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  1. Dass gud nooz!

    1. Tru dat annipuss. Conga roonies an y havnt ai dun mai taxez yet? :oops: y stil haz til mundai, yeesh, watts da rush?

      1. Thx, noodle!
        Ai aer lukkee – du nawt hab 2 du mai taksiz. Az lawng az nuffin chaynjiz iz dun awtumatiklee

        1. Datz sew cool. Wishez sumwun wood due myne. Ahhh, u intrested? :grin:

          1. Ai yoost 2 hab 2 du mai huzbing’s – him wuz nawt berree gud at fillin in formz. Wuz moar komplikaytid wen we had a morgijj and uvver fings, but naow Ai juss hab mai penshun an nuffun eggstra.

  2. heers teh burfday fairy to say HAPPEE BURFDAY to Squirrelygurl, Junebug , KiwiDan an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday today! i haz bringd yummy fudjy burfday caeks, red velvit caeks wif fluffy creemcheez frosting, iskreem, fizzy frooty party punch, fansee shiny party hats, an goodie bags filled wif paddlball games that lite up wen they paddl, mini sekrit notebuks, kandee, an shiny alien robot stikkers! :D an a big swish ob teh burfday wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!

    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song (by Kafleen the Donkey):

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    1. Happi birfdai ebriwun!

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