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  1. Norman? Noe wai! Maibee thay saw Normal?
    luv yur bow yur highniss!

    1. sai nawt saw stoopie audo kerrekt!

      1. Ohai an congrats, mqos!
        Ai haz a fren cawld Norma an hur nikknaem iz normal!

        1. “Hello, have you met my Normal friend?”
          Thanks anni!

  2. Ohai, anni andz maryqos andz ebbeewunz:

    Fluffee Kittuhn amz
    awllso cawlledz “Looeeza Franchesska
    Bnan…. Jusst Sayeengz.a Fanna Bo Besska T3h Thurd…

    Butz U can awllso
    callz hur “Dawt…. Just Sayeengz
    Apawlllojeez to ‘Anneemaynee~akz”!!!


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