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  1. an Jessica haz a floofee blankie!

    1. Tru dat. Am u hoam yet oar am u goin 100 an elebenty miles pour our. An congas .

      1. Ai aer hoem at mai pyooter! teh innerchoobs awn teh trane hoem wuz berree slo, so din’t plai mutch.
        O, an thx fur teh congrats!

  2. Ah, mai wundrus two overlords. Dey rool dis hause.

  3. PJ sez “duz u mynd-wee having a bondo thyme, is prievat”

  4. Wii am sewfisticated kittehs. Wii reeds de Gnu Yorker. No, wii nawt just looklooklook at de cartoons…

    Dey am splendiferous Noodle!

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