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  1. Troo, dat, Goggie! Hoominz aer straynj!

    1. Verily strange indeedy. Congas annipuss. Butt, sew r mai PJ an Jessica.

      1. Thx, noodle!

  2. Don even tri. Jus luk cute an dey wil gib u treetz.

  3. Ojai, anni, noodle andz ebbeewunz:

    Hoominz eeben wayrz
    KLOATHZ!…. Wut’z dat abowt? Kittehz
    amz mutch moar Smarrturr!

    Kittehz amnz awllwayz
    dresst to T3h Nynez. Dawggehz jutz
    haz lawtza sawft fur!!

    Spawttee Dawggehz haz
    just too cullurz/ Toartee andz
    Kallee-Koz wayr Fashunn!!! :-)


    1. yes, but hoomans nawt issued with adequate supply of fur. teh alternative are worse…

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