What do YOU want?

Place for suggestions an discussions on what yu want tu see happin in Cheezland!


  1. Can u make a place fur us tu submit pixors fur uzzer peepz tu caption? I iz a gud pixor taker, but a lowzee captioner. I duzn’t know wut awl dat wud entail. It mite nawt b possiblol. :oops: *hazza embarrassed to b asking fur more wen u haz awlreddy taken on so much.*

    1. Hmm. I don’t think it’s possible to have a built-in captioning system. It’s definitely a possibility that we could have a place where peeps could offer their pics for other peeps to caption, they would just have to save it to their own ‘puters and do it there or upload it to a site. The uploading to anywhere else bit would mean coming up with rules for that, though, since it would be off-site.

      Option would be to have, say, a daily pic and invite everyone to suggest captions. I think I’d make that an addition to, rather than a part of, the regular every-three-hour schedule.

      And no embarrassments allowed! Is brainstorming! If cannawt du a fing, then so be it… but is worth either trying, if is relatively straightforward, or adding to the slightly longer-term plans, if things will add to the site without making it complicated! {{{{{{{{{mj}}}}}}}}}}

      1. ifinkso a daily “capshun dis” photo wuld be fun!

      2. Ai finkso would be fun to post a pic adn den seeify awl teh different eye deers for captions posted in the thread below. Would be a wai to enjoy awl teh wit adn wisdom ob teh peeps but still habs each pic onlee appeer wunce.

        1. Then aifinkso we’ll have those ones turn up at 12:00 midnight mai time, three owrs after the last wun for the night, and put up a gnu wun each day. If I get enny pics sent tu me, I’ll start it tonight!

          1. Oh, good! I like to play late night best!!! Fanks for everything, prysma! :D

        2. Bravo! *clappity clappity clappity*

    2. Wii needing lawtz ob pikktoorz of krowned prinz Bud!!

  2. I would love to hear opinions as to whether to 1) keep the voting stars, 2) change from the stars to a basic thumbs-up/thumbs-down option, 3) have both. Also, the number of stars can be changed, so dropping it to a single star would be the equivalent of a ‘like’ button.


    1. i like stars, not a thumbs up/down. iz more room for nooawnce.

    2. Lets keep da stars. Nawt wanna do da fumbs up/down fingy – reminds me too much ob da ICHC beta site.

      1. Ai agree, ide giv thums teh thums-daon ;) *sawry*

    3. Wut CweenMJ an OnleeKitteh sed.
      Awlsew, ‘fumbs-up/fumbs-daown’ beri diffykult foar kittehs, caws moast ov dem nawt hassing fumbs.

      1. Ai wuz finkin duh same fing.
        Fumbs awr nawt relebant tew kittehs’ interests.

    4. Deh 5 stars wud b just like deh 5 burgerz on deh commentz used to be!!!!! Wii haz begginged fur dat fur yrz!!!!! Oh, plz plz plzz!!!!!!! Keep deh starz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Kafleen the donkey

        zactlee. My eyeballs almoast popped out when I came here and saw teh votey starz.

        1. change teh starz to cheezburgers and go from one to elebenty!

    5. Pls to be keeping teh starz…kthxbai!

      1. 5 starz fur keypin teh starz!!!

    6. as is. dis ai liek! =^!^=

    7. Kafleen the donkey

      I don’t like thumbz downz. I finkso dey bee mean.

      Nuffing lonesomer dan an old ignored comment, anyway.

      1. {{{{Kafleen}}} hoo kud ignore a comment frum u??

        1. yeah! Yay for seeing Kafleen the Donkee! wAVE, WAVE!

          1. belubbed dawnkee! Sew gud tu seez yu heer! Ai has mist yu! Ai luks at yur turtlol pic dat yu maded and sended tu me ebbery day and finks uv yu and wunners abowt yu!!!!!

  3. If we’ve established that pictures we’ve previously loaded, or lols we’ve created on ICHC can be re-used here, then rather than me e-meow you any of them, you’re welcome to use any of mine as and when.

