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  1. Me an mai snugglol buddee!

    1. Conga snuggles annipuss. Ai runned awt da door two meet a frend four brake fast.
      Yum, blk cauffee, onion an tater pan fries, an a cheez, tomator,lettuce, bacon an egg sanquick wiv mustard.

      Ai eeted onli halve, sew PJ an Jessica will bug me four da BACON wen ai eet da rest. :roll: it am a battle royale.

      1. Mmmm! Baykun!
        Thx, noodle an congrats 2 u 2!

  2. Whee vant two b a lone.

  3. twofaced kitteh is twofaced!

    1. Mai, watt big eers u hav.

  4. Seeing dis wuz needed today. Fank yu. :)

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