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  1. Moastlee wen Ai fyndid Cheezland!

    1. Mi tu!

      Conga-enkwyringoggies Anni! :D

      1. Mornin an thx, JK!

  2. De minnit ai saw yoo, sweethart!

  3. Gotta go shoppin dis mornin – fergottid sum fings frum teh grosseree ordur. blargh!

    1. O, Ai hates dat — ai orders in groceries too, becuz ob Lili. Ai hates it when dey forgets de wun or two ingredients dat am absolutely necessary to wut ai planned on cooking!

      1. Wuz mai ferget! tho dey did send dis week’s TB listin Mag wen it shud be obveeus dat Ai wud want teh nekst week’s. Ai foned an gottid a rifund tho.

  4. ooohh doze eyz! dat spekkled noze! Teh pinkee pinkee toez! Such a priddee goggie!
    Dis kyoote am too much fur me, Ai has ‘splortid frum teh eggstreeme cyoot!
    BLARGH! Ai are dedJimded!

    1. Oh noes, red alert :eek: … anutter peepz is splorted.
      weeooooweeoooo turtlol is lyin in brain puddle.
      so much grey matter, oh the medulla oblongata
      *vacumz up braynes adn rinses wif pellagrineo. Plopz da brainy stuff bak inna skull an fitz da chargr wDOI tite *
      * carriz da limpy bodi 2 da safe rum. *
      hear, wear diz protectin goggelz, turtlol :cool: donut luk, weights til u r strongr.

  5. (whew)
    fanks, Noodle.
    Dat wuz kloze….
    Ai snuggles awn teh chrg w/DOI tighter neggest time, so as to prevent teh splortage.
    Fanks fur sabing mai poor braynz…nawt much to sabe, but itz awl Ai gots….

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