    There is a captioning tool (not quite as advanced as the one on ICHC) at http://wigflip.com/roflbot/

    1. i fwond roflbot, too. looks good.

      general infos:

      also, doing a search for “cats creative commons” or wutever aminol yoo wants to use, will turn up sources for creative-commons-licensed pics. ther’s lots on flickr. be sure to check the exact licenses and watch out for the ones wif equal (=) signs – that meens no derivatives, that iz, yoo are not allowed to caption it. for attribution-lisenced images, be shur to make a note ob teh photographer’s name.

    2. Fanx, fur teh offur an teh linkee!!!!

  4. Ohai Prysma, Enni chance ov enabling subscriptions by WP emayo to teh comments, plzthx ?? Taht’s hao I kno in teh urly hours if sumwun ells haz shown up or if I has a question or reply tu mee pursonally :)

    *Teh WordPress toolbar was gud faw replies tuu but maybe yoo can’t hav taht or nawt everyone wants it? *

    Kthxbai, PB

    1. Ohai, Prysma!
      Ai sure wood like the emayo option, as well. Dat iz teh best way for me tu keep up, especially wen ai can only lerk.

      Fankees for yewr hard werk, Prysma!

      1. Will see what ai can find!

    2. Yesyesyes! I wuz trying tu find a way tu asking teh same fing. Wiff so mini peeps comminting (pleez tu unnerstand this iz NAWT a complaynt) iz hard fore me tu keep trakk uv hu sedd wot adn wehn an tu hoom.

      Butt(!) iff dis iz tu difficlolt tu figger owt, pleez noe dat I doan eben care — I iz so happee tu see awl teh eggsited an joyfool peeps comin heer.

      Yesh. *nods* I hazza hooj gurlcrush awn yoo rite nao, PK.

    3. wat iz teh WordPress toolbar? kthks.

      1. Aifink is teh blakk menu-bar u gets at teh top ob ur browzur wen u is loggd intu WP. Ai has nawt bovverd duin dat enny moarz kuz dis syte nawt rekwyrez it tu posting lyke ICHC did.

        1. Eggsaxtly. Teh toolbar on teh WP hosted sites has a lot uv functions, only sum related tu teh blog yu mite currently be inhabiting.

          IS true, nawt need to be registered to post. It’ll use gravatar info tu gibs yu abatart and linkee.

          If you use teh contact/submishon form, tho, and yu nawt be a registered and logged-in user, it’ll CAPTCHA yu. :-)

          1. How do you register and sign in?

            And Prysma, it is AWESOME that you did this!!!!

            1. Ai sees yu finded it! :-)

  5. Culd yew pretty plz allow <img=”” src=””> tags in teh cawmints? If nawt, no worries, ai gno dey might lead tew tuu mush clutter. BTW – Ai sii dat yew awr allowing linkeez [gets owt bloo linkee lightning rod adn sum spray paint]. Duz the toob o’ yooz embedding wurk?

    1. My thot on that is taht bideo and images in teh commints slow things daon… especially when reloading page frekwently an wifakwikness like what happins when fun stuff gets going. My plan was tu keep things as stripped daon as pawsibul so taht ENNYWUN can reach and use teh site – eben on, say, basic netbook on slow connekshun. Linkees, peeps can choose to clikkify on oar nawt, depending on prefurence an puter. Nawt trying tu limit what peeps can du, so much as make sure teh fokus stays on teh peeps an teh communitee an aksessibilitee.

      Making sense? Ai hope? Been contemplating this wun, an figured sumwun wud ask sooner oar later. :-)

      BTW… is awsum tu see yu!!!! {{{{{NC66}}}}}

      1. Fanks prysma!!! Dat maiks much senze.

  6. Is subscribe-to-comments working for anyone? It’s installed and active, and I notice that two people have subscribed to comments, but personally, I don’t see any trace of it when posting.

    There are good and bad aspects of not using a blog hosted on WP, and one of them is not having the built-in email subscription option!!!

    1. No, it’s not posting, Prysma.
      I would also like to see “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” if that’s an option, plsthx. (Helps me keep up easier)

      1. That’s basically what I’m working on, yeah. Well, that plugin fails… will keep trying.

    2. Is subscribe-to-comments working for anyone?

      What is this, please?

      1. If I can ever get it to work, it will mean that when you post a comment, you can check a little box and get emails about all further comments on that post. Some people find it the easiest way to keep up, especially if they’re at work or something.

