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  1. Frum de Fennec opera:

    Fenneculi, Fennecula, Fenneculi, Fenneculahahahahahahaha….

    1. Figaro, figaro ,figaro fenneculi…. conga little fox wiv da big eets shepmom. :)

      1. Ai habs sucha nembarassed — ai mixed mai metaphors…

        Should habs been “fenneculaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

        Aifinkso insted ai useded dat old song about “ai lubs to go a-wandering…”

        Ai’ll be sending back mai musicalology degree nao…

  2. Ohh, what cyooties! I haz seen at San Diego Zoo, very appealing. Would love to rub those big, furry ears. (But foxes do bite, so maybe not.)

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