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  1. Noyzee wen Ai roll ober.

    1. elimint of serprize gone. concapesanni

    2. o hai and conga super hero kittehs, ap

      and o hai, mqos

      1. Ohai an thx, Puddy!

      2. ohai puddy, ai waz awai at a meating.

  2. Ohai, anni, maryqos andz ebbeewunz:

    Bubbill Rapp iz guud
    foar mennee feengz. Soopah
    Heero Kaypz ayn’t wun!

    Bubbilll Rapp wuz yoozd
    to amyk “Spayss Sootz” in ‘Star Trekk”.
    Nawt wurkdz owt so guud!!

    Bubbill Rapp duz nawt
    eeben maykz a guud Pillo
    foar “Sunnee Spawt napz”!!! :-)


  3. Well, Kitteh, dat wut yoo get when yoo orders awf de innerwebs…

    Ai means, ai hates to “burst yoor bubble”…but…


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