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  1. Kitteh sez “Ai kud du bedder dan dat..iffn Ai had ‘pozablol fummz”!

  2. Ohai, anni andz ebbeewunz:

    Kirreeko Kitteh
    feenkz “Patchwurk” amz PLEH!… Wayr amz
    T3h Sillkee Sawfft Floof?!

    Kirreeko Kitteh
    haz LAWTZA Lubblee Sawfft Floof
    andz “Wawrm Sunnee Spawtz”!!

    Kirreeko Kitteh
    amz Jusst gawnna taykz a Napz.
    Andz den Mojmz summ Treetz!!! :-)


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