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  1. Ai aer watshin u frum teh tub!

    1. Congas annipuss. He am sew silly, ai jus luvs him two peaces.

      1. Thx, noodle!

  2. :eek: PJ iz watchin swl uv uz.

  3. ai spai wiff mai littlol ai-Peej dewing his Kilroy imatashin,
    pretty goodly if ai muss sai!

    1. Ohai dere maryqos. PJ follows me evriware. Maeks me laff even wen ai iz sadd.

      Den ai reelize hao gud life iz an ai goe huggle mai PJ an Jessica. Yup life iz grand! :grin:

      1. kittehs at gud at taht yes yes!
        Ohhh must tell-horsespittle offur 6 Nawt Wenesdais uf Dansin’ Klass. Kall “Global Groove”. Tewdai is nawt third weak.
        It is fun. I spected dansis taht ai lerned inn folke danse at kollidge.
        nawt. also evin moer tireing. Den ai remember taht was nawt forty an ate yeers agoe an wun hundrit an forte pownds agoe. (mite have sumfin tew dew wiff it….)

        1. Ohh. Supor ufn. Ai startid takin ballet class wen au wuz 67 yeerz olde. An den ai startid takin a Bollypop class. Wow an wow. Whee duze Bollywood dancez, an salsa dancun an hip hop an whee jus laff an danze. Iz da nextest best fing two kittehs.

          Ai iz sertainly da oldest ov boff classez butt ai danze till ai drop. :lol:

          1. Gudgudgud for yoo, deer Noodle! Ai misses dancing very muchly.

            Peej am adorablol, as alwais!

            1. ai mist it tew, ai bin rootin’ fore this klass for a cupple yeers. ai hoep the instrukter will continyew at a stoodio.

            2. Da music movez me an ai jus danze like nobuddy butt PJ am watching me.

              1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wfRFRakF48


                Here am a couplol ob ToobofYoo videos ob de kind ob dancing ai useded to dew. (DISCLAIMER: Ai NAWT in either ob dese videos).

                My Teecher woulds nebber let mii perform cuz he saided ai were nawt pretty enuff.

                But it were fun doing de costooms and dancing socially.

              2. Cool shepmom. Ai luvs da dancez. Especshully dat wun step. Ai yoost two watch da brawlrum danze competichunz awn tv.

              3. Wuz de fun. Ai habs danced menny times wif de gentlolman in de wun-step video. Him and de lady am beri beri lubbly peoplol dat ai were glad to habs gnown. Can’ts beleeb it habs been 28 yeers since ai last saw dem and awl de otter dance frends!

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