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  1. Uv corse it iz, littlol wun – du nawt haz a skaerd!

    1. yu betcha littlol wun taht luks like mai Steve asa baby kitteh. ohai anni and conkitten!

      1. Ohai an thx, mqos!

    2. If yu want it tu bee, littlol wun! :D

      *splort alert!*

      Conga-skwees Anni! An ohai Maryqos! :D

      1. ohai JK!

        wen ai get ritch ai am coming to TTI onna bigg bote sew ai kan meat awl teh TTI peeps.

  2. Forchunitly dis bebbeh luks liek is in a great furebber home, or mah hart wud brake at teh wishful luk on his fase.

  3. Is troo sweet wun! Yoor heart can rest and play here, and yoo can eets nummy noms, and snugglol wif yoor beri own hoomin!

    Be shure to gibs yoo hoomin dat wundermus moment when dey gnoe yoo feels safe and lubbed and at hoem — dey like dat a lot!

    1. Yesh whee due. Ohai shepmom, iz wen dey fawls asleep wiv dere belleh awl expozed.

      1. Wif mai Sarah, she woulds snooze on de sofa besides mii, and when ai woulds reech ober and pet her, shii woulds wake up like “wut? Wut happening? Wut’s rong?” (Her were a rescue) But den wun day, ai reeched ober and petted her, and she just stweeeeeetched and flexed her toes and kept snoozing — and ai gnu shii felt safe and home.

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