Any problems, issues, trouble, or otherwise stuff nawt working properly for you, post it here!

Someone may has an answer fur you, uvverwise Seanya and Prysma can see what’s going on an what needs duing!


  1. *powt* Ai cannut go tu page 2 or 3 on members!

    1. Ai losted awl of mai fwends, an Ai cannut get dem bak. *snifflol*

      1. When you do get to see all the members, it is very easy to quickly push Add Friend on each of them in the page. :)

        1. And of course make sure you are logged in (I’ve made that mistake ;) )

    2. It seems a bit hit and miss and sometimes even blank for me going to the default first page.
      Clicking on 2 did not go there, as you say and the page’s URL in the address-bar did not change.
      I got it to work another way.
      Try this: put your mouse over the “2” and right-click then choose open in new window.
      The URL should be:
      You could paste that directly into a new window and change the 2 to 3, etc, then hit return.

        1. Nope ;) * goeng bak tu teh LOL :D *

      1. Ai has a sneeking feeling ai am gonna soooo regret the whole Buddypress expanded fing… :roll: :lol:

        1. Ohai, PK! Luk! Ai can haz aktibaytid akkownt! *dans dans dans* :-D

        2. It haz a forum tu repawt bugs .. depenz hoo volunteers tu fix tehm :roll:

  2. I love the new site-so much better than IHAC!

  3. I have managed to accept 6 new friend requests but have two outstanding (CweenMJ & Kestrela) and although I have clicked Accept several times for each (and it clears the buttons), the new friends do not appear on my list and I do not appear on their list of friends. So it used to work but doesn’t now.

    1. I am having the same trouble, I have accepted the same requests multiple times but they still show as pending.

      Not to worry or stress yourselves, love the site, glitches and all! Thanks for all your work on our behalf!

      1. Hm… ai changed a fing, yu can trai an see if it wrks nao?

        1. Ai has tried sevrul tiems to add friends, but it woant let me. No owtstanding frend reek wests dat ai noes of, so can’t say if teh acceptin part is working.
          It am nawt as important as habbin dis wunnermuss plais to play. {{{{{PK adn S}}}}}

  4. Hello friends!

    I was wondering if the lol submission form is working? I tried to submit a picture but was unable to tell if it went through. After filling everything out, attaching the picture and typing the screen capture I got redirected to another page. Can you tell me it it went through properly?

    Thank you! *hugs prysma and seanya* *dries prysma and seanya off with shamwow*

    1. Got teh emeow but wif no tachmints, Hugh! (It afrayd of commitmint mebbe?) Aifinkso ai gonna take that daon fur teh momint an just has peeps send emeows an hope tehy includes teh subject line so it sorts an ai see it pryoreetized!

      Yu can resend, just bai emeow? Or, y’know, ask a hyoomin friend tu do it for you? ;-)

    2. oh, YAY! Hugh G Manatee, Ai has mist seeing yur kommints….Ai am glad yu fownded us heer!
      (snuggles up to manatee, pets awn flippur)

  5. Luv da tawp lyne wif da home button, wasn’t awn da last wun *hugs awl cheezpeeps* Ai haz no problums prbly bee cuz Ai haz no uvver tings tu do heer, Ai juss luuk n commint. P&S are duuing a grate job. Ai hope da tekk problums will be overkum soon so Ai kan visit during pleh werk hours (8-5 USAEST).

    P&S r rite awn tawp ob tings, much better dan, u noes, dat uvver playse :evil: . I fink we shuud gib dem 3 cheers!! *grabs cheerleeder pompoms* Hiphiphurrai!!!!