        It’s a built-in feature on the blogs hosted by WP. For some reason it’s NOT a built-in feature of blogs one hosts privately with the same software.

  7. Sorry, subscribe to new LOLs is not working.

  8. What do I want? And when do I want it? (Sounds like a protest march by the Philosopher’s Union.)

    User stuffs:

    1. There’s no really good listing of all the places in Cheezland – the Town Cryer has a limited list, with a few more thoughts in comments, but there’s no central listing. A wiki would be great for that, if you know of any place that lets you create and run your own.

    2. Although videos in comments can be a problem, doesn’t WordPress let you have multiple “channels”? If so, then have a multimeeja channel for videos.

    3. People want to create lols, but again it’s not really “essential” that the WordPress blog provide this, so long as there’s a secure way for whatever editor you use and wherever it is located to transfer the files over. The way things are set up now works now, but you’ll be snowed under in a month, or less if the ICanHasRevolution takes over.

    4. There’s various “Web Font” plugins that let people see text in fonts on the server that are NOT on the user’s machine. Very handy for Klingon Kitteh lols.

    Backend stuffs:

    1. “Semantic” tags are great for linking pages together without actually having to insert the link, know what the remote URL is, etc. There are plugins for RDFa (the type of semantic tag you want) but that depends on whether people would really care enough for you to install such a plugin.

    2. If the blog is set up to use HTML5, it will scale and view correctly on Smartphones, desktop computers or anywhere else cheezfriends might want to read it from.

    1. Ohai jd! Guud thinking, yu duz it!

      User stuffs:

      1) Is places like wikia that allow yu tu set up a wiki. Aifinkso if sumwun wanting tu du that, ai will linkee tu it, but ai nawt fink ai can takkle that right at teh momint. Wud be cool, tho, an if no wun duz, ai mite wehn (if?) time allows. Is pawsibul ai cud set wun up on the site (lolwiki.prysmcat.org?) an give sumwun admin powrs, but ai wud has tu lukk intu it if ennywun innerested.

      2) Nope, is sum blog softwares that duz (b2evolution is one I’ve used before) but WP does not do multi channels. Even if it did, that means a second set of submissions and posts to deal with (I can keep up with one set, I think, but not two) plus it would divide the interactions and peeps who couldn’t or chose not to deal with the multimedia stuff for tech or other reasons would be excluded from that side of it.

      3) Are you suggesting using an off-site host and editor for images? Not quite clear what you mean. I’m going to be handling everything personally anyway, no automated posts (other than scheduling them in advance), so I’m not sure…?

      4) WP has a carpload of plugins! So far success of them has been limited, with only a couple of them (notably the starburgers, the front page news box at the top, and the weekly auto backup) really being very successful. Attempts with comment-notify and wysiwyg comment box have been notable fails. Given the time involved in finding and then setting up and testing new plug-ins, I think I’m going to have to seriously prioritize what we need most. Web font sounds cool, will add to list, but probably wont’ be right away. (WPs way of searching for plugins leaves something to be desired, too….)

      Backend stuffs:
      1) Frankly, I haven’t the foggiest idea what semantic tags are.

      2) As far as I know, the most recent release of WP uses HTML5 – the themes, some more so than others, though.

      1. A semantic tag is a way of telling a computer what some text actually means or is about. There are supposed to be ways to use this to automatically link things. So, for example, it’s supposed to be possible to have WordPress detect that a post talks about JH4KBlvd, where it’s told beforehand that information on places in Cheezland are found in the wiki. WordPress then links the reference to JH4KBlvd to the wiki page on it.

        That’s the theory.

        If it sounds interesting, I’ll dummy something up on my own WordPress account and see if I can get it working reliably.

        1. Personal thought is that it’s more elaborate than we need right at the moment. Anyone else?

          *hassa vision of comment threads looking like wikipedia articlols full of linkees*

          I do hope someone feels ambitious enough to tackle the wiki idea, though, did a little looking and found I can actually install MediaWiki, the one designed for Wikipedia, with a couple of verybackend clicks if anyone’s interested.

          1. akshuly, i mite be intrested in taking that on. ideally, it would be something everyone could contribute to, with permission to act as a writer/editor, so it wouldn’t be just one person putting stuff up.

            so the admin (me, or whoever) approves people who want to sign on as writers/editors (pretty much any known cheezpeep who wants to, ifinkso) then they can add whatever they find.

