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    1. It’s groosum (interprit dat hao u liek”!

    2. o hai and conga lizards on teh nawt seckond

      1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!

    3. OIK.
      Taht is awl.

      an s1f, ai rememburrrr!

    4. Conga obnp bearded dragon annipuss. Wonderz hao u tell da gurls an boize apart.

      1. Thx, noodle!

    1. Ohai noodle! Tihs iz wun ov teh liddlol guiz frum a fyoo daze uhgo win ewe askt hao beeg tehy git. Eye beeleeb tihs iz it fur tihs tiep.

      Teh fyoo eye akshullee luukt at, itz berree eezee tew eyedintifi teh boiz.

  1. it is the bumps, I can’t do bumps or weird stuff like bumps any more. I’m having a fobia.

    1. Dat hatt luks fabulus mai deer, absolutelee fabulus.

      1. Susie sez thangyew. hur mai littlol ballererena. Stretches owt that back leg wen hur walks. sew cute!

  2. Hm. Purrsonally, whyle I wud nawt have one, I finkso they kinda cute, inna prehistoric kinda way.

    Then again, I tend to fink ennyfing hazza inneresting, as long as it nawt has more than four limms!

    1. If ennywun hazza curious, is a bunch more info about tehm in this video: (izza animlol rescue that duz education)

    2. Ohai prysma. Still nawt redee tew post teh snaek pikchurz eye sindid ewe? LOL ;)

      Wee r still tryeeng tew deeside awn ay kitteh. Eye will be shur tew sind n piks win wee git wun.

  3. Kind of like a horny toad on steroids. I had the litol turtlols and “chameloeons” an sum horny toads and one huuuge box tortouise wen I wuz a kid. An I heped a fren feed her boa contructor sumtimes, but I also wud nawt want the reptilliy fings in the hauwse des days. My Mum wuz a saint :-)

    1. Kameeleonz kreep me owt wif teh eyez goeeng n tew difrint durrekshuns! Nd teh weerd liddlol hanz!!

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