    1. Hiphiphurrai!!!!

    2. Did you see teh fing OnleeKitteh sed abowt wurk akksess?

      Is looking sadlee lyk there be nuffing we can do abowt teh akksess fing. Iz no way tu tell entire Interwebs “hay! we nawt malware, we gots nuffing moar danjruss taht splortashus kittins!!!” We duz nawt haz a happeh abowt this at awl, beleev me! Ai hoping that in thyme, teh web sekuritee fings say, “hmm, traffic an thyme-in-ehhsistence match” (nyse of tehm tu set standards!) “so we’ll let this thru.” :-(

  6. I found the setting in the CSS that controls the left side indenting of the comment box nestings. It is in the style.css file.

    ul.children { padding-left: 20px; }
    /* Credits */
    #cred {
    font-size: 91.67%;
    padding: 0;
    clear: both;
    height: auto;
    overflow: hidden;

    Change the 20px to 1px

    I’ll email you too.

    1. Starting on line# 1127 of the style.css file.

      1. You can further unscrunchify the comments by making this change starting on line 63 of the style.css file:

        ul, ol {
        margin: 0.5em 0 1.5em 0;
        padding-left: 20px;

        Note the last zero in the margin style. It was 1.5em.

        The difference between these two styles is just the specificity due to where they occur in the cascade. This one applies to the comment list as a whole first, the other one applies (cumulatively) to individual comment list items. So the total indent was 20px + 1.5em = approx 40px

        1. Wow, we rellee is unskrunchied!!!!

      2. Yu be sooo full uv WIN an awsum! *schmoooos* Fank yu times elebenty!

        1. Naw prawblemo. Glad ai culd maik wun teeny tiny cawntribyooshun tew awl teh wurkity yew guys awr doin. Frankly, ai iz surprised dat ai still rememburrd hao. It’s bin almost 10 yeerz since ai did webby site stuff awn uh regular basis. Nowadays ai mostly dew business applications stuff. Analytical adn moar along teh lines of operational consulting dan hands awn techy stuff (ai gawt minyons foar dat), but ai still gawt mai ol’ toolkit dat ai liek tew git owt adn dust orf every wunce inna whylol. Wuz liek uh treasure hunt, it wuz teh fun akshoololy.

  7. Am it just me or am the hoam payge nawt visibul? Iffen ai click on hoam ai gets a different page that sez it am a cuvver that can be remuved iffen awl the wurk am done?

    1. Aifinkso yu need to clear your cache. Duz yu know hao? If nawt, what browser yu be using?

      1. Ai duz nawt know hao :( Ai be usifying firefox fur my innerwebs.
        Can yoo be helping me?

        1. Clickify on Edit
          Go daon to Preferences
          Go to teh Advanced tab (nawt be afraid)
          Go to teh Network tab unner Advanced
          There am a spot that says “Cached Web Content” and hassa “Clear Now” button – clickify on teh “Clear Now” button

          That forces Firefox tu reload evreefing frum scratch, insted of being lazy an saying, “ai was here befoar an it had this so ai just show this again insted of looking fur what tehre rite nao.”

          If yu hazza diffrint version of Firefox, mite look slitely diffint but the steps shud be teh saym.

          1. Fankies Prysma!! Dat helpeded me a lawt, ai kin use teh site purrfectly nao!!

  8. Ai has a beri seerius ishoo, yeff-yeff.

    Dis syte is so wunnermus ai is spendin way tuu much tyme reedin kommints heer adn der adn ebrywayr, chekkin bakk elebenty tymz a day tu seeing if derz sumfin funneh tu replying tu or adding tu, finkin bowt adn maykin adn submittin lolz, dat ai is gettin nuffin dun arown teh haus!!

    So, kud u plz adding sebrul owerz tu eech day, owtsyde ob teh normul spayse-tyme continyooum, soz ai can getting stuffs dun wiffowt missin anyfing goin awn in cheezland? Fankeez.

    1. Anom tu dat. Guud fing it wuz uh loliday weekend, but ai iz gunna bii in trubblol tumorro wen ai hab tew go bak tu wurkity.

  9. I can’t seem to login…Haben’t received confirmashun or passwurd change email…

    1. Sorry, sammycat, missed seeing this.

      You have an active account already. Accounts carried over from the previous incarnation of Cheezland. You don’t need to activate it, and if you lost your password, click on the “Lost Password” link, it goes to the email that starts tea2….

