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  1. Hoo let teh rode roller in heer?

    1. nawt me anni!

      *joyns Sheena awn coolish flore*

  2. Pls to turn down teh grabittee. Is tu musch heer. kthx.

  3. “Honey, the cat’s gone flat again — where’s the patch kit and the air pump?”

    1. maibee hur waz wunce Flat Stanley’s kitteh?

    2. Ai hoep hes not leekin lak mah watturbed usd to!

  4. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Sheena Kitteh LUBZ
    T”T3h Kewl” andz beeleebz in “T3h
    Makks Kubburredjj!”

    Sheena Kitteh goez
    inypp “Meetlofe” den “Full Bloan
    Kitteh Meltdown Moad!”!!

    Sheena Kitteh will
    sukkz up AWL:L T3h Kewlandz den
    Hazza Lubblee Napz!!! :-)



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