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  1. An awai whee goez….

    1. Congrats, noodle!

      1. Fankz annipuss. Iz drizzlin awt. Iz a gud dai two stai inn wiv mai rascals.
        Sperkin ov rascalz ware am angleplume an cyrano an Sophia an goggie two? Ai missez him. Kan u nudge nudge him oar iz dat knot a loud?

        1. Ai mis dem two, but du nawt hab a nemayl address fur AP. Aifink him had 2 taek anuvver job an did nawt hab mutch spaer tiem.

    2. o hai, noodle and conga kittehs on teh nawt seckond

      1. Fanks puddy_tat.

  2. Her wuz finking deep kitteh thorts bifor!

    1. Oar teh starting toona had nawt gone off.

  3. Heer’z teh Sunnidai stand in fairy to sai HAPPEE BURFDAY to Krelm, boocat235 an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday todai. Ai haz bringd yummy fudjy burfday caeks, fansee shinee party hats, chokklit an cherry caek, iskreemz, an goodie bags filled wif candee, bownsy balls that lite up wen they bownse, jungol aminol coluring books wif boxes ob elebentyfour crayns (wif bilded-in sharperner) an Famuss Lolcat traydin cards. :D

    Wiv a big swish ob teh majik wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!

    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song:

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    1. Happi birfdai 2 teh birfdai frenz!
      Krelm iz anuvver wun hoo Ai bemember frum wai bakk an miss. Ai hoep awl teh peepl hoo no lawnger plai wiv uz aer wel an happi.

      1. Yup me two.

        1. an pussinboi, an mantari.

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