            1. Exactly. Shall I install it and get it going?

              1. if it isn’t too much trouble. i also looked around and found a wiki hosting service that looks like it would meet my requirements (free, no limit on number of users, ability to approve editors). http://pbworks.com/products go down to the bottom for the link to their free personal non-commercial service. but if it isn’t too much trouble for you to set it up, then let’s go ahead and do that.

              2. Go check your email, is all yours.

  9. Fankeez PryzmaKittah! I miss the Cheezland where we used to play. I visit the cheezburger site sometimes, but I don’t participate much there anymore. I subscribe to the Cheez Town Crier, but is more of a read-only sorta thing. Hope ur site offers a place for cheezfriends to interact. I miss the voting and the makin’ the lolz and submitting them for voting. I used to create and vote and favorite and comment and lol for hours at ICHC. ‘Twuz teh gud ole daze.

    Loki m^,,^m

    1. Teh voting stuffs, ai nawt fink I can do – that be spifficly desined innerface app stuff taht ai nawt can duz.

      But can duz creating elsewhair an send dem in, an the commints an lols we can has!!!!

      1. I noez dis cannot be zactly like what we had before, but I thankeez for making dis a place worth visiting. :-)

      2. It wuz teh kommints dat wuz teh kommunnitee, ennewaze. Aifinksew we would hassa prowd ifn we maked teh FP, but we waz mostlee dere tu cee eech otter.

  10. What do I want?

    Several billion dollars, delivered by Antonio Banderas.

    And a pony.

    Seriously, I think the site is great, thank you so much prysma.

    1. lol. Everyone should get a pony!

      1. maibee wif Antonion Banderas ridign it?

        1. *swoons*

          *opens wun eye*

          Ohai Karen!


  11. Since we wont’ have the pesty moderators from wp can we take individual responsibility to keep this place clean and decent. Innuendo is ok, but not blatant crudity. so those of us who still have kids around can let them play too.?

    1. *blink* I think I took that so much as a given that it never occurred to me to formulate it! I agree, it would be really nasty to have the fun degrade into a crude profanity-fest.

      1. Aifinks owr commyuniteh wud gibbing dem wun star.
        Can u serching/sorting bai starz? We cud flagging dem for u wiff low-bawlz starz.

        1. Possibly… the plug-in that provides the starburgers is ohaily elaborate, akshully, and may have teh ability.

          Oar could report to admin via Contact form *makes mental note to add “Report spam, troll, or inapropriate content” to the drop-down subject list*

          Oar, ai cud making some moderaturs, who woud be able to edit comments if they saw a need. Obviously, this is a job fur responsible and trustwurvy peeps that teh community as a hole trusts and respects to make good judgments. Nawt a time-consooming job, is no job at all unless is trouble. If tehre is, teh mods can find a phone booth tu step intu and change tu superhero costume an save the day. :-)

          1. Aifinks menny ob us scanz fru teh lolz we missded wen away, adn chekks in wen we can tu adding commints on teh currint wunz wen we is arown (adn eben keep an iye awn teh resint commint list tu seeing if sumfinz goin awn elsswayr). So dey cud seeing wen sumfin is rong tu korrectify/eliminayt it, praps wiff a seprit login fur dat porpois (provyded by u).

            In fakt, u cud yoozing dat stratejy urseff iffn u nawt wants awl ur commints showin up semi-bolded… yooz a diffrint underlyin ID for commentin den u duz for postin adn admin.

            1. Oh teh reloginananity!!!

              Akshully, can’t think why the mods would need to use a separate login – they get a little text “Edit” link visible on comments that lets tehm edit the content of the comment (and the link and emeow and name associated) and change the status between Approved, Pending, and Spam.

              As for me… I think I figured out a quicker way. Not going to go back and change all the previous posts retroactively, but should start showing on newer ones. :-)

          2. You may want to consider or look for a form template for reporting that asks for the date and time of the comment, the posting name it’s under, a copy/paste of the questionable comment, and both the poster’s handle as well as the one reporting. (I know some phones can’t copy/paste, so that one can be optional)
            I also like the idea of the link to contact the admins.

