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  1. Triple trubble…

    1. *yawn* Between tehm, I gottid littlol sleeps last nite. Bear were reekin havok tryin tu get kibblols (he can has strict limit coz weight), Freya desided her lubs quota nawt met yesserday so gotta make up for it, an Trick felt teh need to tenderize my internlol organs sebral thymes. I lubs mai kids wif a feerse an a hyooj, but there am moments teh lil terrors dribe me crazy.

  2. Free happi kittehz keepin wawm tugever!
    Congrats, noodle!

    1. anni-izzat a sootcaes? ar yu goeig awai?

      1. o hai, mqos

        we is both away in teh somerset for teh week end (so both a bit irregular on here so ap probably did nawt notice this)

        normal serviss will be resumed monday afternoon / evening…

        1. have awunnerfull thyme!!!

  3. Purrmewduh triangul?

    1. :D verrie cleaver s1f

  4. Wii habs a warm, wii habs a comfy, wii habs each otter, and yes…we’ve just sent de hoomin away to gets fuds — wut moar coulds wii need?


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