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  1. Oh mai, dat wuz baddd.

    1. Congrats, noodle!
      Leed teh wai!

      1. Congas u two annipuss. Awf whee goe two da bootiq.

  2. Her haz dat kamruh owt agane, Jessica!

    1. ai see dat Peej, putt on your pashint look for mama.

      1. Ohai dere maryqos. Yup PJ an Jessica r yoost two me runnin round wiv da kamera. :roll: awtta da wai mawm, whee iz watchin da dragons….

        1. ohai noodle!

  3. Der frend dere in de back nawt look too interested, though…

  4. Has everyone heard?? Grumpy Cat, AKA Tardar Sauce, has crossed the bridj.

  5. oic sumwun already spread the noos about Grumpy Cat. Ai feels a sad.

  6. I’m still not doing well at all. I thought I was feeling better and had stepped up my activities and regretted that immediately. The lawsuit plugs on, I hope to also get something from the hit-and-run driver who cost me about $900.00 plus in medical bills. Otherwise, I’m trying to stay on top of things and hope all is well in cheezland. I miss you guys, but some days I don’t know where I left my brainium and then I’m all tired out from looking so ai haz tew rest an watch Netflix.
    I cubs yoo awl frum ten bottum ob mai hart.

    1. ohai mugglemary! yes sad ablout littlol Tardar Sauce. You take care of yourself and I’ll send beeeems your way!

    2. Glad you were able to drop by, mm. sorry about all your troubles. Hope things improve for you witha quickness. {{{{{{MM}}}}}}}}

    3. Sending de strawngest ob beeeeeeeemz for yoor recubbery…{{{{MM}}}}

    4. Whee cheezfrends am awl sendin strength an hope an luv two u mugglemary.

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