      Email me if this doesn’t do it.

  10. Ai gotz da emeow dat Ai needs tu activate mai account, but wen Ai klikky awn da address it sed Page Not Found. (well dat’s better dan YOU SHALL NOT PASS wif da hole malware fingy). Pleez tu halp?

    1. You and a dozen others were still unconfirmed, I assume lost in the cracks from the original install including buddypress and then that being removed plus the difficulty for a day or so of the stie sending email.

      I just manually activated you and the others. Should be all good to go.

      1. Yay! Fankees Prysma! (Ahem, Ai seemz tu haz da saym problim dat AP haz – spendinns sooo much tyme wif mai peeps, Ai nawt get so much werk dun!) Dis site is da bestest ebber!!! :cool:

  11. Can we haz a notifiycationed wen da cheezpeeps respondifies to oar cawmints kinda lyke DOP? Et wud makify et musshly ezzily ta keeps up wit de conberzations. Fankees!

    1. Aifinkso dat mayed teh site tu sloe tu lode, so dey tuk it awf foar naow.

  12. Can anyone help me how do you even get/find friends on here!

    1. right now, the friends utility is disabled while Management get the site basics working. hopefully, that utility will be added back once everything works smoothly, and as long as it doesn’t bork everything up again. in the meantime, just jump in and chat and play and get to know peeps :)

  13. Ai haz trubbol lerking in my RL werkitiez environment, adn ai iz trying tu find an RSS feed reader tu use on my iFone dat will sync wif my laptop. Ai alreddy kno dat Google Reader adn FeedDemon will cease on July1. Duz anywun haz recommends? Ai used tu get emayos for comments, adn dat werked for mii, butt ai kno wii duzzint haz dat option heer…

    1. I don’t have an iFone but Feedly is a free RSS reader for iFone / iPad you can download from iTunes. I don’t know about any features to synch it with a laptop, tho.

      With Windows, I have two laptops (XP and windows 7) and Newsgator FeedDemon operates on each (when they are on) and I know what I have read before but they only pick up the last 16 messages if they’ve been offline so I will miss some responses to me during my night, etc.

      1. Ai like teh FeedDemon, butt aifinks it’s going away on July 1rd, adn iz nawt available for iOS. Ai put Feedly on teh laptop adn fone, butt ai iz less den thrilled wif it on teh fone. Ai red dat Digg will haz a noo wun owt sune, butt ai duzzint kno hao it will werk. Ai also haz tried FeedlerPro on teh fone, butt dat is nawt available for Windows. Ai will keep luuking, fankees PB!

  14. How do I change my email address on your system. The one I have been using will stop working shortly.

    1. I think you can just type in the new one in the box under the reply box. That’s what I did. And that’s why I lost my avatar. I suppose I need to go to the avatar site and change it there, too.

    2. If you have an account, log in and click your avatar in the top right to go to your account settings.

      If not, then just use a different email address in the box when leaving a comment. The worst that will happen is a different avatar comes up, probably a quilty one.

      As for avatars, that isn’t part of Cheezland, you need to sign into and do stuff there. A gravatar account will let you add an email address and change which is primary and use the same avatar image for all or a different one per account. Then just make sure that you use the email account set up with the avatar you want when you comment here. If you can’t get into your gravatar account, I can’t help, tho, and you’ll have to just create a new one.

  15. Hope this changes my email address

  16. Testing…Testing… Did it work?

  17. Oooh! That worked. Now. Where is the place to put in my avatar?

    1. Cheezland doesn’t host avatars. *points to reply that explains gravatar* WordPress decided, rightly, that it made sense to do avatars for WP sites all in one spot, and allow sites to enable pulling them from there, so usrs don’t have to mess with it a thousand times.

      1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

        It worked! I have my sneezy lion again.

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