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  1. Iffn iz a tablol, shud hab noms!

    1. concallicoetwins anni!

      Beautimus gurls!

      1. Thx, mqos!

  2. Ohai, anni, maryqos andz ebbeewunz:

    Toarttee Tukkz Kittehaz
    wawntz Nomz andz LAWTZA Rubbinz

    Toartee Tukkz Kitteh
    ekksell in “Dubbill Teemeeng”
    dary Hewminn Minnyunnz!!

    Toartee Tukkz Kittehz
    addz LAWTZA Ekkstra Kullurr
    to “Lawndree Day Kloathzz!”!!! :-)


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