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  1. Wile dey aer bememberd, dey aer ownlee a thort awai.

    1. Troo dat.

      Conga-adbenchurkittehs Anni! :D

  2. what Cat_S sed.

  3. Yes, lovely. Such comforting words from a wize little kitteh.

  4. Will be seein yu, onna uver side of teh woods. And until tehn, we will make sure those of us still innit nawt be alone. We can has an awesome role model fur being loving and funny and caring.

  5. Beautiful sentiments from 2 beautiful souls.
    *Goes to baffroom for kleenex for leaky eyes*

  6. I gotsta stop dis cryin at work stuff. Mebbe if I fink abowt teh rest of Into Teh Wuds…

    1. yes suite duffy, no one is alone.

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