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  1. Oh goggie, u nin baddd. Butt u will lern hao two b have. Ai hopes.

    1. Congrats, noodle!

      1. congas u to. whee gotz a tye. bootiq?

        1. Yep, Ai stil need a shnorklol! Teh rane is apokalipticlol!

          1. si herd yu were gonna get a lot! Due yu noe hao tew swim?

            1. Yep, Ai can swim, but it iz cawld. Ownlee 50F! Wadders need tu be a lawt wawmer dan dat fur me tu go swimmin!

  2. Um…yep, it wuz teh goggie!

  3. that pitcher uf teh goggie kwacks me up!

    1. luks innocint..iznt… :lol:

  4. Waaaaay OT: ” Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s called it quits”


  5. In mai defense mawm, ai duz habs an epic cyoot!

  6. Ohai Mom! Mom! Mom! Ai’m over heer! Ya wanna play? Mom! Wye yoo luuking at teh flore? Ai’m over heer! MOM!

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