1. Du Ai disterb u at naps tiem?

    1. Axually Jessica, u due. Congras annipuss! Baby iz luvly hause panthur, jus like mai gurl.

      1. Thx, noodle!

  2. Conga nawt sekkund naps anni! Wuz wunnerful seeing my baby on da page!

    1. Ohai ginacuccu. Mai PJ an Jessica luv two c hur to.

      1. dat wuz berry sweet ob u 2 say

    2. Thx, ginacuccu!

  3. Elebenty moor minites pleez, k, thankz. Zzzzzzzzz

  4. ohai Baby, ai luv teh house panthers, sumhao ai went from none tew too.

    1. Dey an stealthee an oh sew suite.

      1. troo dat! thay both are sweetiepie snugglers. Little Sammy asks at least once a day to go in Rosie’s room and hang out with her. She’s thriving in her own studio apartment with a view. Not getting picked on by the bullies.

        1. Yea four a soluchun two da Rosie drama. Mai kittehs getz along fine, except wen dey dont. :roll: furr flies an loud yowlin commencez. Den elebenty minites l8r, awl iz kalm agin.

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