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Lungdoc memorial – thoughts?

All-new update:
I’m going to use Lungdoc classiclols at 3:00, 15:00, and 18:00.
I have subs from Kate_M, noodle, maryqos, and Cat_S, and I’ll be posting them at 6:00, 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30, leading up to the parade/concert at 12:00.
I figure, we’re taking a parade route to the concert, and once peeps start arriving there, we break out the songs – post your own reworked song, or a link to one or more that you’re thinking of.
If you do not have a lol or song of your own, plz to not feel bad. It’s overwhelming and it was a shock, and peeps express that differently. Come cheer and remember Lungdoc with us. If you haven’t found your voice yet, come lurk. Come laugh… and if there are some onions being peeled, well… we can has lotsa shamwows.

Re-update: parade/concert on May 9th.
Sorry about gallery mix-up. Since the current gallery is broken and not easily fixed, I grabbed Lungdoc’s pics from the back end and uploaded them to an album on my google photos drive. You do not need to have an account to reach or download them.

Updated: along with Lungdoc Sunday, any thinkings on a parade/concert? I’m thinking Tuesday at noon, does that work for peeps? (I’d have to leave after an hour to go to an appointment with Jackie but nawt need me the whole time.) Wait longer? Your thinkings and feelings, plzkthx.

If you somehow did not see it, Lungdoc has crossed the Bridge. :cry:

While I know he didn’t want us to be sad (he loved us so much that he made certain we wouldn’t be left never knowing), we do need to take the time to celebrate his life and his love and how much more wonderful the world is for his having been in it for 68 years (to say nothing of how much more wonderful the Cheezy world is).

I’m thinking, a day of Lungdoc lols, maybe? This coming week? The problem is, even not counting the classiclols, I have literally enough to do a post every 15 minutes for 24 hours, which is (probably) excessive. He has given us caption-me pics and captioned lols, he has given us lols with generic ICHC pics and of hummerbirds and squirrels in his yard and of heart-kitties like tabby Bitsy, and also many of Sheena and Scooter. Occasionally they have him or Mrs Lungdoc in them. Occasionally they’re his pics captioned by others, or he captioned someone else’s. Sometimes they’re literary or music or pop culture quotes, sometimes they’re original. I’d be quite willling to set up hourly posts, if peeps want that. But I am at a loss for how to choose even 24, let alone less than that.

Starting from the oldest, you can find them all here:

I would love to hear any thoughts anyone has on this.


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  1. Cool. Ai wuz hopin two c hiz lols. B bak afta ai purruse dem.

    1. Diz mite taek a wile. Bbl.

  2. I think any would be wonderful but especially ones with him/his family, also I liked the ones with his clever literaary quotes.

    1. Yes, mrs lungdoc in the sewing room, dere meny kittehz an ov corse, wun wiv him. Alice in wunderland, Shakespeare an Mark Twain were frequently quoted. An poit poit connect da belleh dotz.

  3. Just for perspective – we can has nearly two hundred lols and pics to choose from, excluding classiclols.

  4. At some point in da memorial, it would be nice to nom some fudgy cake, dear Lungdoc’s fabrit.

  5. prysma: I agree with maryqos – his literary quotes were quite good. A few sprinkled here & there with his lols, his captions of his & other peeps pictures. I’m sure whatever you choose will be ones we’d all enjoy. I’ve seen so many ICHC & Cheezland memorials and they were all worthy of the person. Yes, we’ll shed a tear, but I’d like to see a kind of “Irish wake” atmosphere. “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion” (a lovely quote from “Steel Magnolias”)

  6. Ai wouldn’t minds habbing a day or more ob LD lols, and den wun a day for a munf — dere am so menny gud wuns.

    An’ mebbe a designated tribute lol? Wif fudgy cake, ob course.

    1. oh mai.. into the woods. now i am crying two.

      1. shared grief kan bring uz closer, iz nawt a bad fing. “sniff”

  7. I did not heer before – been awae frum mah pyooter.
    Mah hart is breakin. {{{{{{Cheezpeeps and Lungdoc’s fambly}}}}}}}

  8. Howsabout a Lungdoc Sunday – every Sunday till the LOLs run out?

    1. Ai likes dat ideer.

        1. Me two, oar four.

          1. Me free, or four, or fibe, or what eber.

            1. Me alsotwoaswell.

    2. An awesome idea, and ebreewun seems gudgud wif it, so… consider it dun. I expect that to take… mmm, over half a year? But, as Sir Terry Pratchett says… “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”

      1. *redoes the schedule for tomorrow*

      2. That’s what the ancient Egyptians also believed.

  9. Thank you Prysma! xxxooo

  10. RE: Parade etc for Tuesday. My initial reaction is let’s wait a bit. It’s all a bit much – for me – right now. And besides, I’ll be busy on Tuesday.

    Your selection today has been supurrrb. Thank you.

  11. I agree with waiting a bit on the parade — maybe some of the paraders will want to base costumes and things on LD’s lols!

    I’m finding that while I’m enjoying the lols and the memories and think this is absolutely the right thing to do, I can’t bring myself to comment on any of them yet.

    The lols are the perfect way to give us all space and time to grieve as we need to. Eggsalad first round, PK!

  12. No problem – last thing I want is to overwhelm anyone. We can do one eventually, maybe, to do something a bit more active, but there is absolutely no hurry.

  13. How about holding a commemorative event on May 9th – one month after Lungdoc’s passing?

    1. That’s a good idea, Anni. I like that. A nice springtime commemorative parade and concert for our beloved Lungdoc.

      1. I like that also and he gave us 2 songs for a parade. Parade could end with some fudjy.

        1. Ai wul start baekin!

  14. Ai lubs a purrrayd! Wut a fabullus idear!
    Ai’ll be dere, awn mai wheelie cart!

    May 9th, Ai shood be owt uv teh horsepistol bai den, Afinkso. (having total hip replacement, in case yuze dint heer) Ai beez reddy fura purrrayd by den!

    (sits and wayts payshuntlee wif nife and fark for sum of Ann’s nommy baked guds!)

    1. Eben iffn u aer stil in teh horspitlol, teh parayd wul stil be dere fur u 2 see wen u get rileest an we wul sabe u sum caek! Hoep awl goez wel.

  15. gettin ready…

  16. Hoping no wun feels pressured or stresst… I haz a sertin LD wud nawt want that. If you can has a song, kewlz. If you nawt can has a song, then join teh club just come an party an sillybrate our frend. Or come and lurk if you still feelin speechless, and mebbe teh lubs an sharing will halps.

    Lubs you all wif a feerse!

    1. lubs u awl bak wiv a feerse.

    2. Lubs yoo bof and ebbrywun else wiffa feerce too!

      Ai finkso am gnoe reezun for ennywun to feel stressified. Such gatherings, when given soft parameters and then left somewhat to arrange themselves, have a gentleness and lovingness to them that will speak well of all Cheezland and our beloved LD.

      Yoo habs dun well bai owr beloved friend, deer Prysma.

      1. What Shepmom said.

  17. Ai’m going to be owt all day on teh 9th. Ai may have to wotch teh re-runs. Yule all be in mai thawts.

  18. Shud ai post mai song oar will u?

    1. Hao you gonna get propurr credit if I posts it? :-) Iz karee-okie, whatever you wanna sing, go fur it! Nawt to waits fur me! LOL

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