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If your comments start getting nommed and a mod doesn’t catch it within a few minutes, then email prysma at (or if you have ways to reach the other mods annipuss, maryqos, poussinboi) and say sumfing, ‘kay?

Suggestion re: posting YouTube links

Problems with downloading from the gallery? prysma’s instructions (temp location for this)

prysma’s perpetual plea for submissions

Apologies for teh delay often in getting Gallery pics added so peeps can use them to make lols. Haoeber…

We can has persistent issue of fewer lols coming in than getting posted. Raids-with-permission on DOP profiles halps make up the difference, but isn’t a permanent solution. More FB-based Cheezpeeps have given me permission to raid their profiles on DOP. This is going to halp hugely, and is very very much appreciated. It is, haoeber, going to take some time to do.

ALSOTOOASWELL, it’s a good thing to have lols from the peeps who hang out here all the time! Raiding DOP profiles is less kewl than seeing teh names of regulars here in the credits or maybe a shy lurker coming out to say “Ohai” just wunce on their own lol. (Of course, mebbe the peeps giving me stuffs will come hang out here….)

If you haven’t sent any at all… why not? Give it a try!!! Look at the top of the page for the How-To on finding pics to caption, and see the Submissions instructions for how and what to send. Have fun with it!!! I use almost everything I’m sent, so your odds of getting the spotlight are excellent!!! (I’m getting a run of heavily alcohol-related lols lately – they aren’t going to be used. Ease up on those ones, ‘kay?)

For those who consistently send in LOLs, or have given me permission to raid their collections on ICHC – THANKS WIF A MUCHNESS!!!

*purrs an hedbonks*

Cheezland Fund

Seanya tells me the Cheezland fund, which covers things like hosting and the gallery, is was getting quite low [but no longer is thanks tu peeps’ general awsumness!]. You can has a little to spare (and not use your furkids’ treat munnies or something!)? If you nawt can has, donut wurry – we can has peeps who do! {{{{{alla Cheezpeeps}}}}} (leaving this here by request, tho)


  1. NCcharmer aka Carol Piner

    I thought you sent me a tag saying one of mine would be shown Friday, but I never saw it. I am not complaining. I am still figuring the site out.

    1. May 2nd was a Friday, yep, that’s when your lol came up. Think mebbe just the wrong Friday. :-)

      To see your own, you can go to “Find Stuff!” at the top and click on your name in the tag cloud. Here’s the link directly:

    2. hi nccharmer. i was happy to see your lol’s on cheezland. i rarely go over to DOP so gud, gud 2 c u here.

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