Cheezroglyfiks Ref

Sir nativeca66’s gift to Cheezland.

Production of more haz been put on paws due to site slo-daon ishoos an such, and also coz they can be problimatic on sum devises – fur which reezons, fur the sake of peeps using tablets, smartypants fones, or older slower puters, plz to consider using these in moderation an nawt duz rows an rows an rows, speshully of aminated wuns, otay?

(Fur teh rijinal / old smilies that come wif WP, see teh Helperz page on teh Cryer – dey still wurk tuu. Also, to reduce confuzzlement, teh same codes as teh old ones now wurk wif skware brakkits or colons)

Put enny uv thees wurds in square brackets [ ] tu get teh smilee – they will show up onlee aftur yu post it:
innocent [innocent]
sick [sick]
sleep [sleep]
hug [hug]
boop [boop]
worthy [worthy]
worried [worried]
headdesk [headdesk]
dubious [dubious]
doh or facepalm [doh]
swoon or faint [swoon]
harumph [harumph]
applause or clap or clappity [applause]
kiss or schmoo [kiss]
orly [orly] wtf [wtf] O_o [O_o]
run or rawak [rawak]
dog [dog] puppy [puppy]
cat [cat] kitten [kitten]
rat [rat] mouse [mouse]
ohai or wave [wave]
phew [phew]
headnod [headnod] headshake [headshake]
manatee [manatee]
caterpiggleh [caterpiggleh]
crow [crow]
yum [yum]
phlbbbt [phlbbbt]
chrg [chrg]
hopeful [hopeful]
fingerscrossed [fingerscrossed]
disappointed or pout [disappointed]
dans [dans]

lights [lights]
Coming soon (on hiatus)


  1. [clap] Fanks, prysma adn SirNC!! Teh Cheezroglyfiks are sew much fun adn eggspressive.

    1. Yeff, deyz beri fun. Ai bin finkin ob dems as Cheemoticons, tho.

  2. Consul, the Almost Human


    Awesome contributions! Thank you!

  3. Ohai! Luv teh cheemotikons! Ai wuz wunderin iffen wee cud haz a ‘beams’ wun? Maybee a shynee sun er sumfin lyke dat?

  4. Dew yew finks we cud habs teh owld emoticons on teh saym payge, fur slow-tops laik mee taht neerly always habs tew luk dem upp? :roll:

  5. Oh! Dat duzz wurk beddar! [worthy]

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