us, and Jackie is feeling frustrated about being unable to resume working at Shoppers or facilitating chronic pain classes, both of which she really enjoys. We miss our friends and family. But we’re still here. Bear with us, be patient, and we’ll get back to you as soon as life allows.

    1. Take your time…your plates are overflowing! This is our playground which you so graciously provide, thxvrymuch! We love it (and you & Jackie) but having new lols every 3 hours is not life threatening to any of us. It helps some of us keep some semblance of our sanity (lol, right!!) but you need yours, too. I don’t believe any of us cheezies want to burden either of you further.
      Be good to yourselves {{{{{PK & JE & purrkids}}}}}

    2. {{{ PKnJE }}} Fankeez fur teh updayt. Ai nawt luuks at doz obber plasez, adn ai has no prollem wiff seein a copy… no way wud ai ekspekting u tu typity dat awl agen, lolspeek or obberwyze.

      U juss keep taykin kayr ob urseff adn awl ur fambly. We kno dat coms nawt-sekkund.

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