            1. Eggsalad idea! And the plugin fur teh contact form is really very flexible and allows multiple forms, all of which can have whatever fields you want. Can decide what fields are required and what ones are optional. That should only take a few minutes to set up.

  12. Posting dis separately coz I doan wanna N-E-wun tew fink dat ai iz diskownting thar idea, coz they awr awl grate. Just putting my twu cents in.

    I fink teh issue ob moderayshun iz being oberfinkd. Ai fink teh community iz going tew organikloly let PK gno ob N-E na’yr dew wells in the moast efficient way pawsiblol liek they awlways hab. I neber really beleeb’d teh head cheezes wen they sed dat moderayshun wuz dat much foar dem tew bii cawncernd abowt.

    I foar wun will simplee emeow PK adn her minions with the URL ob the shortcut to N-E fing dat I fink iz owtta line. Simploly right click awn teh cawmint header, copy URL, click report linkee, paste, click send, adn den poke uh stick at teh troll until hiz cawmint disamapeerz.

    Teh bestest simplolest way iz jes gunna bii tew have a linkee handy. Ther will awlways bii trustwurfee minions, available and handy, willing tew halp wif reviewing teh kawmplaynts, which I don’t fink awr gunna bii dat manee.

    Lolspeek tends tew keep duh trolls scritching ther heds lawng enuff dat it’s nawt wurf their effort foar dem tew try tew put in N-E-fing moar offensive dan, “Why do you all talk like idiots?” Which doesn’t eben really need remoobing wen yew hab uh brake ruum. NPT. Truullee ofensive cawmints will bii spawtd, reportd, adn unceremoniously remoobed wivin minits aifinkso.

  13. annownsingment:

    prysma made us a wiki an i eeted it an i am teh admin :shock: an if/wen i figyur owt how it wurks i will posting instrukshuns for cheezpeeps to adding stuff to it. in teh meentime, if yoo find somefing on a old ICHC thred that yoo finkso shuld be preserved for fyootur generayshuns, plz to eever bookmark teh link or save it wif evernote or copy an paste into a word file. if/wen i get gud wif teh wiki i will gib user-frendly instrukshuns for posting wut yoo fownd on it.

    fank yoo.

  14. Jus a thot for emotokin-challengd kittehs lyke me…
    Wun uvver syte I plai on haz a drop-down menu for de emotikonz. U jus klik on de wun u want. Can we haz dat????

    1. If I can find a way to do a visual editor, which means buttons for bold and italics and things like that, it should have an emoticons button as well. I think this is probably feasible in the near future – see the update post I just made.

      1. Wonderful! (LOLspeak off) Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Prysma.

  15. Ohai! I dunno if this is already in here somewhere and I just haven’t seen it, but is there a list somewhere of who is here? I’ve been looking for FauxPaws, among others, for ages & would love to know if she’s found this ossim place! Thankee!!!

    1. No list currently, although I think there will be a list of users after the upcoming changes (see the Uppydate).

      I don’t recall seeing the name, either in person or on the list poussinboi was making of peeps who have showed up.

      1. Okie dokie. Thankee :)

  16. Suggestion: A page foar testy cawmints.

    Foar peeps hoo wanna praktiss getting their yellow name wurking oar playing with speshul characters oar HTML tags oar smilies oar udder fings. Peeps doan HAB tew yooz it, but ai get embarrassed sumtiemz wen ai interrupt teh regular LOLs, speshully wen it taiks me uh few tries.

    1. Good thought, that, and easy to do.

      (Hmm, wonder if I can set it up so comments don’t show in the recent comments list? (don’t count on it, but I’ll look into it))

      1. Nope, no can currently stop comments from showing in list, but at least the page title should making it obvious they nawt part of teh conversation.

        1. Adn iffn it gets tu krowdid wiff testy-stuffs u cud prolly purgin it owt nao-n-den.

  17. Ai hopes dis iz nawt a kweshun dat habs bin aksed befoar, but ai dint sea it ennyware yet. Iz dere a linkie sumwhare dat says “LOLS” dat will go rite tew teh lols onlee? Ai am nawt kwite shure how tew go to onlee that playce rite neow berry easy. Ai iz kind ub clickifying an refreshing awn teh beeg banner at teh tawp obs teh payge tew be shure ai doant miss teh gnu lols – iz dere a linkie sumwhare dat ai kin clikk tew go rite tew teh lols? Fankees agin foar awl teh help!

