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  1. Dass kwite enuff fur naow!

    1. Conga annipuss, lukkit dat tail stikin strait up like a flag. Squee thymes tudai. An da 2 siblingz inn da bakground.

  2. Thx noodle!

    *Fiers up teh CCC, skoops up teh branez an rinsiz dem in sparklolly wadders. Pakks dem bakk in teh brane pan an riplaesiz teh hedd bonez. Fassens ebrifin wiv dekratib dukkee taep an finishiz te ripare wiv a noo chrg. *

    1. phew… ware am ai? fankz annipuss. ai wuz nawt prepeared four da supor cute diz eerly.
      ‘pickz selve up an getz reddy two goe two werk’.

  3. De wurld is so big dat mite maek it hard to find Mama if I ecksplor tu far.

    1. ‘Ternz rite a round an heds bak two mama milk bar’.

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