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  1. Ai aer growin hoomin fud, nawt fur chikkinz!

    1. conchiks anni, dadgum chikins eated teh seeds an dug in durt fore bugs an stuff.
      Yes pitcher an kapshin blame awn me :)

      1. Chikkinz nawt eggzaklee burd braned wen it kumz tu fyndin fud!

      2. hee, Ai noo it had to be Mary’s pikkchurr. Aifinksew yoo needs sum chikkin wyre, butt(!) wuddoo Ai noe?

        1. nawt anee more :( chicks awl wend awai tew noo home. butt it is a gud home.

  2. O, fergot tu sai thx fur teh congrats!

  3. Did yu put teh wiers arownd teh buffay to keep teh bunnies awae?

    1. Well few yeers bak a grate horny owlol spended teh summer hangin rown an nao gots noe bunbuns. :(
      (ai used tew watch teh bunbuns at nite inn mai yard, ai miss that)

  4. Yoo habs underestimated owr resolb, silly hoomin…today, de garden…tomorrow — de whirled!

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