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  1. Had enuff uv dat awlreddee.

    1. Conga moor den enuff annipuss. Ai b awf two werk.. bbl.

      1. Thx an obai, noodle!

  2. No pawpurratsi, yeeesh. Tawk two mai agint.

  3. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Ornnjj Tukkssee Kitteh
    amz Jusst Too Kewt Foar Wurdz andz
    himz OK wii dat!

    Ornnjj Tuckssee Kitteh
    may “Syne A Paw Print” foar just
    Lawtza Munneez!!

    Ornjj Tucksssee Kitteh
    will awllsotooaswell yaykz
    Treetz andz Cheezburgrz!!! :-)


  4. OHai, cheezpeeps – We shud has a littlol sadness for Grumpy Cat, who went to teh bridje yesterday (or mebbe Fursday, not shure). She wuz only sebben but I suspect tat the geen problims that gave her dat undershot chin an tinee size probly made her insides diffrnt too…she was suctch a fun lolcat meme an everbody luved her aspite of her grumpy fase. Have fun in teh meddow, TardarSoss aka Grumpy Cat – we will miss yu.

    1. Tru dat. Grumpy kitteh wuznt grumpy afta awl.

      1. ai luved littlol Tardar Sauce, she put up with a lot I think. Play in the meadow now Tardar an sai ohai tew our LD.

  5. Last weak i said i had gotten sew i could tell who made the LOL sum of the time before I looked at the name…..didn’t recognize this one. LOL.

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