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  1. In teh shed at teh end uv teh gardin!

    1. Best to stay in adn curl up with a cat adn a gud buuk. Oar a buuk adn a gud cat.
      Conga Ai-thawt-it-wuz-spring, anni!

      1. Thx, TJP!
        We iz habbin a tayst uv Spring fur a fyoo daiz. Wuz sebenty 2dai 4cast sez 73 tumorro.

    2. Oops, hao u gonna gets two da shed? Conga conundrum annipuss an ohai dere tjp.

      1. Aifink Ai wul wayt til teh thor!

  2. Hooman, u kneads two shovel a pathe sew da goggie kan gets awt two due himz bizness.

    1. Nah, him can wawk froo teh sno!

  3. Yoo volunterring, kitteh?

      1. Den yoo gonna hab a lawng wate!

        Ohai deer Noodle!

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