    1. Ohai KS !! Clikk teh big word, “Cheezland” at the top of the page !! Teh LOLs am there, rite under a short parragraff !! Taht’s teh simplets ;)

      1. Ohai kittyslave. If yew create a prysmcat account adn click the check box dat sez “Show Toolbar when viewing the site” yew can get the WordPress toolbar dat shows the Cheezland link in the tawp right ob your browser eben if you scroll down onna page. Then its always handy weneber you want to go back to the main LOL page.

        Register Here

          1. “visit site”

            [tehre am moor tahn wun way tu skin a cat ;) ]

    2. Okay! Ai sea how tew dew it boff ways, neow! Fankies berry much! Ai was clickifying awn teh big banner an saw the last lol an rite beeloe dat wuz teh RedRidingHood pixure wut gawt us awl hear. An I thot that pixure wuz part obs our histree, sort ob, an nebber thot tew skroll down jus a widdlol bit moar, oar ai wuud hab scene teh obber lols! Ai feels stoopy agin. :oops: Sumtymes ai wunderz how ai fynds mai way tew teh end obs teh dribeway. :roll:
      Yew awl habs bin berry pashunt wiff mii tewdae! Fank U awl foar helping mii tew lern tew bee uh part obs dis wunnermouse fambly obs Peeps. :-)

  18. Maybe it’s just me but I find it really difficult to think in the time zone that Cheezland works in (I’m in GMT!) Could we have somewhere on the page a clock display that tells numpties like me what the time is in Cheezland time?

    Just a thought!

    1. This mite halp yoo convert, Cat_S

      Tehre am lots of yoosful tools at timeanddate besides taht :)

  19. ohai PK!

    on the choir blog I admin, I’ve checked a box that says “put in format gud for mobile devices when being opened on a mobil device”…

    Is that possible to get here too?

    1. Not sure offhand, but will look into it!

  20. I wud liek dis to be a plase wifowt nasties. I don’t need alkindsa tags an webby-fingies, becus I’m not dat good at dose kinda fingies, also I can onlee pop in for short times, bein mostly at wurk.
    But I reely, reely want not to have rude swearings an dirt (littul smudjes of ebil are ok) an I wud prefer nevar to see teh wurd “gay” becus is too prone to abuse of menny sorts an stoopiditee.
    Dat is whut I wud like.

    1. Cheezpeeps be pretty good at self-regulating on the nasties, and we now has three extra moderators (annipuss, cweenmj, and pussinboi) in case nasty types show up.

      I’m not going to ban the word gay – but I can assure you that I’ll be coming down with the wrath of BC on anything homophobic (or otherwise hateful, for that matter).

      Trying to make this a safe and friendly place with nothing to cause bad feelings is one of the primary goals (easy accessibility be anuvver one) so I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

      1. Fanks, prysma-kittee. Funnilee enuf, dere’s nobody of gender, relijiun, rayce, or breed dat I don’t wanna heer frum, but for sum reeson, teh wurd “gay” has gotten to be a smear-wurd taht gots used all ober teh old plase, wehther it meens gender-orientashun or whut. Is jus stoopy.

  21. Ai want to fank you again, PK, for making this WONDERFUL plaec for us to see each uzzer and plai. {{{{{{{{{{{PK}}}}}}}}} Adn fanks to Sonya too, ob corse!! {{{{{{Sonya}}}}}}} (gentlee)

  22. Can ai haz tat ting they has on starship enterprise ware yew say to puter – “puter – lemme haz the bowf ov toona, topped wit toona and a side of toona” and whizz… it awl appears….

    at the moment ai haz to use mai hooman fer tis and yew know how slow tehy can be…

    1. Ai can haz “Replicator” pls?

      “tea, Earl Grey, hot”

      Ebery day I looks at mai microwabe and Ai says: tea, Earl Grey, hot

      adn NUFFIN’ eber happens. I haffa go get it myself.

      *walks away grumblings– adn where is my flyin’ car*

  23. I don’t think the tag “pre” is permitted although it is a while since I tried it.

    Tries it now
    1. OK, it works but is the same size with preformatted text. At dat other place, it had a class of “small” and displayed in a tiny size which we often used for “small” asides, a bit like whispering. Ditto on my blog or the Cryer.

      Could you put that on a wish list, please? Cheez ;)

      1. I assume that’s in the style stuff for the theme – the exact way various tags display. CC only knows WHERE in it. Will put it on the list tho!

        1. Wisspurs: Thx. Nd ai arkst owr man wiv stylol ;) 
          1. Yew hab an emeow orn duh subjekt, PK. Cupplol ob ways tew do it. Yor choice.

            1. Fank you! Taked a kwik look, will give it a try soon. Yu am awsum abowt the cleer direkshuns wif line nombers an evreefing! *schmooos* Nawt time today, tho… iz a LAWT of stuffs that got left undone around here teh last cupple-three weeks! :lol:

      2. Psst, PB. Small is not uh CSS class. It izza bonafide W3 HTML tag. Jes saying.
        It’s gawt it’s own CSS classes dat awply tew it, which wii can tweek.
        :-) 8-)

        1. Ohai, NC !! Yes, gud gud werk !! (Ai wuz playeng wiv it till ai reelized uthers cudnawt yooz it … teh default size faw small am nawt very small butt(!) ai gnu yood find hao tu set it !! :cool:

    2. psst…peebee…it wurkeded

  24. Ohai, Prysma an Seanya! Dis am nawt a “wut duz ai wants…” Juss wantid tu let yoo bofe noez, ai rilly lubs hao yoo set up teh kommints nestink heer. It’s sew mush eezier dan DOP tu follow freds heer in Cheezland! Fanks fur dewing dat, an fur EBRYFING yoo twu haz dun ~ dis playse am absolootly FULL ub WINS an OSSIMS, an sew am yoo twu!!!1!

    ♥♥♥♥♥ {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Prysma an Seanya}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ♥♥♥♥♥

  25. Ai wantz teh toona melt awn a kaiser roll, potato saladz, anna chawklitt milk shaek.

    What? rong store? Where am teh deli?

  26. Owr grabatars in teh “Recent Comments” sexshun. Kthxbye.

      1. But ai lykes hao owr list is lawngur den it wuz at DOP. Wud adding grabatarz mayk eech entry biggur in teh list, adn derfor mayk it shortur in kontent?

  27. Culd we have a speshul birfdai calendur? Dat wuld be nice Aifinkso :-)

    1. Hmm… this, we mite need to think abowt. Iz a pawsible safety ishoo even wifowt teh yeer onnit. Will put on teh list to research. (Ennywun owt there has teh eggstensive knowledges of web security an eye-dentity stuffs?)

      1. Prysma, moas ICHC foaks ai knu had tehir burfing day (but not year) in tehir profylols. Teh Cween created a Cheezpeeps Birfdaze list and thoaz hoo wanted tu emayloled her with their dates: http://cheezpeepzbirthdaze.wordpress.com/september/

  28. Aifink Aiwants 2 post picchurs to Facebook!

    1. If you want to post a link on FB to one of the posts, that’s up to you. If you want to save a pic and share it there, well, can’t stop you, but would REALLY prefer if you’d include a link back to where you found it so the creators can get due credit, at least.

      But one of the fundamental premises of Cheezland is that it would be a stand-alone site. No connections to Facebook, WordPress, DOP, or anywhere else. There are a LOT of Cheezpeeps who srsly dislike Facebook, and encouraging porting Cheezland stuff to FB is only going to fracture the community.

      There will never be an authorized Facebook page or group for Cheezland, or any other spinoffs, and there will be no share links for Facebook or Twitter or any of the others.

      Sorry, but like I said, that was one of my original promises, so it’s one of the very few non-negotiables.

  29. Ohai. I notised that u sed

    “In Cheezland, the time is 06:39.
    (No ai duz nawt currently know hao to make this be 12-owr clock).”

    Pliz nawt tu make it 12-owr clock if u find owt how. Dose ob us hoo r on uther side of wurld from Merica hab got uzed to figgerin 24-owr clock to talk to uther peeps in teh wurld. Teh 12-owr clock frum peeps in Merica means moar use of fingers 4 countin.

    [Maybe nawt ebrywun on uther side of wurld uzed to 24-owr clock. Maybe just me.]

    Other peeps ober heer shud comment.

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